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AFTER the last few freezing cold nights and hard frosts, I think it’s safe to say that winter is now in full swing.

With the inconsistent weather conditions the catch reports have been rather on the quiet side, but a couple of the guys have still be out and about putting a few fish on the bank in the bitter cold.

Mike’s been catching day ticket carp even in the coldest recent winter weather.

Sponsored angler Mike Hamer has been enjoying some fantastic sport of late at a local day ticket water, and he has put his results down to interesting change of tactic.

Razor hooks have been doing the biz for Mike. They’ll be available to buy soon!

Mike has been a big fan of Dynamite’s White Chocolate boilie range since it hit the shelves, so when they released a matching groundbait, this opening up all sorts of opportunities for the keen carper.

Rather than sticking to his normal light winter baiting routine, Mike decided to give it to the fish big style, and opted to fish a method feeder with wrapped in the white chocolate mix.

A 10mm boilie was then offered alongside on a short length of 15lb ACE Re-Action braid and a size 10 ACE Razor Point Boilie Beak Point.

Even ice in the margins couldn’t stop Mike from succeeding, and over a few sessions he managed a fine tally of carp to just over 25lb, with a good mix of mirrors and commons.

Simon keeps on catching.

Also amongst the action has been Simon Hofgartner. The ever-consistent angler continued his current run of form when he slipped the net under a cracking upper 20 mirror.

Simon put his faith in a Dynamite White Chocolate Pop-Up fished on a running chod consisting of ACE Hard-On Camo Leadcore and 20lb Riga-Mortis.

We’ve also heard reports from product development manager, Max Cottis. Apparently he has been amongst the larger residents of Rainbow Lake once again. We will get the pictures to you in next month’s blog!

Matt Rand, the ACE blogger, had this winter river common after spotting it during a pike trip.

Even though my attentions have now moved onto other species, after spotting a nice common whilst out pike fishing, I decided to give the river one last go. After introducing a scattering of 20mm Crave boilies at the start of a short session, it didn’t take long before my snowman rig was picked up by a cracking common of just over 21lb. This will definitely be my last session for the river carp until next June 16th!

Over the coming weeks we will be announcing a few new products, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Without a doubt, our soon to be released Razor Point hooks are the product that has got many anglers talking, and these really are looking to be something a little bit special!


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