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WELL what a month it’s been! Even though the weather has still been playing up at times, we have at least started to experience a certain amount of settled weather and a few fish have been on the munch as a result!

Razor Point carp hook range proving successful

This month also saw the launch of our new Razor Point carp hook range; to say they’ve been well received would be an understatement!

As we touched on last month, ACE angler Iain Macmillan’s run of formed continued as he went on to land ‘The Turtle’ from Wellington Country Park. This capture was made even more sweet by the fact it was actually Iain’s last session on the water before pulling off it permanently. So as you can imagine when the mighty fish slipped over the spreader block and the scales registered a new PB weight of 52lb 4oz, he was over the moon to say the least! The enormous beast was also Iain’s first ever 50!

Iain didn’t stop there either. With further sessions planned both at home and abroad, he went on to land plenty more fish during late May to early June, with UK specimens to over 38lb and foreign fish exceeding the 40lb mark. Once again all of his catches proved the effectiveness of our ACE Razor Points, with his favourite SRC pattern being used to make the majority of his catches.

Ian Macmillan nets big


Another angler getting amongst the fish is sponsored angler Jake Lund. After baiting heavy with Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut & Sea Salt boilies, both him and friend Tom … enjoyed a good hit of fish, which included a fantastic 33lb grass carp for Tom. The pair fished a whole host of ACE rig components to put together their catch, with the extreme durability of the ACE Razor Points making sure that their rigs were good for a fish over and over again.

I’ve also managed to get out on the bank for some carp in the last month and have got amongst a few; with fish over 30lb gracing my net. Fishing up tight against snags, I have been putting my faith in 35lb Camo-Core and Size 6 CXS Razor Points, a combination that has seen me land everything I have hooked up too. Fishing locked up solid; I have made good use of the ACE i3 alarms vibration sensor for detecting the bites. The start of the river season was a slow one for me personally, but I’ll be out on the bank again as soon as I get a chance – fingers crossed!

Matt returned to the rivers

We have also just heard that Simon Hofgartner has landed a right chunk, which we’ll have more on within next month’s blog. The fish is a new PB for him and was also joined by a couple of high 20’s during opening week of the season on his target venue.


5 Top Tips for fishing near snags


1 – Always stay close to your rods, this is absolutely essential and by far the most important thing to remember!

2 – Make sure your tackle is strong and up to putting the breaks on even the biggest of fish. If there is a weak point in your setup, the fish will exploit this.

3 – Fish completely locked up. This can be a scary thought, but as long as your rod is secure and not going anywhere, as soon as a fish picks up your bait and hits the resistance it will turn before it has a chance to build up a head of steam.

4 – Always try and feed the fish as far from the snags as you can. If you spray the snags with bait they will always stay close to them.

5 –It can pay to take a good look at the snag you are fishing too so that you are aware of which is the safest angle to target it. A pair of polaroids and a feel around with a light lead will help to identify any problem areas.



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