Ace Nash carp angler Julian Cundiff takes us through three key lessons he's learnt in three decades of carp fishing.


Soak it up like a sponge…BUT…

The key (as ex-Mail columnist Andy Little taught me when I fished with him many times) is to soak it all in like a sponge BUT to question everything and anything you do.

Even now 30-odd years since I first started targeting carp I still try to understand why I do what I do or use what I use rather than slipping into autopilot. The question of bait is hugely important when it comes to carp fishing and I am convinced that the baits many choose and the way they apply them is formulated as much on packaging and hype as it is on trial and error and fine tuning.

Choosing a bait is the easy bit as a choice has to be made and it tends to either be one you have confidence in or one you know works well on the water in question. That’s great and certainly what I’d advise for sure.

As an angler of many years experience I have total confidence in Nashbait Scopex Squid and Amber Strawberry so that’s that bit of the equation sorted for me. However, bait application is the bit many fall foul of and seem to slip into the same-old-same-old mode, ending up in ever decreasing circles of panic, confusion and lessened results… So here’s some thoughts on how to break that circle.

Whichever bait you choose think carefully how you use it.

Whichever bait you choose, think carefully how you use it.

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