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Don't miss the regular Nash blog, from their team of carp tackle and baits staff and consultants.

Don’t miss the regular Nash blog, from their team of carp tackle and baits staff and consultants.


Looking ahead to September for great carp tips

MANY anglers seem to be thinking about autumn fishing and the cooler months ahead and any small changes if any that need to be made to tactics and bait choice.

Blog writer, Keith Jones

Blog writer, Keith Jones

For now, the only thing that will change significantly in my fishing will be baiting levels, carp really go on the feed at this time of year and during previous autumns I’ve had some great results fishing over significant amounts of bait.

I’m also going to be experimenting fishing with some really big baits, 30mm or perhaps even bigger. Carp have large mouths and its amazing just how much food they can take in if they really want it. There’s plenty of room in that mouth, next time you’ve got a carp on the bank, have a look inside, you might be surprised.

I think big super tasty baits will give me a real edge this autumn and I can’t wait to start applying them to my target waters.

With the first subtle signs of autumn arriving recently I’ve also been visiting a couple of new venues that contain some very big carp. I’ve been walking the banks and thinking myself into an autumn early winter campaign and I can’t wait to get started!



Can it really be Autumn already? Well its dark by 9pm and getting up on overnighters has been in the dark so yes I guess September is here …

As a short session angler I have to keep on top of my game and every minute counts when it comes to being organised and with winter just around the corner I can’t forget that it too needs some thought. The first part of my strategy has been to use larger items of feed when I am fishing now that I have got them hooked on my feed bait. Smaller items do cause pre-occupation but getting bites is a lot harder.

My usual tactic has to be fish White Chocolate pop ups on a Size 7 Fang X Multi-Rig over a bed of hemp, chopped tigers, liquidised sweet corn and Monster Squid crumb. However as the summer has gone on the crumb has been replaced by chopped Monster Squid 10mm boilies and now halved 15mm boilies. The hemp and chopped tigers have been caught back up, I use more liquidised sweet corn and lots more halved boilies. It keeps the carp in situ longer and the longer they are in the swim the more catchable they are!! So that’s my first change.


Quality bait has worked well through the summer and will continue to do so in autumn

Quality bait has worked well through the summer and will continue to do so in autumn

I have started to use more food baits as hook baits rather than bright hi-attract ones and generally it will be two Monster Squid pop ups and one hi-attract one. The carp are well and truly on the lookout for my food baits so might as well have them attached to a hook!!

With weed starting to die back I am very careful as to where I place my end tackle. Sure you may get the odd one in the smelly black stuff but I catch a lot more over the cleaner/greener weed. A few casts with a light lead and the right spots can be soon found…

The final change is that where possible I try to fish at least one afternoon or morning a week in case the carps feeding habits change. In the height of summer the hours of darkness are great but I have found that in the autumn 4-6pm and 7-10am is better. Not much good if you are away from the water by 7am and not there till 6pm….Not much good complaining…only ’doing’ will solve it…We all suffer constrictions to our carp fishing and its how we deal with it that makes us as anglers…..

Finally don’t forget that winter is just around the corner and if you want to be successful then don’t ignore the obvious. A little bit of work in advance will sort that. I know that come December where I will be (Chestnut-Lakeside-Drayton), how I will approach it (24 hour sessions) and what my starting points are (Amber Strawberry Pop Ups over crumb)… do you?



Clear your schedule, book all your leave – the Autumn is on its way!

Be prepared to fish from the lakebed to the surface as we head into autumn

Be prepared to fish from the lakebed to the surface as we head into autumn

This time of year you’ll be noticing that the mornings are that little bit cooler again, the sun is falling a little earlier and that the carp are spending a little bit more time each day on the lake bed making them that little bit more catchable.

For me, Autumn is THE best time of the year and I would typically be planning ahead, selecting a venue with a reasonable head of big carp and raiding the piggy bank to invest as much cash as I can afford into Monster Squid freezer boilies (like the 10k deal in the shops).

Now is the time of year to begin applying your bait to a couple of spots on the lake so that you can hopefully catch Mr Carp stocking up for the cold weather ahead. Regular, little and often top ups can encourage carp to make areas part of their daily routine and if there’s nothing showing elsewhere in the lake, can provide a very useful starting point for any trip. I’d also save my holiday for this time of year and book the odd Friday or Monday to increase the duration of weekend trips.

In addition to regular bait ups, if you could afford it, I’d be looking to start a session with a couple of kilos of 15mm baits scattered over a wide area with 3 rods spread across it.

