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Don't miss the regular Nash blog, from their team of carp tackle and baits staff and consultants.
Don’t miss the regular Nash blog, from their team of carp tackle and baits staff and consultants.




LIFE has been very busy here at Nash HQ over the last month or so, things are really kicking off with the show season well underway and coinciding product launches. I have recently returned from a 6 day trip to Zwolle in Holland where we attended the Carp Show there in force.

A great team of guys managed to build an incredible, all singing all dancing stand for the public to enjoy viewing all of our gear. The weekend was a great success with many friends made and with over 10,000 people in public attendance it truly was a fantastic exhibition of all things carpy. It was good not only for Nash Tackle but for carp fishing as a whole. It is important that we have these events to bring together the carping community, make new acquaintances and share stories.

A big thanks to all those who attended and especially those who came to view and support Nash product, not only at Zwolle but every show! My next trip is to Montlucon in central France at the end of the month which is guaranteed to be another big European show with high attendance, I’ve even managed to arrange a little bit of fishing for the nights while I’m there! Can’t miss those opportunities!

It's show season, and the whole Nash team have been busy.

It’s show season, and the whole Nash team have been busy.

As I mentioned, the show season coincides with new product launches and we have some very exciting new products dropping very soon, make sure to keep your eyes peeled at the end or March/April time when we are really going to shake the market up with some amazing new products, Terminal Tackle won’t be the same again that’s all I can say! The boys are starting to leak new products on the Facebook pages already so keep your ears to the ground!

All of this new product is slowly but surely arriving here at Nash HQ so there is a buzz of excitement at the moment and everyone trying to get their hands on something to have a little play with, you may have even been lucky enough to see some at any Nash shop open days, as I know Alan (Blair) always has some tricks up his sleeve! If you haven’t attended one of these open days yet I can highly recommend it, you get to meet some of the team and chat about fishing while we demo a bit of our gear, its good fun!

As far as the fishing goes things have been very quiet for me, I just have not been able to find the time to get the rods out, its been that busy! This is a real shame as I love fishing this time of year and think its one of the best times of year to see a target on the bank. I have still made the concerted effort to keep a little bit of bait trickling in though, just to keep them on it and then as soon as I get chance I’ll be there and ready for them!

As per usual this busy time of year with little fishing has given me a great opportunity to have a huge clear out and spring clean for the coming season. I have had a thorough clean and tidy up of all my gear and made some upgrades here and there too. It really is important to have everything organized and ready to go for the coming campaign and now is the best time to do that, it’s a good feeling to spend the evenings preparing the kit, tying rigs, tidying the tackle box, re-spooling reels etc so when that chance arrives you can grab it and go, and you’ll be fishing asap, which is vitally important when fishing these short spells of good carpy weather!

With a bit of luck I am all there with my preparation, so its just a case of grabbing the gear and going, and with the weather seemingly and strangely spring-like I think this weeks going to see me doing a few overnighters, and who knows, it could be the week for that Big Common!

Get out there!   Loz


“Light level is bit level” says SPENCER HUMBLE

Finally, we are nearing the end of what can only be described as a somewhat wet winter! Whilst we seem to have got away with the really cold temperatures so far this year I am convinced that the carp feeding activity is affected more by light levels than temperature.

As I sit here writing, it is now light enough to cast at 5.20pm, lovely. So although potentially we have a few more weeks of cold temperatures, now is the time to start your spring campaign. Now is the time to start deciding on your approach for the year ahead and filling your freezers with bait. Personally I have already mapped out the forthcoming season and God willing all will go to plan and some big carp will be gracing my unhooking mat.

Spencer Humble's tweaking his tactics.

Spencer Humble’s tweaking his tactics.

So let’s look in slightly more detail at what changes I am making and what details I have changed for the coming months. Firstly I will be basing my whole approach around being more mobile in my fishing. I have yet again cut my gear down to the very basics, with the Nash Scope range of tackle making life very easy.

The beauty of the rods being packaged the way they are is that I can take 6 rods with me every session. Three ten foot 3.5lb TC Scopes with Basia reels on for the bulk of my fishing, two ten foot 3lb TC Scopes made up with Zig Bugs on for a zig approach and a stalking rod made up with a bread bomb for stalking in the edges. The rest of my gear has been cut down to an absolute minimum and my Titan bivvy has been swopped for the new lightweight Groundhog brolly.

iPads and iPhones are banned for me this year, eyes are to be firmly stuck on the water rather than modern gadgets and facebook is a no no until I get home. Technology is great but I am saving it for home for this year. Nature will be providing my entertainment for the year ahead.

