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DESPITE the recent rather unpredictable weather and mini ice age, it still feels like spring has finally sprung!

Monster Squid Purple proving popular for the Nash men

Just recently whilst fishing overnight I’ve detected the first tentative sounds of the dawn chorus at around 3.am, there’s also been signs of nesting birds and nature generally seems to have now properly woken up.

The same can be said of carp, obviously they’re not building nests but the fish in many waters are a lot more active than they were a week or so back.

Results are still a bit sporadic but there’s been a definite upturn in the catch reports rolling in at Nash HQ.

Interestingly, more carp are now being caught in the shallows, margin areas that receive some warming early morning or late afternoon sunshine seem to be producing particularly well.

Most of our field testers and consultants are using and catching well on the new Monster Squid Purple. Some team members are sometimes reluctant to change to something new if they are enjoying good fishing with established bait products. But the amazing results achieved by the lucky few involved in the Purple development programme seems to have caused a real buzz on the grapevine and demand for the new bait is huge.

Zig Bugs

The new Purple colour has a highly stimulative effect on carp and its proving to be a very effective bait for producing fast bites, carp love eating it too which is why it has produced such consistent results. Even on busy pressured waters where carp often treat brightly coloured baits with suspicion, the fish are drawn to the uniquely coloured Purple Monster like a magnet!

The Zig Bugs have been the other recent revelation, fished at just the right depth; the amazing Zig Bugs have been the top bait for picking off early spring cruisers.

Not many anglers seem to fish zigs but those who know how to fish them effectively often catch bonus fish when all around them are struggling fishing more conventional methods on the bottom.

A quick spray of the highly attractive Bug Juice takes hook bait attraction to new levels and Zig Bugs fished with the new Gyro Bug Mix is proving to be a deadly combination too. The Bug Mix creates a column of attraction from the lakebed to the surface, tiny particles, dried insects and bugs rise and fall in the water. In many ways this incredibly reactive mix mimics a natural occurrence such as a fly hatch, carp are immediately drawn to it, making a Zig Bug hook bait impossible to resist.

At the moment it seems as if the whole world is going Purple and Zig Bug mad!


THE BALL MAKER IS COMING – here’s a quick preview of how it works!

  • The new Ball Maker
  • Add the Bug Mix
  • Compress the mixture
  • Compacted balls of attraction
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Active reactive attraction on the lakebed



I’m particularly looking forward to the spring this year as I’ve been lucky enough to obtain a ticket on a very special private syndicate water in the Nene valley, so plans and tactics are permanently occupying my mind at the moment.

The water in question is extremely weedy, so I’ve decided to spool up with the new Nash NXT Bullet braid. I’m not usually a braid user but I’m certain that the Bullet will allow me to cut through the weed when playing fish. Zero stretch will maximise bite indication too so it really is my best option.

Adam Garland

Boilie wise I’m a huge fan of Scopex Squid and I’ve used it to catch a lot of large carp in the past but more recently I’ve been mixing it with the Monster Squid. The results where interesting to say the least, and although I wouldn’t say either bait was any better than the other, it has been clear to see that the Monster is that little bit more instant, and often produced the first take of the session.

As I plan to mainly fish short sessions through this season, I’ve decided to switch over to the new Monster Squid Purple in an effort to be that little bit different, and speed up the action; it really is proving to be an amazing bait.

Keeping with the idea of getting a quick bite, the matching Food Dip and Monster Carp Pellets will most definitely form part of my baiting. The Food Dip sticks to the pellets and leaks off attraction into the water and keeps carp actively searching for food.

I’ve played around with zig for a few years but having witnessed the amazing results on the Zig Bugs, I plan to fish one of my rods on a zig at all times, through day and night. The new Zig Critters from Nash are extremely realistic and I’m sure they will be a huge key to success for many anglers as the season progresses.



When March arrives it always seems to give me a huge boost of excitement for my fishing. The days are longer. The nights, although a bit frosty, are nowhere near as long or severely cold and most importantly the fish ever so slowly begin to show themselves, again bringing more excitement and confidence with every session.

This time last year a good friend Nick Burrage put a comment on his Facebook page – “has anyone just used zigs exclusively for any lengthy period of time?” For me, I have to admit, it was a flat out “no”. I viewed zig fishing as a last resort if it all went quiet on the bottom, putting one rod of three on a zig and hoping for the best.

Zigs work wonders

The previous spring (2011) on my chosen venue I was having a real rough time of it fishing chods and small patches of bait. In fact I only managed 2 mid-20’s throughout March and the first 3 weeks of April.

So Nick’s question had really grabbed my imagination. I made the decision to fish the Zig Bugs, exclusively for the same period of 2 months of 2012, holding on to the mentality that I had nothing to lose as I had such a poor previous year.

