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New Razor Point hooks a hit for ACE team

THE last month has been absolutely manic at the ACE HQ, mainly due to the recent ‘Big One’ and ‘Carpin’ On’ shows.

ACE Camo Core helps Max Cottis in France

The products appeared to go down very well with the anglers who came to visit us, with our new ACE Razor Point hooks receiving a lot of interest!

On the fishing front, the start of the month started off pretty slowly with extremely cold conditions, but it didn’t take long for things to start looking up!

Even though it was partially frozen, Max Cottis still made the most of a recent trip to Abbey Lakes in France when he landed 3 fish topped by a cracking 41lb 12oz fully scaled mirror carp.

His biggest fish fell to critically balanced artificial Tiger Nut tipped with an artificial grain of corn. This was presented on a short length of ACE Camo Core with a new Razor Point in BBP pattern.

Max Cottis had joy in France topping the scales with this 41lb mirror

Realising that the fish weren’t really hard on the feed, Max opted to try a Zig rig and was almost instantly rewarded with a near 30lb common! This fish took a liking to a Dynamite Baits 10mm Coconut Cream pop-up fished 6 foot off the bottom with a size 12 ACE Razor Point ZIG hook.

Gerrard Williams successful in the cold with this common.

Gerrard Williams had an enjoyable session during the cold recently, when he landed a stunning common carp.

Gerrard had taken a good look round his chosen lake, and with very little showing decided to target an area of the lake with slightly deeper water behind a bar. His decision paid off when his Dynamite Baits Crave boilie bottom bait was picked up by the beautiful dark fish.  15lb ACE Re-action in weed green, an ACE Line Aligner Kicker and a Long Shank Razor Point all helped to create his winning blow back rig.

With the weather proving to be very up and down recently, features with our anglers have been very thin on the ground. However, two guys who never seem to fail are Mike Hamer and Jake Lund. Whilst out on a feature last week things looked dire, everything just seemed to be going against us. As usual though, I should have known there was no need to worry, as not long after lunchtime one of Mike’s rods sprang into life.

After a spirited battle, Mike netted a stunning 28lb 4oz mirror. Mike was fishing a rig that he has been playing with for a while now; one that has become known as ‘The Hammer’ amongst us all here at ACE. It certainly seems to be doing the damage on a regular basis that’s for sure! Winter fishing certainly for carp certainly doesn’t get much better than that!

A 28lb mirror was a treat on a cold features session for ACE man Mike Hamer

ACE’s new Razor Point hook range prove a hit

On this day Jake was to fail troubling the score sheet, but it was quite apparent that his mind was elsewhere; he had big plans for the following day…

At 10.00am the next morning, whilst looking over the previous days images, I received a comical voicemail from Jake, who was obviously just a little bit excited!  After getting through to him, it turned out he had just netted one of his target fish for the year at a very respectable 37lb!

This was Jake’s first session using the new ACE Razor Point hooks and Dynamite Baits ‘Crave’ boilies; he certainly got confidence in both going forward! We’ll get the pictures of this beast on next month….

Until next time, be lucky and let’s hope we’re all fishing in T-shirts by the time the next blog gets uploaded!

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Mike Hamer during his recent successful 3 x 20s Action Replay for Angler’s Mail magazine 

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