Ace Nash carp angler Julian Cundiff takes us through three key lessons he's learnt in three decades of carp fishing.


’35’ is NOT the answer!

I do fish a lot of different waters each year and it amazes me how many people ALWAYS fire out 30-40 boilies round each hookbait come what may. Why? Will that make the carp feed where 20 or 200 won’t. When you cast that hookbait out WHAT is the purpose of the 30-40 freebies? Really, what is the point?

If you are on fish then a single is the best idea to buy a bite and unless you are attempting to create competitive feeding, every free offering is reducing the chances of the one with the hookbait being picked up.

If you are on a more productive water a spread of baits MAY stop carp long enough for the hookbait to be sampled and may give you a multiple hit BUT you really do need to know your water. Many anglers would be far better off fishing singles, stringers or bags.

There's more to carp fishing than just round boilies.

What are you feeding and why?

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