Ace Nash carp angler Julian Cundiff takes us through three key lessons he's learnt in three decades of carp fishing.


It’s the attraction not the shape!

The whole purpose of free offerings is to attract the carp to feeding in the area around your hookbait and to persuade the carp to make a mistake with your hookbait. Boilies are round for carp anglers convenience, not because it’s the best way to attract carp. In this day and age of Spombs and the like you can deliver anything anywhere without it having to be round!

Two hundred crushed and crumbed boilies have more attraction than two hundred round ones but if the only solid one has a Fang or Twister hook attached, BINGO!

It really isn’t rocket science I promise you BUT if you take just one thing away from this piece it’s to forget autopilot and think for yourself. Even if you do get it wrong from time to time, I assure you that thinkers will always evolve quicker than copycats!


Crushed boilies and bits create lots of attraction.

Tight lines this autumn!


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