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THE last month has not only been an exciting time in the ACE office, but it has also been an extremely productive month for a lot of our anglers, both when fishing at home and abroad!

Product development manager Max Cottis has been on form of late, and in between product development trips to the far east has spent a lot of time visiting various French waters in search of massive carp. On a recent session to French super water, Ribiere, his search came to an end when he landed the lakes largest resident, a fish named ‘Julie’ at 77lb 2oz. Knowing Max though he’ll be on the banks trying to beat this beast already though!

ACE man Mark Cottis with the legendary Julie, a huge 77lb 2oz

Gerrard with a Riberie 45lb+.jpg

Gerrard with a Riberie 45lb+

On the same trip ACE staff member Gerrard Williams and Chris Angell also got in on the action with fish to over 40lb, not to mention footballer Lee Bowyer getting amongst the fish. In fact between Max and Lee, they managed to amass an incredible 43 fish between them!

Back home our anglers have also been getting amongst the fish, with Iain Macmillan really taking the lime light with some absolutely stunning carp from a local water. Iain has been trying out the new ‘The Crave’ boilie from Dynamite Baits, and with his first session using it producing fish to 37lb 10oz, we’re pretty sure he’s found his confidents in this fantastic bait already!

Footballer Lee Bowyer netting a pretty impressive looking 40lber

As well as his 37lb 10oz cracker, he also managed to add another fish just two ounces smaller! That’s not bad for someone who has only just got their big fish head on. Now Iain’s on the big fish trail again we’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty of catch reports in the coming months.

Blog writer, Matt Rand, had joy on the bank with this carp weighing in at 26lb 10oz

With the weather cooling, ever consistent Simon Hofgartner was expecting action to slow up, but it has been quite the opposite for him, with yet more stunning fish in the low 30’s and high 20’s. All of Simons fish have fell to Chod Rigs constructed out of various ACE rig components, baited with 15mm White Chocolate Pop-ups.

I’ve also been lucky enough to trouble the score sheet, and in between targeting various other species, I’ve still managed a couple more River carp sessions with the best fish falling to my rods weighing 26lb 10oz. As usual all fish have been landed on strong rigs constructed out of ACE 25lb Re-Action braid and new ACE Hooks.


On the subject of ACE hooks, it just so happens that we can now announce that these will be known as ACE Razor Points. These have been in development for a couple of years now and have received much input from carp angling maestro Terry Hearn, as well as Max Cottis. All anglers who have seen these have commented on just how sharp they are, and our guys who have been using them have had nothing but good things to say about them.

These will be available around January time, and in next months blog I’ll be sure to give you a bit more information about them. Until then, be lucky!



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