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Don’t miss the regular Nash blog here on the new Angler’s Mail website. It’s by their team of carp tackle and baits staff and consultants, and is a terrific read.




NICK MADDIX (Nash marketing assistant)

NASH HQ has never been busier with loads going on in all the different areas of the business.

New developments are constantly on-going and as I write our development manager and operations director, Alan Blair, is in China making final adjustments to some blockbuster products due to hit the shelves late 2012/early 2013. I can’t say too much though. New product means new adverts, packaging and marketing material plus loads more that goes into each product so we’re all being kept well and truly busy.

For me personally, I’ve finally got the carp rods back out and made a visit to the local syndicate. On my first night back at the venue I managed to bag a target fish and a special one at that. Kevin Nash himself, alongside many other of the UK’s greats, have held this fish before me and it’s believed to be over 45 years old! For such an old fish it’s in amazing condition and still looks healthy as ever. She tipped the scales to 28.8 and was a very welcome capture to kick-start the campaign.

Catch you next time!


JERRY HAMMOND  (Nash consultant)

Last summer on my target water the whole lake went completely quiet with not a lot getting caught. It seemed the fish were not that interested in anything they were being offered, I watched the fish as they cruised around the weed beds in my swim and wondered what it would take to entice some action.

Nash’s new zig bugs

As it was now getting towards the later part of summer, everyone had long given up on zigs, many anglers seem to use this method early spring for a while then give it up.  From what I was seeing from the activity from the carp it seemed the only way I might perhaps get some action.

At the time I was testing and developing the Nash Zig Bugs, I’d had some great results with them but had run out of samples so I opted for the usual foam hook bait, mine were tiny pieces of black foam with a small size ten Nash hook.

I positioned two foam hook baits in channels between the weed beds that I had seen the carp using as their route around the swim, the fish were high up in the water so I fished them both around a foot under the surface.

My little black bits of foam looked like tiny insects which was spot on as the fish were well on the naturals and I didn’t have to wait long for a bite.

I now knew I had a method to catch more, the fish carried on patrolling my swim and more fish fell for my traps, I ended up with a six fish catch that session up to 29lb while the rest of the lake still remained quiet.

From that session I gained the confidence to always be more flexible with my approach and this season I’m still catching carp all summer on zigs. It’s a winning method and one rod is normally dedicated to it day and night. Give it a go and I’m sure you will do well.


KEITH WILLIAMS (Nash consultant)


Nash consultant, Keith Williams

I am now starting to plan my autumn and winter fishing, thinking which venues I am going to attack. I also start to think about the bait I propose to use and within in a couple of weeks I will begin to prebait the two venues that I have lined up.

The venues I am going to fish are both gravel pits.  One is around 4 acres and the other 20 acres. Both have similar features and there is a strong possibility that one of them will bag me a forty in the next few months. I will be doing two nights a week and also visiting the waters in between to see what is happening. I will be closely looking at the weather and then planning my sessions to coincide with the favourable conditions.

Hopefully we will have a warm autumn and mild winter. I love this time of year as lakes go quieter during the week and the carp start to put on weight and are to be found looking at their best.

I will be having two trips to France including a visit to Millstone Pool, my all-time favourite venue, which is a fantastic water that produces the big girls late September. I will be constantly in contact with Simon to know what is being caught and the pegs that are producing so I can maximise the catches while I am there.

I will then be off to Bob Davis’ Lake.  When I recently spoke to him he told me that it has fished well this year. It can be a tricky water and being only three acres there is a strong chance of angler-pressure on there for the whole season.  But I look forward to the challenge.

Whilst all this is going on hopefully I will have collected my level 2 Coaching Badge.


JULIAN CUNDIFF   (Nash consultant)

At this time of year water clarity is of major importance when it comes to where I set up on a short session and the tactics I will employ. Worst of all is clear ‘tap’ water and there I have to look to floaters or zigs tactics.Very coloured water, usually light brown in colour compared to the rest of the lake indicates carp feeding on the bottom so I try to get a bait in amongst them.

However much of the time when there is colour in the water it indicates carp are moving about but probably not feeding strongly. Rather than follow the crowd and fire out boilies I crush them to crumb and mix with hemp, pellets and broken ball pellets and liquidised sweetcorn. This is ‘Spombed’ or spodded out and I fish a single yellow Hi-Viz pop up over it.

All the mush will scream ‘eat me’ to the carp and as they travel over it the bits will rise and fall temptingly… Really good for getting the carp to pick up a hookbait when standard tactics fail.