Using the new Cybershot Throwing Stick I’m able to get a couple of kilo’s in a nice wide area with ease, and I’ll then top up every few hours with a couple of dozen baits to keep fresh food signals coming through the swim. Over this I’ll fish three different presentations with three different coloured hookbaits.

If I’ve got my location right, using this method I’d hopefully nobble a fish or two whilst they’re at their best weights and wearing their finest colours!

Paul Martin loves the Autumn

Paul Martin loves the Autumn


Contact me @Norfolk_bob on Twitter and let me know how you get on!



Having two young lads and it being school holidays I had resided myself to the fact that I probably wouldn’t be able to do a lot of fishing this month. However, that’s not been the case at all!

My eldest son Riley loves a bit of fishing but in the past it’s been a float rod to catch a few roach as I’ve never thought he could be patient enough for carp fishing.

I decided to take him to a day ticket complex and fish the specimen lake, just for the day, to see what he thought. Typically, the place was rammed! With 30 swims around 3 acres of water and about 15 lads on there at the time.

After speaking to a few it was clear that everyone was doing the same thing – fishing 15 boilies around a hookbait – and everyone was getting the same poor results. This particular day was bright and going to be reaching 30 degrees so for me I chose a swim as far away from everyone as I could as I thought the fish would push away from pressure and my tactics were to fish Zig Bugs in the upper layers.

I chose a spot directly in front of me in 6 feet of water where I placed 2 zigs at exactly the same range but 6 feet apart – one was set at 4 feet and the other 5 feet. The key for me is really getting the fish going by constantly applying Riser pellet; which after these last 2 years I would never leave home without, at any time of the year. After just 15 minutes we got our first take on the 4 foot zig. After repositioning the rod back onto the same spot as before I couldn’t even reach for the catapult to put more Risers in before the same rod was off again!

The fish in this lake are not particularly big, they average around the 10lbs mark, but great fun and there is a chance of a lump.

Ian and Roley a winning combo

Ian and Roley a winning combo

After 3 hours and 12 fish the zig that was set lower in the water went quiet and most of the action was on the zig just a foot under the surface but shortly after we saw the occasional pair of lips slurping the Risers off the surface. At first they where cautious as they have been hammered off the surface in the past.

Within another hour of steadily feeding the pellets into the swim and a few more fish had been taken on the 5 foot zig the fish threw caution to the wind and just couldn’t resist chomping away on the surface at this pellet.

This was an ideal opportunity for Riley to try his hand at a different method so we wound both zig rods in and flicked out a Nash Bolt Machine with a Pure Crustacean flavoured critical hook bait and 5 seconds after drawing it into the taking zone the float was flying across the surface attached to yet another angry carp.

The rest of the day went on pretty much like that. Riley ended up with 36 carp to his name. There was nothing fancy about anything we did that day. We used very simple rigs and applied a good quality bait in the right area of the water column. Which just goes to show that just doing things a little different from everyone else will give you that little edge.



PVA bags are always good for a quick bite

PVA bags are always good for a quick bite

This year has given us the warmest summer that I can remember for a few years and it’s certainly had an affect on the carp up and down the country.

Especially up north, it’s been the worst year for a long time with regards to fish fatalities; in fact the fish that I was hoping to target over the coming autumn was unfortunately found dead a few weeks back, leaving many anglers mourning the loss of such an incredible creature.

On a brighter note, I’ve been out and about catching plenty of fish and making the most of the warm weather, it really is nice to be able to relax on the bank without having to sit quivering in the bivvy sheltering from torrential rain or gale force winds which is usually the norm during British summer time.

One thing that I have noticed of late on my target venue is when I’ve fished over a large bed of bait; the carp haven’t been too interested in feeding over it. It’s been clear to me that fish were in the area, however, the bobbins remained static.

It wasn’t until I flicked out a small solid bag with a trimmed down monster squid pop up dunked in the boilie dip that I’d receive any action. When cast over the somewhat lifeless baited area I quickly received pick ups. This told me that the fish were reluctant to feed although they couldn’t resist the attraction given off by the small pva parcel so it was a method I took advantage of and banked several fish whilst most others blanked.

With autumn fast approaching, I intend to revert back to my “bait and wait” type tactics which have served me ever so well over previous autumn campaigns especially with the big girls. I’ve been looking for a new target water and the perfect venue has just cropped up, but I’ll tell you more about that next time.


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