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The time for big carp time is now!


IF there was ever a time that all carp anglers should be bursting at the seams to get out on the bank it would be now.

Autumn is well and truly here and at the moment it is holding the first signs of winter at bay! The huge low pressure systems that have been coming in, bringing in warm, wet and windy weather has had me drooling at my BBC weather app. Saying this, do take care and especially with this “big storm” please stay safe, don’t go fishing under particularly old, creaky or dead trees.

The carp are sure to have their heads down, so get out and make the most of it! Loads of anglers did just that throughout October and we received another barrage of catch reports sent through to Fox HQ.

One of my picks would have to be a lovely 35lb mirror caught from Monks Pit in Cambridge by Fox fan David Smedley. Dave was using Gravitron Pro braided mainline and also Camotex Soft Hooklink from the Edges range. It has got to be one of the best lookers I have seen from this lake and no doubt Dave was over the moon with the result.

Dave Smedley with a lovely Monks Pit mirror, taken on Camotex Soft

Dave Smedley with a lovely Monks Pit mirror, taken on Camotex Soft

Earlier this month I made the trip with Lewis Porter over to Germany to film next year’s free German DVD. I always enjoy our trips to Germany, we have such a great and closely knit team over there and despite the legendary Meik Pyka not being able to attend, he was regularly on the phone keeping in touch with how things were going and giving plenty of encouragement.

Surprisingly, despite their stereotype, the Germans actually share a very similar sense of humour to us Brits so despite the fishing being slow at the start of the week there was never a dull moment!

High pressure at the start of the trip made the fishing very hard, however eventually the weather broke and in the last 24 hours the German lads did the business putting a number of good fish on the bank.


Pointing the camera at Marian Sura with a gorgeous German common carp

Pointing the camera at Marian Sura with a gorgeous German common carp

On my return on the Thursday evening I had to quickly cobble my kit together as it was my second consecutive UK Carp Cup final the following day.

It was always going to be a very open match; I don’t think there was anyone turning up to Oxlease that Friday without a load of maggots at their disposal. Past and current form suggested that the wrigglers would be the bait to use and it would simply be a case of whoever had the most fish in front of them would be the winner. However, as the event unfolded it wouldn’t be quite that simple.

The first night produced fish to 75% of the anglers with nobody running away with it. I had caught two and was only another two decent fish off the lead, but it really was anyone’s game as the fish were very well spread.

As Saturday drew on it soon became clear that the top end of the lake would hold a bit of a showdown between two Fox-backed anglers Kev Grout and James Anderson (who starred on the Angler’s Mail front cover, seen below). The fish began to show more and more up their end and the lads, pegged opposite each other, would share the rest of the match’s action between them, battling it out for top spot.

By the 9.30am hooter on the Sunday morning Kev had put eight carp on the bank whilst James had put nine, but it was Kev’s average size that proved the difference and brace of 27lbers and a 30lber proved decisive and Kev Grout was crowned 2013 UK Carp Cup Champion! It was a great weekend and whilst I ended up way down the leader board I thoroughly enjoyed the match and will defiantly be back next year to give it a crack.

A Fox 1-2 with Champion Kev Grout and 2nd placed James Anderson

A Fox 1-2 with Champion Kev Grout and 2nd placed James Anderson

October also saw us launch what we believe is set to be one of the most popular bivvys of 2014 The Royale Classic. The Royale Classic is a high quality, lightweight pram-hood style shelter which has a with a wrap option and is exceptionally well priced. Our sales guys have had their hands bitten off by the shops to get this product to them as soon as possible and if their enthusiasm is anything to go by, this bivvy is a sure fire hit!


The Royale Classic Bivvy, a superb lightweight shelter

The Royale Classic Bivvy, a superb lightweight shelter

Well that’s it for this month, be sure to get out on the bank as much as possible before the cold weather comes, because it will come and you will kick yourself that you didn’t make the most of it when you could.

Take it easy!



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