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Springing into action at Nash HQ!


New Nash hook link materials and other products have been going down a storm.

New Nash hook link materials and other products have been going down a storm.

THE main focus at Nash HQ at the moment is the relentless stream of new Nash products hitting the tackle shop shelves.

There’s too many to mention here but there are one or two that are really causing a buzz on the carp fishing grapevine. Single hook baits or fishing over a light scattering of boilies is a top tactic during the spring and the new recently released Instant Action range of boilies, pop-ups, pellets and liquid attractors are proving particularly well suited to these tactics.

We already knew these were very effective baits, but even so, the number of catch reports that have been flooding in from anglers using Instant Action products has amazed us all!

The new terminal tackle range is also proving to be an instant hit. I particularly like the new Combi-Link coated braid – there are lots of similar looking products in the shops, but in my opinion Combi-Link stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is very strong and abrasion resistant in relation to its low diameter, and the coating can be easily removed with a thumbnail making it so easy to quickly and easily construct a range of presentations on the bank when you are angling for a bite.

Combi-Link comes in three well-researched colours and it sinks like a brick making it virtually undetectable to fish. This really is a top product!

For more stealthy, subtle presentations I now switch to the new Armourbraid. This stuff is so supple and when it’s wet it has a lovely silky weed like feel, Armourbraid is so strong and virtually bomb proof.

Just like Combi-Link, there are three well-researched colour options available, on the bottom this super stealthy material just sinks and melts away. Along with the new Chod Link it’s the only hook link materials I need to carry.



Spring 2013 was a strange year for me, as sadly I lost my father due to cancer, and as far as my angling was concerned I suppose you could say I was going through the motions.

I had achieved good success on several waters in recent years by applying a large amount of bait on a tight area, so naturally last year when joining a new venue I continued with my tried and proven tactics.

For various reasons things didn’t go to plan, but the main reason was without a doubt the quantity of bait I was applying at such an early part of the year. Although as soon as May was behind me I did start to catch consistently over my baited areas, I’m not afraid to admit that with hindsight, quite simply to start with I got it wrong.

With this in mind this year I was determined to put things right, and although I’m only five nights into the campaign, I’m pleased to say that things are working well. My main approach has centred around targeting areas I spent time locating last year, but keeping the bait down to a minimum, with around 100 boilies, and a few spods of Monster Carp Pellets spread over all three hook baits

For the fifth year running Scopex Squid is my bait of choice, although I’ve also recently started experimenting with a new bait on test, its early days, but all the signs show that this will be yet another Nash Bait block buster!

Although I’m always careful to keep the baiting levels low, introducing some chili hemp and pellets soaked in the Scopex Squid Food Dip does seem to keep the fish visiting my chosen areas.


Adam with Face at 28lb

Although I’m yet to bank my main three targets, I have been lucky enough to land some truly stunning carp with a fish known as Face at 28lb being the pick of the bunch so far.

As the year continues, I’ll start to increase my baiting, but I won’t be making the mistakes I made last year!



The buds opened on the trees early this year and spring seems to be in full swing. I even spent my first nights fishing recently under the stars as it was forecast to stay dry and only drop to eight degrees, which was great.

Catching a mid-double common a while back with no leaches or parasites on it at all was another good indication that the carp were on the move and no longer laying up.


Pre-baiting in the right place can bring great rewards!

With this in mind my focus turns this month to what I believe gives me a real edge throughout the season and that is the start of my pre-baiting campaign. With pre-baiting its important to think of the spots that you are going to choose and why you would choose these spots in particular.

The lake I am targeting this year is ten acres, long and narrow in shape. I noticed last year that the fish definitely follow the wind direction so again I’m going to pre bait three spots. One at each end of the lake and one right in the centre, so if I can’t find them I can start in the middle. This not only gives me a good vantage point to spot them and move but also I’m never going to be far away from them.

The next big thing is after choosing your location for pre-baiting is of coarse bait! Mine is simple and contains just three main items. Firstly is a large amount of mixed particle. I use pretty much anything for this that I know carp will eat as its only designed to keep the fish in the area as long as possible and get the fish grubbing around so they clear the spot I’m intending to fish.

The second thing that goes on the spot with the small mixed particle is the bait that I will be using for the rest of the season so that the fish get used to picking it up on that spot without getting caught straight away. Over the last three years this has been Purple Monster Squid as it just seems to catch me fish everywhere in England or abroad.

Now finally and maybe the most important item of feed, on the pre baited spots I also apply 100grms of Nash Rock Salt Crystals. With the fish now out of their dormant phase they will be looking for particular nutrients and minerals to get them back into condition prior to spawning. It’s a proven fact that salt is an ingredient they will most certainly be seeking out so it gives any baited spot a real edge.

If you give it a try – you won’t be disappointed, I’m sure of that – good luck!



With a hint of warmth in the air, some sun creeping through, spring is definitely here and thankfully winter is behind us… When I say ‘thankfully’ I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, in fact this winter has been my most successful for a decade but I am glad its behind me.

Quick overnight sessions and day trips have produced plenty of bites for me this spring.

Quick overnight sessions and day trips have produced plenty of bites for me this spring.

I really worked hard this winter fishing a variety of different waters, using a variety of tactics. The hardest were the day sessions, meaning I was getting up at 5am ( or earlier) and packing up at 4-7pm (dependant on fishery rules). So my objectives at the moment are to get back into the flow of overnighters and secondly to put into operation many of the lessons I learnt over winter….Getting back into gear and working full time means virtually all my summer fishing is on an overnight basis after work… then packing up to go to work in the morning. Hard work? Yes! And even after 25+ years doing it the first one or two take some getting used to. Up with the GroundHog and away we go.

It’s easy to say keep tackle to a bare minimum but its not until you’ve done a trip or two that you really can do that. Not only do I have my starting points of bottom baits (multi-rig/pop-up/Diffusion leader/lead clip) but I also need to be able to fish my Zig Bugs and floater fishing with the Riser Pellets. So a trip or two will sort that out.

What this winter has taught me is that a dogmatic approach reduces your chances whereas ringing the changes does produce the goods. So this year I am going to split my time between two syndicates, picking the right one on the right day (hopefully) rather than plodding on.

I will be firing out mixers and Riser Pellets dawn and dusk to see if I can get them feeding on the top. If I can do this February on top hopefully I can in summer too.

Bait-wise I am going in with the awesome Nash Bait Scopex Squid but rather than using identical hookbaits I am going to experiment with hi-viz pop ups and bottom baits particularly in white, pink and orange. All the lessons in winter I hope I can capitalise on in summer.

It's never too early to get on the zig and floater gear!

It’s never too early to get on the zig and floater gear!

So that’s where I am readers and if any of you want to keep in touch follow me on Twitter @juliancundiff and any questions you ask – I will sort!

Good luck and get out there!

The Nash Team


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Best hooker pellets, Andy Bennett v Steve Collett and much more is in this week’s must-read issue of Angler’s Mail mag, on sale from Tuesday, April 15.


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