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Korda Developments is one of the most popular carp fishing companies in the world, and strives to give something back to the sport. Its star anglers include Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove, Dave Levy and Adam Penning.

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Korda are part of our new team of bloggers, offering a revealing look into their busy carping world.


Thinking Tackle – Neil Spooner and Danny Fairbrass

THE early part of August saw Danny Fairbrass and Neil Spooner venturing down to The Bluebell Complex, Peterborough, with carp on their minds.

The duo was there to film a programme for Season Seven of Thinking Tackle and they decided to tackle the famous Kingfisher Lake – home to some very impressive carp. The aim of the game was to outwit the Kingfisher Lake carp while boilie fishing, something that both Danny and Neil have plenty of experience in.

Upon arrival, the weather looked perfect, with dull, overcast skies and drizzle in the air; surely the carp would be up for some food? The lake was very busy though, and both Neil and Danny were almost forced into their swim choice.

The next 24 hours brought settled weather and things were looking good, especially when Danny capitalised with a trio of carp. Unfortunately for Neil, he was yet to receive action despite having fish in his swim.

The following day temperatures rose into the twenties, the carp came up into the upper layers and all of a sudden the chance of one on a boilie looked slim. Both anglers adapted immediately, highlighting the versatility in their carp fishing armoury.

The weather appeared to have turned everything on its head. Action didn’t look likely and following another angler moving in very close to Neil, he decided on a late evening move. After a good walk about, Neil located carp on Sandmartin Lake and set about moving. Dan opted to stay put, having caught on his first night and hopeful of further action.

To find out how they got on, keep your eyes peeled for the show, which will go to air this autumn.

Neil Spooner (pictured above) and Danny Fairbrass discuss all things boilies in the latest TT episode.


Oz Lands The Burghfield Common – The UK’s Best Carp?

Oz during his magical campaign in search of Burghfield’s finest

Austin Holness, or Ozzy to his mates, has captured the fish of his dreams in the shape of Burghfield’s legendary big common.

The fish weighed in at an astonishing 55lb 4oz and ranks as one of the biggest commons ever to be captured in the UK.

That’s not all though, the great fish is also one of most elusive around, having been caught fewer than ten times since becoming a nationwide target for many of the UK’s top carp anglers some time ago.

Burghfield is an extremely daunting 100-acre pit, broken up into what feels like a million pieces.

Oz wasn’t to be put off though, and pure drive and determination kept him going on an incredible journey, culminating in the capture of one of the country’s finest carp to date.

Well done Ozzy.


20 years of Korda – the anniversary

Some 20 years ago, Danny Fairbrass built the foundations of what is now Korda Developments Ltd. Looking back it’s hard to believe that it all started with Danny selling leads down at the Walthamstow complex.

Twenty years is a long time and it is quite remarkable how much the sport has grown since those early days. Who would ever have predicted the Worldwide spread of carp fever and the eventual airing of Sky Sports TV shows, dedicated to the carp angler? We certainly couldn’t!

Korda is very proud to say that it has been there throughout all of this. The transition has been truly astonishing. Our product line has grown quite remarkably since 1992 and Korda will continue to develop new ideas for many years to come.

The support from the public has always been Korda’s biggest strength and as long as the company can continue to give something back to the carp-fishing community then they will continue to do so.  Here’s to the 30th anniversary!

The Anniversary Party – celebrating 20 wonderful years in the trade. Here’s Dan and Damian Clarke.


The safest helicopter system – EVER!


The Chod Safety Systems are, without doubt, the biggest advance in rotary-rig safety EVER. Another industry first for Korda!

For many years there has been speculation surrounding the use of helicopter rigs. Their safety has been questioned time and time again, due to their misuse by carp anglers that fail to tie them correctly. Well, fear no more, Korda has just released by far the safest helicopter system in carp fishing history.

The problem with the helicopter rig has always lain in the release of the top bead from the leader – does it get jammed? The newly released No-Trace Safety Systems have conquered this problem in style. No longer do our carp need to be put at risk by anyone using unsafe rotary arrangements. By developing a bead system that incorporates a ‘drop-off’ style release mechanism there is no room for error, the beads will detach safely, every time.

Korda has spent a long time developing this product and is happy to say that the finished article is complete and on sale now. Carp safety has always, and will always be the number one priority, and the No-Trace chod systems are products that we have a lot of pride in.


Kutter – it’s finally here!

The long awaited Kutter has landed.

Do you love using chopped baits, but hate the sore fingers, or ages spent with a knife, painstakingly halving baits? After the release of Carp Tackle and Tactics Volume 5 Korda were inundated with questions regarding the release date of one of its standout products, the Kutter. Good news, it’s now available!

The Kutter is the brother to the Krusha and allows you to smash out loads of perfectly chopped boilies in double-quick time. There are three Kutters in the range that suit 15mm, 20mm and 25mm baits. To use them, simply depress the button, remove the plunger and drop in a few baits. Then use the plunger to force the baits down the Kutter, whereupon the inner blade slices them perfectly – and it’s practically effort-free!

The resulting halved baits are superb in spod mixes and won’t roll off sloping spots because of their shape, which is a bonus when you’re targeting sloping gravel humps, marginal slopes or moving water.

That’s it for now, folks. Be sure to join us again here on the new-look Angler’s Mail website soon.


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