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SPRING is a fantastic time to be out on the bank, the carp will most likely be at their top weights and in great condition and with the right approach they will be very catch-able too.

Keith Jones is loving it now spring has sprung – as are all the Nash men who combine to blog for Angler’s Mail in style this week!

The bluebells are finally out and carpeting the woods surrounding my syndicate water and I heard my first cuckoo earlier this week, spring is finally here!

Life at Nash HQ is pretty hectic at the moment, what with the relentless drive to design develop and perfect new tackle and bait products, the summer road show season is also about to kick off and there’s lots of new product launches in the pipeline to look out for. All the key staff at Nash are keen anglers so just like many of you reading this, family commitments and the pressures of work mean there’s never enough free time to spend on the bank.

Fishing over night between work is the only option for many of us at the moment, but with warmer temperatures and longer hours of daylight, over nighters really are worth the effort.

Even if you don’t fancy fishing right through to the morning, just staying out until late evening is well worth the effort.

Dusk or just after dark seems to be ‘bite time’ on many waters at the moment so don’t make the mistake of packing up too early!

The new Purple Monster Squid is continuing the catch huge numbers of carp up and down the country, we already knew that the bait was a special one, but the relentless stream of catch reports flooding in each and every week has amazed us all. The Monster Squid has always been a very instant bait and the new purple is particularly so. Long term tests have also proven how consistently reliable the bait is too.

Time to get on the floaters… and the Floater Pack.

Floater fishing is a red hot tactic during the spring, but as the weeks pass, the carp soon respond to angling pressure and on many waters they become progressively harder to catch off the top. So it’s important to exploit this window of opportunity now.

We’ve recently launched a number of new floater related products that are well worth checking out in your local tackle shop. The Floater Packs contain special floating baits loaded with attractors that are proven to produce heavy and prolonged surface feeding. There are special hook baits specifically designed to induce instant bites. The new and improved Bolt Machines create a very effective surface bolt effect which really helps to nail cautious surface feeders.

The Riser Pellets that we’ve looked at before are incredibly effective for switching the fish into feeding mode and oh, don’t forget the amazing Zig Bugs too! Combining all these products allows us to really angle for those fish from the lakebed to the surface on those days when the carp are proving hard to tempt. If you think these products will be useful to you this spring there’s plenty more information on our website that’s worth checking out.

Remember, carp fishing is there to be enjoyed so whatever your spring time plans or targets might be, make sure to stop and sniff the flowers along the way – good luck!



A wise man once told me a long time ago that no matter how bad times are if you look carefully enough there are many good things to be found in each day. So this winter and with a slow start to the spring weather wise I have carried that thinking into my carp fishing.

It was clear that with the weather as it was and my workload increasing I was going to have to be a lot cleverer in my approach. Firstly with it being my first full season on Nash Bait I was going to play about with both hookbaits and base mixes to see how they behaved underwater after 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours and so on.

How much paste do I need to use around a 10mm, 12mm or 14mm cork ball ? How much glug can I draw into a readymade pop up before it becomes a wafter?

What combination of Food and Boilie Dip do I use on my Soluballs and Monster Carp Pellets ? So whilst I have fished every week, a lot of down time has been spent sorting out that confidence factor for the spring to autumn period.

On the fishing front I have stayed away by and large from carp-only waters instead concentrating on mixed fisheries where I was catching tench, bream, chub and carp. Keeping my hand in and getting plenty of bites really fine tuned my rig testing, casting, keeping mobile, self timer photography the lot….. Whilst many anglers have sat the winter / early spring out I have “been in training”….

Hopefully all the hard work, leg work as I call it , will pay dividends in May-September…. See you out there….



It’s always at this time of year when I venture on my first trip across the channel in search of monster carp.

This year I decided to go to Lac de Jouvignac, a beautiful 9 acre fishery in the Charente region of France. This venue is home to mirrors and commons pushing the 60 lbs bracket as well as a few surprise fish which I was sure to discover.

Purple is the colour…carp catching in the game!

However this year, like many lakes in France, Lac de Jouvignac was fishing extremely difficultly which was down to terrible fluctuating weather conditions. An average week on this lake generally produces between 10-12 fish per angler, however the week previous to my arrival, with my two guests, saw only 18 fish caught between 5 anglers.

Never the less we were armed with plenty of Purple Monster Squid boilies, Fish Frenzy pellet and a huge amount of determination to put a few of these big girls on the bank.

