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BLIMEY, it’s hot! I can’t remember the last time we had a proper summer, but by all accounts it looks like we are going to get one.

Yes it may be hot, sticky and at times uncomfortable, but a cold beer has never tasted so good and we should all get out there and make the most of it. Stalking and floater opportunities should be plentiful and the fishing is probably as exciting as it can get.

We have had plenty of reports in, but I would like to share with you one of my own captures from the past month that was particularly special for me. I had joined a venue at the beginning of May and despite walking round the intimate little lake a number of times I was yet to wet a line. With the arrival of the warm weather I was sure I could get a chance or two off the surface from the pond, so I decided I would spend a few evenings after work trying to bag one.

One major stumbling block with this lake and catching off the surface is the abundance of ducks. In the winter there is a duck shoot and consequently anything that avoids a 12 bore throughout the winter stays on the lake and breeds profusely. On the first evening I found this out to my detriment and just as I got the fish going on some Floating Trout Pellets the army of Donalds charged up the lake and effectively kicked me in the nuts.

The next evening I headed to the lake once again, which is conveniently situated exactly half way between work and home. This time I had a bit of a plan to combat the feathered brigade which involved depositing a bucket of floaters in one corner of the lake and heading off to the other end to where I was sure I would find the carp.

This worked a treat and every single duck on the lake vanished into the corner and gorged their selves on the Pellets that I had also generously soaked in Richworth Salmon Oil. With the birds out of the equation it was just a small matter of getting the carp going.

Whilst tentative at first I soon had three or four decent fish competing, I overcast my Bolt Bubble Controller and teased it in amongst a fresh pouch of floaters. The group of fish circled and then b-lined for the feed.

Soon enough the float was scooting across the surface and I connected with an angry carp. Once tamed and in the net I could see it was a decent fish, and more importantly it was an absolute stunner. A long, old, classic looking mirror and my first from the lake, I was buzzing.

She went 30lb 4oz on the scales, beating my surface PB by 2oz. I rattled off a few self takes slipped her back and headed home at about 7pm one very happy bunny!

I was over the moon with this surface caught PB

Another bit of very exciting news is that Fox Consultant Tom Maker who is widely regarded as one of the country’s finest young anglers has finally decided to offer a tutorial service. He made the announcement on his Facebook page just a few weeks ago saying:

Right people, after countless numbers of messages asking if I do ‘tutorials’ I have finally decided that due to such popular demand I am going to start doing them, I will be basing these around the famous “Linear Fisheries” complex up in Oxford where I spend a lot of my time, so if you’re looking at just improving your accuracy/casting, spodding at range, refining your rig/bait presentation, or mastering the art of zig rig fishing then I will be more than happy to help! If you are interested then please do not hesitate to private message me on here for details/pricing and availability”.

On his very first tutorial which was a 12 hour day session on Brasenose 1 at Linear Fisheries his client Gavin Beasley managed to bank 5 fish including a new PB of 32lb 10oz, what a fish and what a start! If you are interested in a tutorial, contact Tom on Facebook.

Gavin Beasley with his new PB, caught whilst on a tutorial with Tom Maker

Over the last month we have been busy launching yet more new products whilst badgering away behind the scenes finalising yet more items for later in the year.

One new product that you may have noticed if you are our friend on Facebook or follow us on Twitter is the new FX Low Rider which is a completely new barrow concept. If you are a regular barrow user then you will no doubt understand the importance of weight distribution and specifically loading the barrow ‘weight forward’.

The FX low Rider is designed in such a way that it maximises the weight placed around the wheel, making pushing the barrow far less effort. Two 16ltr Fox Square Buckets fit either side of the wheel so that the weight of your heavy items such as bait, water bottle etc is distributed around the wheel  and giving you a perfectly flat platform for your Barrow Bag or carryall. Why not check out the video to see just why we believe this barrow will make your life far easier!





If you are out over the next few weeks, make sure you drink lots of water, wear plenty of sun cream and don’t leave home without your floaters! Best of luck!


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