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Spring has sprung!


Spring is most certainly in the air, as I type away looking out of the window at Fox HQ the sky is blue and the outside temperature is a very pleasant 14 degrees.

Thinking back to this time last year I was desperately struggling to put our free Carp Fishing Edges DVD together. We had two sections left to film and almost every lake in the country was frozen. This year is quite the opposite – we have all the sections in the can and next week I will be filming the links between the sections with Mr Chillcott. I’m very excited to get this one out to you guys, it is a belter!

It is amazing how positive a little bit of half decent weather can make you feel and it has certainly made me want to get out on the bank and pit my wits against those scaly beasts that are still slightly dozy from their winter slumber. Now is a great time to take advantage of their slight naivety.

One of ten out during a single warm spring day.

The banks have been quiet and the carp will not be as on edge as they were at the back end of last year. They will be exploring areas of the lakes they have not ventured to in months and this gives you a great opportunity to outwit them.

Keeping an eye on shallow areas is a must – on those days where the sun is out and the temperature climbs, you can be sure that the carp will be heading to these areas where they can enjoy the extra warmth. Single bright pop-ups can often be all you need at times like these.

zig aligna lee

Zig Alignas are the easiest and most effective way of presenting a zig hookbait.

I remember a session last year, when we did eventually get a mild day. The fish in my syndicate turned up in numbers in a shallow bay, it was the first time they have been there since the previous year and a few bright popups placed along the reed line was enough to bank me ten carp in a short day session, the most fish that had been out in one day for a very long time.

If your lake does not have many shallow areas then another superb tactic can be zig rigs. This method is becoming more popular day by day and with good reason too. The carp, especially at this time of year will be making the most of the warmth that the upper layers have to offer and so a tiny morsel a couple of feet below the surface can work wonders.

If the lake you are fishing is gin clear then black or brown are excellent colours to start with. If the water is coloured then yellow, white or pink can work wonders. Experiment with colours and depths until you find out which one produces, it may take time, but once you have cracked it the fishing becomes so simple and can be unbelievably prolific.

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