Amazingly after getting the rods out and half way through putting the Titan brolly up my right hand rod burst into life and after a superb battle a 33 lbs6 oz mirror was in the net. I thought “surely it can’t be that easy”. Well after another 18 hours of the Sirens being silent I decided that I was right and this trip certainly was not going to be a walk in the park.

Lac de Jouvignac is a long rectangular lake with a long island running straight the way up the middle. For this trip I decided to pitch up where the water is deepest, so I would be fishing in the most consistent temperature. However after two days and only two fish I was noticing fish showing over my spots in the night but in the day they seemed to be at totally the other end of the lake.

On the Tuesday morning at 6am I decided to wind all rods in and just take them and a net to the opposite end of the lake for the morning and leave my bivvy in my other swim just to see if I could get a bite. I flicked my first rod out to a likely looking spot and put it on the rests with no bobbin on just to let the line sink to the lakebed while I baited my second rod.

Once I had done that I bent down and attached the bobbin to the line only for it to be snatched from my grasp and the rod tip arch round. Gob smacked I battled with the fish for 15 minutes which resulted in a stunning 46 lb 6 oz mirror being slipped into the net.

Big French fish and a big Britsh smile from Ian.

Well the rest of the week pretty much went on like that. I would fish my first spot at night where the fish were drifting into the deeper water and I was picking odd ones up in the early hours. Then during the day I would pack up and move to the shallows and catch fish as they were drifting in and out during the day.
By the end of the week I ended up with 15 30’s including a PB grass carp of 39lb 12oz and 2 mid 40’s as well as a few upper 20’s.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – effort is the biggest edge we have. It’s just up to us how much we wish to use it!



It’s floater time. My favourite method of carp fishing will take centre stage in my angling over the coming months. In fact it already has!

Last week myself and Nash Tackle’s Alan Blair spent a few evenings floater fishing and between us we managed to catch some stunning carp from several different local day ticket waters. The initial plan was to have an afternoon meet and catch up by the lake with Nash TV’s Winston and Oli.

When we were done Oli and Winston departed leaving me and Alan to do battle with a ‘one on one’ floater fishing duel for the last few hours of daylight. A

Alan’s in – proving again that dusk or just after is bite time!

Ian put himself into an early lead, sneaking a chunky common off the top but just as he netted the fish and shouted to me for assistance I hooked into my first of the session, again a stunning jet black common… however Alan’s was slightly bigger so he had the advantage.

Tom’s dark common.

As the sun disappeared behind the tree line we thought our chance of another bite was over however luck was on my side as I saw a single fish feeding on the open water. I got the cast bang on and within 2 seconds the fish nailed my hookbait and I was in. I was convinced I had done enough to take the victory but Alan being Alan nicked one right on dark to draw things level.

Nothing of massive proportions had fallen to the Riser Pellet and Bolt Machines but we had a good few hours fishing with great results.

I’m confident a few more opportunities will arise over the coming weeks as I’ve really got my head into it at the moment and I’m sneaking a few hours floater fishing in at every given opportunity!



I’ve experienced possibly the most successful spring fishing that I can remember. I think this is due to learning from experiences in seasons gone by and adapting my approach.

I’m a complete zig rig fanatic, and it will come as no surprise that I’ve put a fair few fish on the bank so far this year by using the tactic.

However, there are times for me when it just doesn’t feel right for a zig, take my last session for example on a local day ticket complex called Borwick Fishery, it was my first trip to the complex. The fish in the big lake are highly pressured as good lakes up north are few and far between so it sees plenty of anglers.

Anyway, I turned up on a Saturday afternoon over the bank holiday weekend to find the lake receiving a massive SW wind, it seemed the perfect opportunity to pile some bait in and get the fish munching. In the past during April/May, I’ve often been too keen to thump bucket loads of bait in and have very rarely been successful with it during the earlier months.

Joe got one at Borwick.

I decided to refrain from the temptation of piling the bait in and fished three rods spread out in front of me with just 40 baits scattered with the Cyber Shot Throwing Stick. This proved successful for me as I picked a fish up the following morning, and I believe this to be down to the fact I used previous experiences and decided that although the fish were feeding, the big baiting approach could possibly hamper my chances of picking up a bite.

Even though the fish may be feeding well at the moment, their feeding spells could still only be over a short period of time, meaning that you have to do all you can to stack the odds in your favour and ensure that they pick one of your hookbaits up.

My favourite way to enhance my hookbaits is to soak them in the matching Food Dip, white hookbaits have also worked for me over the years and show no signs of slowing down – good luck!


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