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AS it is such a monumental achievement it would be wrong to kick off this blog with anything but this story. Unless you have just woken up from a week long coma then I am sure you will have heard that Fox sponsored angler Lizette Beunders landed the biggest carp ever for a female angler, a fish named ‘Shoulders’ from Heron Lake, on the Abbey Lakes complex, in France.

I was lucky enough to be there to see the incredible beast on the bank and film it all for a DVD project that I am working on. Let me just say what a fantastic moment it was; it was a year to the day on which Lizette had married partner Bianca and they had travelled over from Holland to fish Abbey Lakes over their anniversary.

Throughout the week they both landed a number of carp up to over 50lb, but it was on the last night, their anniversary, that shoulders decided to tip up on the bait and become the new Ladies World Record Carp! They were using Coretex hooklinks in 25lb and Kuro S4XS hooks throughout the session and it was this that did the damage when it came to nailing the big’un.  Huge congratulations once again to Lizette, I wonder if she has come down off cloud 9 yet… I highly doubt it.

Lizette and the Fox team with Shoulders


Machine Maker Smashes Abbey Lakes

Our purpose for being out at Abbey lakes was to celebrate Rob Hughes’s birthday, fish in ‘The Abbey Challenge’ and hopefully get some decent fish catching footage for a DVD project.

The Abbey Challenge is a competition organised by Rob Hughes and involves a bunch of English anglers heading over there and trying to catch the biggest individual fish, with the winner collecting a big old trophy at the end of it!

Well the fishing was very hard indeed with a number of the lakes deciding to shut up shop shortly after our arrival. Luckily Rob had nicked one early on, as did project development director Shaun Mcspadden, even I chipped in with a 36-pounder late on. However, there was one of the team who was making the most of it on Atilla Lake.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to any of you to hear that it was Tom ‘the machine’ Maker who was absolutely bagging up. Having me follow him all over the place with the camera, It seemed that he was constantly playing fish with double and triple takes being common. He ended up on a staggering 38 fish. The impressive thing was the size of the fish Tom was catching! On one of his triple takes he landed a 20, 30 and a 40!

Even more impressive is the fact that he only used four rigs during the session, having to put just the one new rig on as he suffered a cut off out in the lake, the Arma Point SSBPs just don’t go blunt! Needless to say Tom ended up wiping the floor with us, not only did he catch the biggest carp winning the Abbey Challenge, he also caught the six biggest fish of the four-day trip!

Tom ‘the machine’ Maker with a whopper!


FX Combo Chair Now in Stock

Use 3

That’s right Fox Stockists up and down the country have received the FX Combo Chair into their stores. This fantastically versatile chair has already proved to be a big hit; we believe this is due to its 3 main uses:

USE 1: It can be used like a standard low chair – perfect for sitting by the rods and for offering to guests in your swim…It features the same fleece covered high density foam as the Flatliner bedchair, extra padding for the head and neck, and the unique ‘Twist-Lok’ legs…

USE 2: The FX Combo can also be used in a bedchair buddy style simply by extending the reinforced rear leg across the bedchair and extending the front legs. Due to the design you will not be putting any pressure onto your bedchair mattress so you can sit sideaways across it without stretching the elastics…

USE 3: A unique feature of the FX Combo is that the rear leg can be hooked onto the front side of your bedchair enabling you to sit in your doorway and watch the water whilst staying protected from the elements…


Rage DVD

For those of you how enjoy all aspects of angling, not just carp fishing, this should be right up your street. Released a month or so ago on DVD, the Fox Rage Guide to Modern Lure Fishing is now available to view on Youtube.

This action-packed film can’t fail to help you put more predators on the bank. It is presented by Fox’s very own big fish angler and predator ace Julian Chidgey and featuring World Lure Angling Champion and the brain behind the Rage brand, Dietmar Isaiasch.

The pair cover the basics of modern lure fishing, whilst on the banks of the Tiverton canal in Devon. A wide variety of methods are explained be it fishing soft rubber baits or hard diving lures the guys have all angles covered and weather you are a beginner or a seasoned lure angler you will no doubt pick up some new tricks to help you bag more predators!









Tiverton canal: a victim of the recent floods


Whilst on the subject of the DVD I feel it important to mention the recent floods that have devastated much of the UK. One of the waters that succumbed to the incredible force of water that has swept across Britain was the Tiverton canal on which we filmed.

The bank could not handle the sheer amount of water coming down and subsided, the water gushed out flooding the neighbouring fields leaving very little water left in the canal and nowhere for the fish to go. It was a sad fate for what was a fantastic venue, that was full of fish and we hope that it will, one day return to its former glory.

Well it is about time I began packing up our showroom and getting everything ready for the Carp Society Show at Sandown. By the time you read this however, it will all be over and I am sure we will be saying it was a huge success.

My thinking behind this is quite simple really it will be the first time that the public will have been able to see the brand new Black Label Bobbins, the Superbrolly Overwrap and System which are going to blow their minds! Right then, to the showroom… I’ll have a cup of tea first I think.



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