EVERY DAY we are revealing the exciting new team of bloggers lined up for this website, www.anglersmail.co.uk

Very soon (from  Monday, July 30) we’ll be having live blogs, one a day, covering the whole spectrum for modern coarse angling.

Here, Angler’s Mail gives a warm welcome here to the Fox International carp crew, who will be part of our new CARP blog line-up. Their first blog was written by Harry Charrington, Fox media man.

Read on, and check back for more bloggers’ introductions, in their own words…


Angler’s Mail has a carp blog coming here from the crew at Fox – read the intro piece below…



BY WAY of introduction I am Harry Charrington, the media assistant at Fox international and I am going to be putting together the Fox Carp Blog. Although I am writing the blog it will not just follow me on my day-to-day role at Fox but it will cover every corner of the Fox family.

I aim to make it a refreshing read, detailing not just what the consultants are up to, but all the goings on at Fox from the office to the bank. Part of my role is getting out on the bank with our consultants and shooting video clips for our Fox website and Fox YouTube so I think it would only be right to include a short video blog each month as well!

Most of you will have heard of some if not all of our superb team of consultants who are out on the bank regularly, doing the do and putting our products through their paces. The team is a superb mix of incredible anglers all top of the class in their specific disciplines. With England Internationals, British record breakers, consistent big carp catchers and those that target individual ‘special fish’ we are sure to have plenty of highlights from the team each month.

These guys are the ‘Face of Fox’ however, what about the lads behind the scenes, the unsung heroes, in the conception, development, design and marketing of the products. Without which there would be none of the exceptional fox products that have become household names amongst carp anglers, no Black Label, no Rapide Loader, no Supa Brolly and god forbid no Flatliner Bedchair.

Harry Charrington, writer of this Fox blog, with a 27-pounder caught in the Korda Carp Team England trials.

As I sit at my desk, at the Fox HQ in Hainault, Essex, there is a vacant chair to my left, this is Lewis Porter’s place. Lew is the media manager at Fox and the man behind the organisation of all the media coverage we receive, almost anything that you see Fox related in a magazine, website or video will have gone through him.

Just over the short divider opposite we have the providers of much of the entertainment in my office Dan and Pav, these guys are the graphic designers and provide the artwork that you see on all of our packaging, adverts and almost anything that has a Fox logo on it.

One more divider on from there are the CAD guys, MC, Mlittle and Adam, the stuff they do is way beyond the capabilities of my mind, but basically they design each of the products that we produce. Any problem in development is given to them and they find a solution, they measure, mark and weigh everything to precision with the aim to produce the very best product within the boundaries which are set.

Everything is designed and developed in house and it is only the final part of production that occurs overseas, which we believe gives us an advantage in achieving some of the most unique and well thought out products on the market.

When it all goes right – Fox man Shaun McSpadden with a whacker from his awesome shared haul… starring on the Angler’s Mail magazine front cover.

Popping regularly in and out of this office are the two northern monkeys, Scott Day and Shaun McSpadden, coming up with many of the ideas and giving the green light on products, these guys strive for nothing short of perfect and are top of the tree when it comes to product development.

Both superb anglers in their own right, you may have seen the Angler’s Mail headline a few months back ‘Greatest Big Carp Haul Ever’ well that was about these two!

Mentioning these guys only scratches the surface of the extensive Fox family but it gives you an insight into what the Carp Blog could contain over the coming months.

With anglers out there catching fish, exclusive insights into the goings on at Fox HQ and plenty of laughs along the way I believe that this will be a slightly different yet refreshing change to your normal angling blog.

Please keep an eye out for the first instalment which will be coming up here on the Angler’s Mail website in the near future. Until then, tight lines!


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