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WELL, it’s a Merry Christmas to you all from all here at Korda and may 2013 bring you PB’s and loads of bites.

Leading up to Christmas has been manic; with the highlight being Darrell Peck really getting stuck into the bigguns that reside in the Southern pit!

The 40 pounder taken at distance put a smile on the Korda mans face

The pit is a large sheet of water and off the back of catching a 20, 30, 40 and huge 50lb plus mirror he quoted:

“It’s all range fishing; and by that I mean fishing in excess of 180yrd. Consequently, your tackle has to be right. I’m using 13ft 3.75lb TC Daiwa Infinities with Basia QDX reels.

Initially, I was using a Korda prototype tapered mono, which is brilliant stuff. It has a built in leader at either end with no knots. The thick end is 0.5mm and I can’t break it no matter how hard I hit it.

The hinged stiff rig is tangle free and carp find it very hard to deal with

“It tapers down to 0.33mm, which casts well. Recently I’ve been using 25lb Whiplash braid with a 50lb Armakord leader for added security because there is still a bit of weed, but I think I’ll change back to the mono, come winter.

“Lead-wise I’m using Korda 4oz Distance Swivel Leads on Hybrid clips with a short length of Dark Matter tubing.”

One of the most important things about fishing at range is the rig that you incorporate. Ultimately, you won’t be using PVA, so you must employ rigs that won’t tangle. Darrell explained:

“I use hinged stiff rigs incorporating Choddy hooks, N-Trap booms and Mouthtrap hook links, which rarely, if ever, tangle – they’re also very efficient hookers!

The clever part, though, is the hook bait size. I’m using 10mm Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups boosted in Banana and Pear flavour. These 10mm pop-ups, although buoyant, aren’t quite enough to hold the hook up all night. A 15mm would, but it decreases the distance. As a result, I core out the 10mm and insert some foam which keeps it up nicely and casts like a dream!”

The second Thinking Tackle Digital is out any day now

Our next Thinking Tackle Digital magazine is due out any day now and there are some wonderful, colourful articles full of hints and tips. James Armstrong gives you an insight into the rig that has helped him bag all his target fish this year in an article named ‘Below the Surface’.

Elliott Gray reveals some wonder pop-ups that you can make on the bank.

With the release of the eye-opening Underwater series, there’s also an intriguing interview with Ali Hamidi talking about his experiences, so this is unmissable.

On reflection, 2012 has been a memorable one. Thinking Tackle shows have continued to take the TV by storm and there’s plenty in the pipeline to make them even better in 2013.

The World Carp Championships have taken place and we have an England team that are sure to become champions in the near future. Their relationships with each other, skills and ability is outstanding and under the leadership of Ian Huntingon and Pete Holehouse we cannot wait to see them in Portugal.

Darrell Peck has caught a staggering amount of big carp this year so well done mate!

Other than that, we’re still continuing to release some of the best products on the market. This year has seen the Kutter, The No Chod System, Chod Kaptors…plus much more and 2013 is set to see even more innovative products hit the shelves.

Enjoy Christmas, and catch up with us here again soon.


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