EVERY DAY we are revealing the exciting new team of bloggers lined up for this website, www.anglersmail.co.uk

Very soon (from Monday, July 30) we’ll be having live blogs, one a day, covering the whole spectrum for modern coarse angling.

Here, Angler’s Mail gives a warm welcome here to the ACE crew, and in particular their media man Matt Rand, who will be part of our CARP BLOG team.

Read on, and check back for more bloggers’ introductions, in their own words…


ACE (Advanced Carp Equipment) will be blogging in our new CARP BLOGS. Follow their crew here!

FORMED in August 2007 by Max Cottis, ACE (Advanced Carp Equipment) started as a company with one thing in mind, to deliver innovative carp fishing tackle to the end user that would take the hassle out of their fishing.

ACE brains – Max Cottis

With over 45-years of carp fishing experience behind him, Max has already taken ACE to the next level and the range of tackle has already began to grow at an accelerated rate, with many more new products also in the pipeline.

From state of the art bite alarms, through to innovative terminal tackle items such as the acclaimed pop-up pegs and kickers range, the ACE product stable now delivers just what it set out to do, provide tackle that does just what is says on the tin.

With some of the greatest carp anglers in the country already on board, including arguably the country’s finest – Terry Hearn – ACE looks set to go from strength to strength.

The legend, Terry Hearn, is part of the ACE team.

ACE sponsor the Mail’s prestigious Carp Cup, with weekly and monthly tackle prizes, plus the main annual jackpot, recently presented winner Rob Marsh (see the new Angler’s Mail issue, cover-dated July 31).

Within the monthly blogs you will hear what the ACE team have been up to and exactly what they have been putting on the bank. As well as this, tips on how to use this exciting range of tackle will also be in abundance, making sure that you, the angler, gets the most out of your products.

As well as step-by-step instructional pieces, we will also endeavor to provide short video clips, further more explaining the products that will help you put more fish on the bank.

Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any new product releases; there are some extremely exciting ones in the pipeline that you just won’t want to miss!

Join us here – in the Carp Blog section of Angler’s Mail website.

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