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THE last month has been manic at the ACE HQ, with many of our anglers trying to get a few sessions in before the really cold weather arrives, and the rest of us preparing for Tackle & Guns trade show.

As I type, the first of frost of the year is visible outside, clearly showing that winter will soon be upon us. Luckily, there is still plenty of time before the water temperatures cool, so big hits are still on the cards!

Gerrard’s 30

ACE employee Gerrard Williams had a result on a session to a large Cambridgeshire syndicate water, when he slipped the net under a cracking 30lb mirror. The fish fell to the ever-popular Sit Up and Beg rig incorporating the ACE Kickers, Tungsten Beads and soon to be released stiff rig hooks.

Hookbait of choice was one of the new Dynamite Baits Terry Hearn 10mm Fluro ‘The Crave’ Pop-Ups, fished over a big bed of standard 15mm bottom baits. Gerrard also managed to add another mid-double during his 24-hour session.

Simon’s 31 lb 8 oz

The ever consistent Hofgartner brothers were also back amongst the fish, with Simon taking the top spot this month when he landed a fish he had wanted for a number of years now. The fish known as the ‘woodcarving’, weighed in at 26lb 8oz, but as you’ll see from the photo’s it is a truly stunning fish. Simon actually added an even larger fish during the session weighing in at 31lb 8oz.

All of his fish fell to ACE Riga-Mortis constructed choddies fished over a bed of Dynamite Baits 15mm white chocolate boilies with a matching 15mm pop-up as hookbait.

Dan’s 35 lb 8 oz

Dan Cleary had another result when he once again returned to Belgium to fish the countries large canals. This time during a short stay he managed to land a cracking mirror weighing in at 35lb 8oz, as well as a lovely 24lb example. Both fish fell to Dan’s rods after he had moved swim four times!

The 35 fell to double 20mm Savoury Spice Boilie fished on a rig comprising of ACE Re-Action subtle braid and our Hard-On Leadcore.

Matt’s 27 lb 8 oz

Once again the Sit Up and Beg rig has been working well for me, with River fish of 22lb 10oz and a surprise 16lb 8oz river koi falling to its effectiveness. Both fish picked up the new 10mm Fluro ‘The Crave’ hookbaits.

I even managed to put the rods out overnight whilst out on a feature and was woken to a right lump of a mirror carp weighing in at 27lb 8oz – it certainly didn’t look like the river fish! This fish also fell to the same tactics.

Well until next month everyone, be lucky, and dig out those thermals!


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