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ACE (Advanced Carp Equipment) are blogging in our new CARP BLOGS. Follow their crew here!

ACE (Advanced Carp Equipment) blog in our CARP BLOGS. Follow their crew here!



AUTUMN is one of them seasons that really get the carp angler excited. As the trees begin to leave the trees, so do the carp start to really get their heads down – with often some of the biggest residents slipping up!

Here are some top tips to make the most of your autumn carp sessions…

1 – Be prepared to give the fish plenty of bait. At this time of year they can really get their heads down and to hold them you may need to give them what they want!

2 – Look out for dying weed. This can be a real problem at this time of year, so be prepared to keep your rods really low to avoid it.

3 – Be different. At this time of year the fish would have been targeted for over 6-months since the last winter, so they would have had many different rigs fresh in their mind. Try to offer them something different.

4 – Starting thinking winter. Even though potent fishmeals like ‘The Crave’ will still be great baits at the moment, now the water is cooling it may be worth starting to introduce a few baits for the winter. Dynamite’s White Chocolate boilies are a great one for this.

5 – Be prepared for all conditions! Autumn can be warm, but it can also be extremely cold. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and make sure you are prepared for every eventuality.

Before we talk about our most recent captures, last month we reported a fantastic brace of 30’s of the surface for sponsored angler Jake Lund. Well here are the photos as promised! Jake managed both fish on Dynamite 11mm Expander pellets fished on a size 10 Razor Point Zig hook.

Rather than fishing at range with a controller float, Jake opted for the ultra stealthy approach of a free lined hookbait right in the margins – top angling that man!

Jake Lund landed a nice brace of 30lb+ carp

Jake Lund landed a nice brace of 30lb+ carp

Terry Hearn has also been getting amongst no end of fish this season, with not only some crackers coming from the Thames, but he’s also landed a target fish from a Norfolk venue.

Having spent a couple of previous sessions targeting the known biggie, Terry decided one more trip was in order and was promptly rewarded with the venues ultimate prize in the shape of a stunning 45lb 10oz mirror.


Terry Hearn on the hunt

Terry Hearn, seen with a Thames beauty, has also been active in Norfolk. You’ll get a glimpse of that one in the video below.

The extremely long fish slipped up to one of his famous Stiff Hinge rigs, fished over a 50:50 mix of ‘The Source’ and ‘The Crave’ boilies. For anyone wishing to tie this rig, check out the below video to see how – there is also a glimpse of this stunning creature within it…




Dan Cleary has been another angler getting amongst a few, with his most recent session producing three crackers from the notoriously tricky Horton Church lake. Dan presented a 10mm Dynamite Fluro pop-up on one of our MSC Razor Points and a length of 25lb Weed Camo Core.

The first fish to grace his net was a lovely common weighing in at 27lb 12oz, which was to be the smallest of his session! He followed this with two hefty mirrors weighing 36lb 8oz and 37lb!

Dan had joy on

Just one of 3 joyful catches for Dan Cleary

Overseas at Graviers, Iain Macmillan had the session of a lifetime when he matted a truly enormous mirror carp weighing in at 62lb 4oz! On top of this, he also added other specimens to over 40lb in weight.

Iain was once again putting a new bait from Dynamite to the test, the new Monster Tiger Nut ‘Red Amo’ – check it out in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine (on sale from Tuesday, October 8). This washed out looking pink bait was presented on rigs constructed from ACE Camo-Core and our BBP Razor Points.

Iain has always been a massive fan of the original Monster Tiger Nut boilies, so was a little bit reluctant to change, but after this session I think it’s safe to say he’s now sold on the bait!

60lb belter

60lb belter for Iain


For myself personally, in between working during the week and working on a recently purchased property at the weekends, my own fishing has been pretty much non-existent!

However… the only quick overnight I have done in recent weeks resulted in a nice brace of 24-pounders, both falling to a new washed out fluro pop-up soon to be released from Dynamite. These were fished over a scattering of the new ‘Red Amo’ boilies presented alongside marginal lily pads. Successful rigs were Sit-Up & Beg’s constructed from our Razor Point Long Shanks, Sit Up & Beg Kickers and Tungsten Tear Drops.

Over the next month we’re definitely going to see some seriously big fish grace the bank. Make sure you’re prepared for it. 


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