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I’VE hardly had any time to go fishing in the last few weeks but couldn’t ignore the warm conditions – I had to go floater fishing! I’ve a couple of local venues that are ripe for surface fishing and armed with Oily Floaters and a Sonubaits Surface Pack I knew I was in for a few fish.

Blog KorumI spent a half hour at one small farm pool for two lovely old carp. The pool was somewhere I’d found a while back but didn’t know who ran it. The big ‘No Fishing’ sign doesn’t exactly inspire you to get the rods out but as my local tackle shop run the lease, I was soon heading over for another look.

Walking through the cornfields without being able to see the lake at all from the road was like being a kid again. It reminded me of some the lakes I fished back in Shropshire that I didn’t even know the names of at the time, I just knew they had some carp in them. Singling out the better sized carp from these venues on the surface is a real thrill and one I enjoy time and time again.

Here, it was the Oily Floaters and bread that did the job amongst small lily pads. I fed lightly for one bite at a time, as the stock is small. Two fish in 30 minutes and I was back home ready for when the missus got back from work. Happy days! The fish were a little coy but I’ve got them sussed now. I’ll be back for sure!

A club water cracker off the top!

A club water cracker off the top!

Last night I decided to visit a local club water that’s got a really big head of carp. I fed a full Surface Pack and three bags of 11m Oily Floaters, it was ridiculous! I had 14 fish in total, mostly long, lean wildie commons topped off by a couple of doubles. I lost one of the rare 20s in the lake too – nearly but not quite!Hook Hairs

I was glad of the Korum Hook Hairs with Baitbands. I have used these for surface fishing for years, it’s the ideal presentation and makes the whole job loads easier. Just tie them on with a grinner knot and away you go! They’re mega sharp and one hook lasted me for all 14 fish.

I boosted the floating pellets in my Surface Pack with Sonubaits Hemp & Halibut Liquid from the Barbel & Carp range. The fish went mad for it, the slick could be seen from space!

The fish fed merrily all night doing their best Pac-man impression. Great fun and I can’t wait to go again!

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