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NASH TACKLE’s autumn trade show is causing quite a buzz on the grapevine at the moment.

Trade shows always generate lots of interest

Trade shows always generate lots of interest

There are many new ground breaking products and also some established ones which have benefited from a few minor tweaks. These new and upgraded products will be hitting the tackle shop shelves over the coming weeks and months.

The one thing all these products have in common is they have all been designed to make our visits to the bank this winter warmer, more comfortable and most important of all more productive.

Life at the Nash Bait factory is also pretty hectic too. The factory has the capacity to produce up to 3 ton of bait per day but even so they often struggle to keep up with demand for the most popular products. The phones have been red hot recently with anglers wanting advice with winter bait choice.

Flavoured maggots catch more carp

Flavoured maggots catch more carp

All Nash Bait products are designed as ‘all seasons’ fish catchers and at the moment there’s no need to make major changes if you’ve been catching well during the warmer months.

But as the weeks pass and water temperatures steadily drop, the dips and other bait boosting products will really come into their own. Amber Strawberry is one of the most effective winter boilies of all time.

Amber users who are intending to fish right through the winter usually start mixing these distinctive brilliant white boilies with the baits they’ve been using during the summer.

As the weeks pass, more Amber goes in the mix. Amber Strawberry makes a great winter choice on its own but going fishing with plenty of options gives you an edge on those days when you have to work hard for a bite.

Many carp anglers make the switch to maggots during the colder months and our top tip is to flavour them. Flavoured maggots catch more carp, that’s a proven fact.

Scopex No1 is our top recommendation, neat flavours need the addition of a sweetener when coating baits, 4 parts Scopex and 1 part Intense Sweetener will give maggots a major boost. Once tried there’s no going back to unflavoured maggots!




“Last throw of the dice…” Although there are some of us who fish nights all year round I guess that in the next few weeks or months the number of people doing them will decrease significantly. Midweek overnighters become more difficult to organise and it’s noticeable that weekend anglers are going Saturday morning rather than Friday night.

However this is the time that many of the big fish will be feeding and with the weed decreasing on many waters it really is worth putting yourself out to get there and make a last effort before the nights draw in…….

Firstly you have to be there to catch them….sounds daft but a lot of anglers find a lot of excuses not to go. Whether you set up in the rain, half light or dark get your butt out there…..it’ll soon be winter!!JULES CUNDIFF

Secondly make sure you are warm and waterproof. I still just use my Profile brolly for nights but it’s been reproofed, the storm poles hold it rock solid and its pegged flush to the deck. I always take waterproofs and plenty of towels to wipe things down……

Thirdly the nights can seem a long time as its approaching 12 hours of darkness. I have a gas lamp on low to read and a torch or two just in case. Planet Rock is on low when packing up and I take a book or magazines to pass time when I am not looking and listening.

Fourthly you must be prepared for all eventualities. I have plenty of pre-tied rigs for the multiple catches. Spare end tackles on Diffusion leaders. Plenty of PVA and the like. I always set the camera up for a self-take whether it looks good for a bite or not. Two landing nets and so on……

Finally the more you catch the more confident you will be. Unless you really are on a roll build up that confidence by fishing for bites. Single hookbaits, PVA bags and stringers. Occasionally the stars will align but until then keep pinching one here, one there.



As I sit here at the side of my syndicate with a northerly breeze gently blowing into the doorway of the Titan brolly the feeling of summer is very much over. I love this time of year as the anticipation of catching those tricky winter carp at their heaviest weight and truly magnificent colours is more than enough incentive I need to venture out on those cold days to come.


Very shortly I will be changing venues to a lake where I have enjoyed some great autumn and winter fishing catching some beautiful scaley fish.

The positives for this venue are that its only 7 acres so the fish are never too far away, the lake is very shallow at one end but drops off dramatically to around 20 feet on the dam wall. These conditions are ideal in the colder months as the deeper water makes the fish far more comfortable to continue feeding as the temperature plummets at this time of year.

With regards to bait and tactics for the moment little will change from my summer tactics. The carp, for the moment, should be feeding quite actively as they will be looking to put on a lot of weight to help them survive the winter.

Try adding some ambers into the mix

Try adding some ambers into the mix

However there are a few small tweaks that I try to apply to make my winter campaign a little easier. The first part of autumn when the fish are still actively feeding I will be using the boilie I have used all year and for me it’s been the Monster Squid in purple and black.

In addition to this though I will keep a constant stream of low oil, low fish meal boilie going in as the fish find them far easier to digest in the winter. This for me has got to be the Amber Strawberry in 15 and 10 mm as it’s been my choice for the last 5 years and has been very productive.

My rig choice will change from a standard bottom bait set up as it gets colder to generally a hinged stiff rig. There are two reasons for this, the first being I don’t fish a tight area of bait in the colder months I just spread boilies around the area as I find fish only pick off odd baits at this time and the hinged stiff rig is a very efficient rig for hooking fish in this situation. Secondly the fish tend to be moving very slowly when feeding so when the fish take in the hookbait the hook length is already tight to the lead so that the fish hasn’t got to move very far to get hooked up.



This winter brings the birth of my first child, so thinking long and hard about the options available, I’ve decided that day sessions will be my best chance of not only guaranteeing I can get out, but they should also offer me the best chance of success.

Winter fishing has many ups and downs, but if I am able to pinpoint the most likely bite times, then I’m sure I’ll be able to reap the rewards. Many angers give up at the first hurdle when winter fishing and sometimes success is only just around the corner.


Years of experience has taught me that in order to succeed in winter keeping warm and focused are the key aspects, and I certainly plan to do both.

Number one for flavouring maggots

Number one for flavouring maggots

The water I have in mind is a small deep lake surrounded by trees, that receives angling pressure all year, so I’m sure the fish will be constantly moving and active all through, and as active fish need to eat this can only be a positive thing.

In previous years my main approach has been regularly pre baiting and keeping a close eye on my quarry, but with the water I’m targeting over an hour away from my home, this year I am planning a slightly different approach!

For the majority of the year my tactics consist of mixed small food items, as I’m always keen to get them grubbing. Through the winter I’ll be sticking to just boilies.

Once again Scopex Squid will be my bait of choice, but as I love to ‘mix and match’ products, I’ll be using a combination of Scopex Squid and Scopex Squid  Red and I’ll be mixing both freezer baits and Shelf Lifes versions together.

I’ll also be adding some glugged baits and some matching Monster carp Pellets too. This mix will maximise my chances this winter and I’ve also set myself a target of catching in the snow – I’ll let you know how it goes!



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Learn loads in this week's Angler's Mail magazine, in shops from Tuesday, October 15.

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