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Winter is definitely here as you can tell without even having to step foot outside and it won’t be long before we are scraping the ice off our cars and walking along the crunchy banks covered in frost. The worst thing about winter fishing is not wanting to be there due to the artic conditions this country can throw at us sometimes and as design/development engineer at Nash you would think that I would be able to come up with the ultimate clothing that keeps you 100% warm throughout winter, unfortunately I don’t think that anyone will ever be able to achieve that, but what we do have at Nash that I’m sure will keep you 99.9% warm this Winter when after that big girl is the new ZT Clothing range. I know I will certainly be suited up in these clothes all winter without the fear of freezing to death! With new hoodies to jackets it won’t only keep you warm you will also look the part when you’re posing with a chunk in all her awesome winter colours.

Life at Nash HQ is rather manic at the moment with the winter shows coming up and lots going on and fishing has kind of been set back a bit due to the workload but when I can get out I will be sure to be going to a pukka little winter water which I have now fished for a couple of years called Priory Park which is located in Southend, Essex. The lake is available on a day ticket at a very small charge and it holds some cracking fish with at least twenty five plus fish being over 20lb and two/three going 30lb at the right time of year. One of the best small winter waters in Essex in my eyes, if not the best! The lake also sees a lot of Nash bait so you sure can’t go wrong it you attack it with a winter favourite such as Amber strawberry. All details can be found at http://www.parks-ac.org.uk/.


Mike Wilson with a beauty from Priory Park

If you want to stay warm and catch some cracking fish this winter then I hope this small piece helps and if any of you visit the park lake I’ll see you there. Wrap up, flick the rods out and get the kettle on. Tight Lines, Mike Wilson.



Nash’s Zig-Flo, a must have for winter fishing this year

Although we think of carp as bottom feeders which obviously they are, most carp actually spend the vast majority of their time anywhere and everywhere but on the bottom. Carp are inquisitive creatures and will investigate anything that might be food, this is one of the reasons why Nash Tackle’s ground breaking Zig Bugs have proven so successful this year. Fished just off the bottom, mid water, near or even on the surface, the Zig Bugs will again catch lots of fish this winter. Often on winter days when conventional bottom fishing tactics fail to produce a bite, a Zig Bug will produce instant success. When we were developing the Zig Bugs we were surprised to find that just about all of the popular zig hooklink materials in common use fell well below our expectations and requirements so we decided to design and develop our own. The end result was Nash Zig-Flo which has a very low diameter in relation to it’s breaking strain and is almost invisible in water, unlike other inferior materials it’s also ultra tough and abrasion resistant with an exceptional knot strength. In the winter its often tempting to go ultra light to tempt that first bite but when you finally hook a fish there’s a good chance of loosing it during the fight. But Zig Flo is different and it out-fished everything tested against it.

Many anglers have a half hearted attempt at zig fishing, this often involves chucking out a zig hook bait on one rod and after a few hours give it up after not catching. My advice is to read as much as you can find on the subject, then spend a few day sessions perfecting the tactics, take nothing else other than the zig gear and make it work for you. If you do I’m sure you will reap the benefits this winter.



I don’t need to tell you how cold it is at the moment and when I woke up this morning the world outside my house was white over and the grass crisp under my feet. Lets not kid ourselves that it will not affect the carp because it will and you really have to take that on board and not be under any false expectations…BUT….you also can’t catch them sat at home either !!  Take a deep breath, get your mind into gear and start thinking about ways to fool those carp. They won’t have disappeared and if they were there last month they will be there today and tomorrow. The trick is to get them to take a hook bait.

Boilie crumb and sweetcorn soup…fish love it!

Now I know that a zig rig fished in their face is a good method and on some days the only method and there’s some good tips in this blog to help you get the best out of them, so put that in your armory. But what I am going to cover in the blog is how to persuade the carp to have a go at bottom baits or pop ups. I just think that the colder weather slows carp down and food items that they would have wolfed down in September they may well ignore now. Even Hi-Viz Single pop ups can be ignored when the carp have felt that cold cruel water on their backs. What I try to do is add feed or should I say attraction to the area of the hook bait in an attempt to stimulate the carp enough to get them to have a nibble on that hook bait attached to the pin-sharp Nash Fang 7 or 8. Stimulate and catch is the key… Boilies and particles are great carp baits but in the cold are just too solid for my liking. I want the attraction but I don’t want the substance.

Do yourself a favour get a couple of tins of sweet corn and using a hand held liquidiser turn them into sweetcorn soup. Now get a couple of handfuls of your chosen boilie and turn it into boilie crumb. Mix the two together and you end up with a lovely solid soup effect that can be spoded into position right over and on top of your hook bait. The little edge I add is to drop handfuls of Nash Soluballs into that ‘soup’ before you Spomb it out. The Soluballs absorb the liquid and when they flutter down they pump out attraction yet give the carp nothing to really feed on other than that hook bait that is going to put a hook in their mouth and a picture in your album…



Autumn and early winter is by far my favourite time to be out on the bank, whether it be live baiting for big perch on one of my club waters, chubbing on the Great Ouse or day ticket carping, one things for sure, I will be out on the bank as much as possible over the next few months. Believe it or not, I’ve been angling more times during October and November than I did all summer. I just love being outside in these “Autumy” unpredictable conditions coupled with the fact the fishing is often very productive at this time.

Nash man Tom, loves winter fishing

Despite this, I still only manage short sessions at this time of year, what with all the up and coming shows taking up weekends, coupled with the release of the product range, work is hectic during this time and leading up too Christmas. Therefore my fishing from now will mainly consist short day sessions on a variety of day ticket waters.

I love this style of carp fishing, particularly during the colder months, as it’s a real test. I’m not bothered about size, for me it’s all about getting bites as quick as possible and catching as many fish as I can in a short day session. I also love the excitement of turning up to a new day ticket water that I have never visited previous and adapting my approach to suit the water and the conditions on that day. Ill be honest, I struggle sitting behind my carp rods for 2 or 3 days at the best of times, let alone during the long winter nights. Last week I spent 24 hours at Pete Wilsons Chestnut pool fishery in Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. In the end I managed to land over 20 fish over the 24 hours however that doesn’t tell the whole story. Despite being in one of “main” swims on the lake the fishing was a real challenge at times. The other anglers on the lake were really struggling and keeping my eyes peeled on the lake at all times and constant re-casting to the slightest sign of fish activity was the sole reason I feel I caught fish when others were struggling. I also used the new Fish Frenzy 10mm squidgees for the first time. As soon as I saw them I knew they were a day ticket winner. Bright in colour and full of flavour, fished in conjunction with a small stick or a couple of Chain Reactions, I feel they are the perfect hook bait for a quick bite and will be a part of my day ticket carping armoury this winter! Give them a go; they will not let you down.




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