The results I achieved in that 2 month period of 2012 far exceeded my expectations. I managed to catch 12 fish instead of 2 with all the fish falling to Zig Bug Attractor Beetles. And as natural insects and fly hatches became more prevalent, the Bugs worked even better!

The major point – you must absolutely commit yourself to the method!! It’s not something that can be fished on one rod with any success or just tried for a few hours. Just like a fly angler, you need to be proactive, search out the depths and experiment and find the right colours or specific Bugs on the day – do that and you might just enjoy your best spring carp fishing ever!



At last the nights are getting lighter and on more than one occasion I have gone to work in the light and come home in the light…”that makes a refreshing change”….

With all the tackle sorted and my bait sorted for the year ( Monster Squid  ) it’s now a matter of putting words and preparation into action.

The key at this time of year, even when you get on the fish, is sensible bait application especially when you are fishing short sessions / overnighters.

It’s vital to get a fish or two under your belt so my fishing / bait application is aimed at “getting a bite”. I want the hookbait as attractive as possible and anything I can do to boost an already great hookbait I will do.

Julian Cundiff

1. The Monster Squid Pop Up is soaked in the Food Dip. When I fish it as a single hookbait I use dissolvable foam so all the carp have in front of them is a very attractive hookbait…

2. For bottom baits I tend to use a Monster Squid Boilie Pellet (pellet shape boilie) topped off with an Amber Strawberry Pop Up Topper. Rather than just use two baits I use two thirds of a Boilie Pellet and about one third pop up. I trim them both with scissors until it just sinks.

3. If I want to use a stringer with either presentation I use two Monster Squid Soluballs and a small amount of Monster Squid crumb in a mesh bag. To ensure the stringer does not “loop” the hooklength I nick the hook into the mesh and being naturally light the stringer literally flutters down.

4. If I want to fish over feed I only use Soluballs and add some Monster Squid Food Dip to a plastic bag and then drop in 20 Soluballs, inflate, seal and shake…Give them a minute or two then catapult them out…Lots of attraction but minimum feed..

So the best advice I can give you is get out there, find them, don’t feed them but fool them with attraction….

Good luck and keep in touch anytime via Twitter @juliancundiff



Winter sure did fly by and with the weather starting to get warmer there is nothing more I want to do than be on the bank every night of the week.

This really is my favourite time of year; the carp are just starting to wake up from the bitterly cold winter that’s just passed.

Some lakes can take longer for the fish to wake up than others but over the last few years I have changed from fishing on the bottom to fishing the middle/upper layers.

Using zigs I’ve had takes within minutes in March/April time and the majority of the fish caught have been the better ones too.

I have also had fish on zigs and bottom baits in the same session when doing quick overnighters between work.

I think it’s just a case of finding out where they are and what the main feeding times are throughout the course of your stay.

Mike Wilson

It took me a while to get my head around this but when you think about it logically carp are like many other living things. They don’t feed constantly for 24 hours in a day. And when carp want food they will go to the bottom because that’s where they know the majority of the food is.

But a carp may feed for a maximum of two hours in a day which means during the other 22 hours they’ll be anywhere but on the bottom, carp may well spend time chasing small tadpoles or just cruising around in the warmer bands of water.

So location is key, thinking from the human perspective, we go to the kitchen to eat food and then we will maybe go to the lounge to chill out or watch television. And it’s the same with carp, they will go to the bottom for food (the kitchen) and then they will move about or just chill out and relax off the lakebed (the lounge). This is the time and place to nail them on a zig!



Tom Forman

As I sit here and write this I have recently returned from the Carpin On Show in our home county of Essex where I spent the weekend demonstrating some of our new Zig related products shortly due for release.

Spending the weekend demonstrating and talking to literally hundreds of carp anglers has got me really excited about my own personal fishing over the coming months.

It’s hard not to get excited when new products arrive at Nash HQ, even more so when they are products relating to a certain style or method you favour. I absolutely love my zig and floater fishing and over the last two years or so I have well and truly convinced myself that for me, future success lies with these tactics.

I have already had the opportunity of testing a few of these products over the last 12 months and therefore know first-hand how devastating they will be. The new Hookless Attractor Critters along with the Gyro Bug Mix will be the main focus in my fishing this year.

I truly believe this combination will be devastatingly effective, particularly in the coming Spring when the aquatic environment begins to wake up offering an abundance of natural food sources for the carp to investigate and thrive on.

For now I will be concentrating all my efforts on all things zig related and then before we know it, it will be time to get the Riser Pellet and floater rod out once more and I for one cannot wait!!



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