THIS week’s Carp Blog on the Angler’s Mail website comes from James Armstrong of  Korda Developments.  As usual, some top carp fishing advice.

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THE weather’s warming and there is definitely a spring our step. The flowers are beginning to bud, the daffodils are pluming and more importantly the carp are getting their heads down.

Spring is my season  of the year. The carp waking up from their winter slumbers and they are actively looking for food, making them extremely catchable.

That doesn’t mean that you should go filling the lake in with bait. Play it how you see it and bait up accordingly. Little sprinklings of free offerings on a regular basis is far better than piling it in by the kilo…unless you know they’re having it large of course.

In some cases, a single, high attract hook bait may be just what the doctor ordered. These are a killer method in the spring months.

As soon as the first rays of warm sun hit the surface of the water, check out the shallows because you’ll often find fish here. It was only the other day whilst bobbing around in my rickety old boat on a rather large gravel pit that I pinpointed the first carp of the year…albeit in the snaggy sanctuary of only 3ft or so. She was there enjoying the warm rays of sun.

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Fun as usual at the Korda social over at Horseshoe.

Last weekend was the annual Korda social held at the magnificent Horseshoe Lake in Lechlade, owned and run by the Carp Society. The event is always an enjoyable one, with plenty of banter, great food and of course a carp or two.

Although the weekend wasn’t particularly prolific, Dave Finn and Ed Betteridge helped themselves to a couple of the original Horseshoe mirrors. They looked magnificent – long, scaly and dark. Ed’s fish even nudged over the magical 30lb barrier and with only a handful of big girls left in there he was overjoyed with the result.

The new Thinking Tackle season is upon us so in the coming weeks myself and the team will be hitting the banks of various day ticket waters in order to bring you some of the most exciting angling on Sky Sports…keep a lookout as it will be aired later in the year.


Tight lines, James.





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