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IT’S BEEN manic over at the ACE HQ this month, with some exciting new products in the final stages of development and some quality fish being reported by our anglers.

Iain’s key chod components.

Iain Macmillan has been experiencing consistent sport as per usual, and amongst his many day ticket water sessions, has landed a string of big fish to well over 20 lb.

Iain is a huge fan of naked chod fishing and swears by our Pop-Up Pegs and Riga-Mortis (pictured, right) for all of his chod work.

As well as taking some fine catches off the bottom, he also managed to slip the net under a stunning 30lb 8oz mirror carp (pictured below), which he was able to sneak off the surface. Iain had been regularly feeding 11mm Dynamite Baits Expander Pellets to gain the confidence of the fish before making his cast.

All of Iain’s fish were caught using our new prototype carp hooks. These are proving to be a massive hit within the team and have already helped with the capture of some truly stunning fish; including our very own Terry Hearn’s most recent 50. These will be available later this year and will undoubtedly catch the eye of many anglers.

Iain Macmillan been catching well, both on the naked chod rig and on the surface.


Terry Hofgartner

Brothers Terry and Simon Hofgartner have also been getting amongst a few fish over at a Berkshire stillwater, with Terry landing the biggest two fish when he landed a 35 lb mirror, followed by a 30lb mirror.

Both anglers were fishing over a large bed of Dynamite Baits White Chocolate Boilies with with choddies constructed out of Riga-Mortis fished over the top.


Dan Cleary

Also in action recently is Dan Cleary. The Bedfordshire based angler has been targeting a large Nene Valley Stillwater and getting amongst a few of the venues residents, with the largest specimen going 28lb 2oz. All of Dan’s fish fell to Dynamite Baits Coconut Cream Fluro Pop-Ups fished over a bed of Savoury Spice boilies.

Matt Rand

Even our media man, Matt Rand, has managed to get out on the bank once or twice. Targeting a totally neglected stillwater for its unknown carp potential, Matt soon had three fish on the mat, all of which have probably never seen a hook before!

All of Matt’s fish were caught using ACE Sit Up and Beg Kickers and Tungsten Teardrops to create a critically balanced pop-up presentation. He baited this with artificial Maize and presented it over Dynamite Frenzied Hempseed and Maize.

We are currently waiting to hear from Max Cottis who is over at Rainbow Lakes at the moment. We have heard that a few lumps have come his way, but we will report back more in next month’s blog. Until then, be lucky!


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