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IT’S THE new season of Thinking Tackle, which means one thing for Team Korda… lots of angling!

So far, we’ve had Ali Hamidi and Darrell Peck targeting the old, wily carp of Farlows Lake in Iver, Bucks where they used zig-rig tactics to outwit some of these stunning fish.

Learn how they chopped and changed with depths, hook baits and areas to find the cog in the machine. Over the course of a few days both Ali and Darrell were to land some lovely fish up to 30lb in less than favourable conditions.

Then, it was James Armstrong and Richard Stewart’s turn to tackle the Road Lake in the next episode. Danny Fairbrass’ new project, sister to Gigantica in France, is set to be a remarkable fishery. If you’re looking for your first fishing holiday, the Road Lake is ideal for you.

Set in the champagne region of France, the Road Lake boasts lots of appeal. The facilities are second to none. The food is exquisite, the toilet and showering facilities are spotless and the swims are designed by an angler…for an angler. This means that they’re spacious, tidy, and your banksticks go in with ease.

Now the fishing is superb. Stocked with lots of scaly mirrors, dumpy commons and originals; Danny takes pride in stocking carp that were born and bred there.

James Armstrong, star of the Thinking Tackle episode, commented: ‘The trip was extremely enjoyable and made for a superb show. Over the course of the three days, I tallied up over 16 beautiful Road Lake carp.

‘Using simple bottom bait tactics, I fished rods over to the far margin, baiting up every few hours, and the fish just kept on coming. The action was so frantic and demanding that I actually reeled in at night.’

Both Ali Hamidi and Richard Stewart also caught on the trip and Rich topped it with a bar of gold that weighed in the upper twenties. It’s an episode that cannot be missed.

James Armstong with a beautiful Road Lake specimen.


“Carp are often far easier to catch in the weed”

With spring well and truly here, you’ll find that the weed is starting to grow. Although this will encourage the carp to feed, it will also scare some anglers. You shouldn’t fear the weed because carp are often far easier to catch in the weed because they pay far less caution to your rigs, like they would over a clean lake bed such as gravel.

However, you must use rigs to suit. Depending on the type of weed, a slight lengthening of your rig may allow it to sit better. A solid PVA bag can also be a popular approach when fishing in weed.

First and foremost, though, you must be fishing a safe lead system, whereby the lead can be ejected, whether that’s a drop-off inline, or lead clip. By dropping your lead, the fish will immediately come to the surface and make the landing of it so much easier.


Latest Korda carp fishing products

By the time you read this, you’ll have also noticed that we’ve released a selection of bits to make long-range fishing far easier. Subline has been created in a tapered version and is also available in dedicated shockleaders. There’s also a nifty fingerstall to protect your pinkies when casting. Take a look if you’re into you’re distance fishing.

As always the website www.korda.co.uk is inundated with fresh carpy information, features and videos so keep up to date.



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