If you try it, use you imagination regarding the contents of your  ‘mush’ and I’m sure you’ll catch well – good luck.


RICH WILBY (Nash Consultant)


Nash consultant, Rich Wilby

The last two weeks have been very up and down on my fishery. One minute it’s on fire, the next it goes very quiet. I have seen carp ripping the bottom up in the middle of a hot day and then switch off in the evening when it looks prime for a bite. The other interesting thing is that I have seen at least five anglers cast out (or use their bait boat) and get a run within 10 minutes.

That instant action has convinced me that carp are very good at cleaning people out of bait quickly. Too many anglers leave their rig in position when all their free-offerings have gone and their rig is probably not presented as it should be. I know from my own experience that it can pay to recast regularly on well stocked venues, but on other waters it is best to sit on your hands.

Big beds of quality pellets are also shining on my fishery. I think in the warm water, pellets have a great rate of attraction. All the oils and proteins in the pellets leak off very quickly in warmer water and I’m sure this pulls the carp down very quickly. Plus in warm conditions carp find fatty rich pellets easy to break down and digest so they will keep on eating them.

I’m now heading out for the afternoon with my floater rod and Nash Riser Pellets. The weather conditions are perfect for some surface sport. I will let you all know how I get on.


TOM FORMAN (Nash online media manager)

As many of you are probably now aware we have recently launched a brand spanking new website which I have been working hard to develop over the last 6 months or so.

I say “I”, but actually it’s been our brilliant design team who have done all the hard work and created this incredible site, however it’s been my responsibility to fill it with fresh content for you guys to view. I am extremely proud of the final product and the feedback so far has made all the long days and hard work sat in front of a computer (when I should be out fishing) completely worth it. And  it’s now paying off big time!

I now believe we have the most modern and interactive website out there which is constantly being updated with new features, video and competitions. If you have not had a look yet please do, you will not be disappointed .

This video shows you more about the site…





Because of the long working days, my fishing has taken a back seat, for the time being anyway. However it’s fast approaching that time of the year when the fishing generally begins to pick up again, the fish regain their top weights after a summer spent spawning and sunning themselves and I get my fishing head back on for the remainder of the year. So for the first time in a while I’m well and truly “buzzing “ about what the next few months could bring. Hopefully by the time we speak next I will have a few more stories to share along with a few catch shots to match. Fingers crossed.



It’s been a hectic few weeks at Nash HQ! Along with all the usual day to day office business I have more recently been fortunate enough to have some involvement in the production of Kevin’s soon-to-be released book; ‘Memoirs of a Carp Fisher – The Demon Eye’.

The book is an autobiography documenting Kevin’s carp angling career and the journey he has taken, including how he came to build the market-leading force in carp fishing tackle innovation. Of course there is a healthy dose of Essex humour thrown in for good measure, plus a murder and a love affair or two. It has certainly made for interesting reading and I have lost count of the number of times the words on the screen in front of me have had me crying with laughter. “Well in” Kev… awesome stuff!

Ready and waiting

So what of my fishing? Well I did manage to get out last week on the lovely Bayeswater Syndicate, for the first time since I got my ticket at the start of the season. A team from Nash were actually on the Chelmsford venue’s Day Ticket Lake with a group of students from the Nashional Academy. The lads did really well, bagging 8 carp up to low 20’s during the course of the 36-hour session and it was, as ever, a great day out on the bank with a couple of PB’s in the net!

I had fished (read that as thrown the rods out in the dark!) the night on the syndicate without success and was on the day ticket lake with the students.  It was about 3pm when Alan Blair mentioned to me that he had just seen a group of 10 or so carp up on the Syndicate, and one of them was a biggun.

I didn’t need telling twice – off I shot with a little 7ft rod and pint of maggots.  I found the carp milling about in a weedy bay and a few short casts later I watched a good-sized mirror inhale my bait before I struck and the water exploded as the fish tore off through the weed.  After a short fight, which involved me getting rather wet, I netted a chunky 32lb mirror – definitely one of the more exciting captures of my season so far!

Before I sign off, I would like to mention a product that I am certain has made a massive difference to my carping this year – the much talked about Zig Bugs.  The whole idea of suspending a bait mid-water is one which I have played around with quite a lot over the years, but over the last 12 months I have done far more zigging than ever before, and I have caught a few carp along the way.

In short my favourite for clear, weedy venues is the Louse and on the more stocked venues with a colour to the water I favour any one of the three Attractor Beetles, which offer a more visual target for the carp to devour.  If you are struggling for bites on conventional baits then be sure to give them a try – my guess is that it’s probably time for a Zig Bug or two!

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