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AFTER a start to the year that can only be described as shocking, it’s nice to look out the window and finally see some blue sky!

The past month may have been very up and down with regards to the weather, but the fish have certainly been on the munch all around the country.

Iain Macmillan 42lb 4oz ghostie

Razor Point

After his success with a 41 lb common last month, Iain Macmillan has gone on to land a string of giants and still shows no sign of slowing down!

Amongst his fish have been three different 40’s, including a 40lb 4oz mirror, a 42lb 2oz ghostie and a massive 44lb 14oz mirror! As if this isn’t enough, he has also added countless backup 30lb fish with the vast majority being over 35lb!

Not all of these fish have come from the same water either, and he has managed 35lb+ fish from four different waters.

All of his fish have fallen to his ever faithful naked chod rig approach comprising of ACE Riga-Mortis and Razor Points in SRC pattern. All his fish have either fallen too Dynamite Baits 15mm Monster Tigernut or ‘The Crave’ boilies.

Another angler who has been enjoying some sport is Mike Hamer. After joining a huge southern expanse of water, Mike has spent much time on the water trying to locate potential feeding areas. Last week, he certainly found one when one of his ‘The Crave’ hookbaits was picked up by an absolutely stunning 36lb 12oz common!


Mike Hammer with a huge common

Mike’s fish fell to an 18 in. mono hooklink tied to a size 10 ACE Razor Point MCS. His hookbait had been in place for 15-hours before he received the all-important take!

With the warmer weather we’ve had recently, many fish have been responding well to surface baits and ACE sponsored Jake Lund has been taking full advantage.

After following him around for the day on a day ticket complex, his floater fishing tactics soon accounted for a stunning 21lb mirror.

The fishing was made all the more exciting as we both managed to watch the fish suck in his freelined 11mm expander pellet right under our feet.

Jake Lund stalked this mirror

With dense undergrowth all around, Jake really had to bully the fish to keep it from harms way, but his ACE Razor Point in ZIG pattern certainly did its job.

Dan Cleary has also been getting amongst a few fish, with a 29lb’er from the UK before he headed back out to his beloved Belgium canals.

During his trip abroad, he had to move on a regular basis in order to find the fish, but when he did, he managed to slip the net under some stunning specimens topped by a 35lb common.

Dan Cleary netted big on the Belgium canals


Dan fished a ‘The Crave’ hookbait over a load of freebies and Frenzied Particles. All of his fish fell to rigs comprising of ACE Camo Core and size 8 Razor Points in MCS pattern.

STOP PRESS – Iain Macmillan has landed ‘The Turtle’ from Wellington Country Park at a new PB weight of 52lb 4oz. Keep en eye on Angler’s Mail magazine.


Top 5 June carp tips from Iain Macmillan

1. Make sure that you scale you kit down and stay extremely mobile. I’ve had to move swims on a regular basis this season to stay on the fish.

2. Do not be afraid to bait on the heavy side. Now the temperature is well on the up the fish will have started to really get their heads down.

3. The fish will have seen a lot of pressure since the start of spring, so try and think about rig and line concealment. I have been using Shimano’s new Technium Flurocarbon as it sinks like a brick.

4. Many anglers will often fish to known areas in swims, but it can often pay to try and locate different spots to present a bait. This can very often catch the fish off guard, as it would normally be a safe haven.

5. Where possible have a spare rod marked up and ready to recast as soon as you land a fish. On number of occasions I have been able to land another fish in quick succession when the fish are on the spot.


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