Spencer's orange specials.

Spencer’s orange specials.

Bait, an easy one this. Scopex Squid freezer baits in 15mm and barrels, with matching Soluballs and Monster Carp Pellets providing me with many options in a package that has been catching carp for years. I caught my first 50 on this bait many years ago, still it is going strong.

I have recently turned my attention away from pop up hookbaits, switching to ‘out of the bag’ bottom baits, but with a twist! Many of our hook baits are bright and glugged pop ups but, when it comes to bottom baits we tend to do very little. I have taken a kilo of the Nash Classic Scopex shelf life baits and a kilo of Nash Scopex Squid shelf lifes, split them into re-sealable bags and glugged them heavily. The Classic Scopex are heavily coated in Scopex Squid Food Dip and the Scopex Squid in the Magma Squid enhancer sprinkled with the included Pure Betain.

After heavy shaking on a daily basis for a week, a few are transferred to a pot and added to the tackle bag. Now I have super attractive long life hookbaits that will I’m sure lead to quicker bites.

So it starts here, 2014’s campaign, mobile, adaptive, attractive and reliable. Just add Carp. Good luck out there!


Giving it that extra effort, with JULIAN CUNDIFF

Julian Cundiff's been making the effort to go out...even when voices in his head are trying to pursuade him not to!

Julian Cundiff’s been making the effort to go out…even when voices in his head are trying to pursuade him not to!

One of my golden rules is to only fish when I want to go but in all honesty during the winter months sometimes I really have had to push myself hard when maybe just a little bit of me ( or maybe a lot at times ) was saying “Give it a miss Jules, there’s always tomorrow”.

After all if we only went when we felt confident of a result or liked he conditions we’d not go often especially in the winter months.

Pushing yourself and digging deep is part of being a successful carp angler and often separates the “doers” from the “gonna do’s”…. Take these three short sessions…

1 “I’d got a syndicate meeting to attend and by the time it finished it was lunchtime and in all honesty the conditions were against me. However I decided to visit a local lake and with the surface gear spent two hours getting them taking mixers. And with just an hour left to catch, I had 5 off the top”

2 “The weather forecast was spot on and as expected when I got to the lake it was 70% frozen. Using my spod rod I broke a clear pathway through the ice to an open area and by the time I wound in I had caught ten carp when my first instincts were to go home”

3 “Having spent most of the weekend on family duties I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to the lake till lunch time and with wintery conditions battering it I was tempted to stay at home. However I pushed myself to get there, baited the margins with hot ‘mush’ made from crumbed Amber Strawberry boilies and hot water and by dark had netted six carp”

In each case I had to push myself and dig deep but if you want to succeed in winter sometimes that’s what it takes!

Follow me on Twitter @juliancundiff for any help and advice you may want



‘Playing with the Beatles” with IAN SMITH

Ian Smith

Ian Smith

AT THIS time of year we are usually talking about when the lakes will defrost so we can get fishing on them again. Unbelievably, we are in late February and none of our lakes have even seen so much as a bit of ice, or certainly not here in the North West. Unreal wind, rain and storms have consistently battered the south of the country making life for most down there very uncomfortable.

My winter venue that I am currently fishing fortunately has been excellently managed to keep all outlets clear so the water level has not fluctuated too much. Although this has still kept the lake fishable, usually the carp are found in the deeper end of the lake making them relatively easy to locate but with the masses of cold water coming into the lake the fish are seeming to move around on a daily basis. I think the reason for this is carp will want to find an area where they feel most comfortable in winter.

Don't ignore the zigs, says Ian.

Don’t ignore the zigs, says Ian.

Zigs have worked well for me in these conditions, now its not unusual for me to catch on the Zig Bugs at this time of year however what is different is the height at which I am fishing them. Most of the venue I’m fishing is 15-20 feet deep and I have been successful in the last 2 years catching them in the upper third of the water column usually 3 feet under the surface. With all of the freezing rain that has been constantly going into the lake I have been catching most of the fish in the very deepest part of the lake but only on 1-2 foot Zigs. The water temperature will be much more constant in the deep water which explains why the shorter zigs have worked so well.

Interestingly 90% of my fish have come to the white and black Attractor Beatles, where as previously the black and yellow option has produced well.  I do think that it’s down to the poor visibility so that’s something to keep in mind when choosing any bait for fishing in deep water.



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