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Team Korda is one of the most popular carp fishing companies in the world. Known to many as the people’s company, Korda strives to give something back to the sport.

Korda’s blog within the new mix of bloggers here for Angler’s Mail will include info, hints and tips plus snippets from anglers such as Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove, Dave Levy, Adam Penning plus the rest of the talented Korda Team. Rig sequences, bait tips, fishing techniques, watercraft and so much more will be revealed.

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Korda will be part of our new team of bloggers, offering a revealing look into their busy carping world.



IT’S BEEN manic in the world of Korda the past few weeks. The Carp Academy, huge target fish landed, Thinking Tackles, the England team, plus more…

It was on a hot, summer’s day that saw James Armstrong, Ali Hamidi and Richard Stewart hitting the banks of Hunts Corner in Oxford, on the Linear complex, to film the latest episode of Thinking Tackle, of which the new series will be aired later in the year. With boiling hot temperatures, the lads knew that the fishing could be challenging. Armed with lots of options; from bottom-bait rods, zig-rigs, through to surface gear, they were well prepared.

The next episode of Thinking Tackle will be a surface masterclass so don’t miss it

With backs breaking the surface and carp bow-waving along the top, it was clear that they could be up for a mixer or two. Using surface tactics, James and Richard started to haul, but Ali found it a little trickier to get them feeding confidently. It was an incredible display of angling and proved that there is so much more to surface fishing than meets the eye. The baiting patterns, choice of hook baits, and rig presentations were intriguing and whilst others struggled on the venue, the Korda boys hauled. James ended up with around 17 beautiful Hunts Corner fish up to 25 lb and Rich tempted loads to 29 lb.

It was the next few days that Ali started to get into the swing of things and he ended up catching too on his specialised zig-rigs. Ali, the zig-rig master, also revealed some unmissable zig tips on the filming, incorporating the magical Goo, so it cannot be missed. It has to be the hottest episode yet with so much fish action you won’t want to blink. If you’re an avid surface angler, ensure you keep an eye out.



Big carp man and all-round nice guy, Dave Levy has been amongst them again and this time he’s banked one of his primary target fish. The carp in question is known as Hendrix, a now somewhat famous resident of Cleveley Mere. Dave has spent three years fishing the venue on and off in search of the chestnut brown beast and a few weeks ago the carp finally succumbed to his efforts.


Hendrix in all its glory


Hendrix was landed as part of an eight fish haul, which also included two 30 lb mirrors and a bundle of twenties. On the scales the mighty fish dragged the needle round to a hefty and satisfying weight of 42lb 6oz, adding to Dave’s already impressive list of big fish. Dave’s fish were all caught whilst fishing tight to an overhanging bush sticking off a small island, an area he had baited twice previously during the week leading up to his session. The bait applied was a mixture of Activ-8 boilies and a small helping of tiger nuts, which this no doubt played a part in Dave’s success.

The rig used to outwit the carp was a firm favourite of Dave’s, an IQ/Supernatural combi-rig, which also incorporated a size 8 Kaptor Wide Gape. This particular hooking arrangement has accounted for many of Dave’s biggest carp and once again it has done him proud, ensuring that his hard-earned prize was landed safely.


After three hotly contested trials, hundreds of carp and hours of relentless effort, the squad that will represent Korda Carp Team England in September’s FIPSed World Championships has been announced (as you may have spotted in Angler’s Mail magazine) and is as follows. We wish the team all the best and cannot wait for them to, hopefully, bring back the gold!

The squad is announced!


  Mark Bartlett and Kevin Hewitt

  Jack Stamp and Kia Sanger

  Dan Wildbore and

  Jake Wildbore

  Billy Flowers and Jamie Londors (reserve pair)

 Click HERE for the full story on the squad.




This month has also seen the popular Carp Academy take place. On Tuesday 31st July, 30 keen young carpers attended this wonderful event at Manor Farm Fisheries, in Biggleswade. With a host of stars tutoring this years event; such as Danny Fairbrass, Adam Penning, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove, James Armstrong, Mark Bryant…plus more…it was always going to be a fantastic occasion and one that the kids could cherish.

Danny Fairbrass quoted: ‘The event itself has never been all about catching fish. We develop our own syllabus; which includes rig demonstrations, spodding, casting, PVA techniques and more, to teach the kids the basics of carp fishing. This is all carried it so that they can take something away from the academy to put into their own fishing.

‘We get inundated with emails from previous graduates catching new PB’s all by themselves and this is the best bit about it. It’s a wonderful event and one that will continue in years to come.’


Hats the way to do it! The Carp Academy was fantastic and the kids learnt loads

As always, the event went swimmingly well, with shed-loads of carp caught. The lads learnt loads and credit must go to the mums and dads because it was one of the best academies yet. The whole event will once again be aired on Sky Sports over the festive period.

Good luck with your own carping until the next Korda blog here on the new-look Angler’s Mail website!


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