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LIKE many Februarys of old, this one has been quite slow on the angling front. However, Darrell Peck’s quite simply astounding session, that included carp of 50, 40, 30, and 20 pounds, will go down in history as one of those late winter trips that just blows you away.

During this trip he bagged the lake’s biggest resident at a staggering 57 lb 4 oz.  The big one and all the others were caught using the hinge stiff rig, albeit a few minor tweaks witch Darrell thought were necessary – personalising the rig slightly.

Darrell explains a bit of the story. “As I lifted into the rod, it arced over and the line began tighten. There was no mistaking this; I knew it was a carp and a big one at that.  I battled with the creature for over 20 munities, it continually stripped me of line, leaving me breathless every time I could catch a glimpse of the dark shadow.”

Darell with a huge single scale

As I mentioned last month, the carp shows have been in full flow, with the Coventry show having just ended a fun filled success. The Farnborough Big One show has just taken place.  These shows will continue on into March (carp show listing here), the details of what we are doing there will be announced on the Korda Facebook, Twitter and website pages.

Most of the big hitters will be manning the Korda castle throughout the shows, so come down and pick their brains, whether it is about our products or about your own fishing.

Six new flavours of Korda goo

Last year saw the initial release of six exciting flavours of Goo. With the Goo being a success I am happy to announce that another six additional flavours will soon be released.

The six new flavours consist of three Power Smokes, Almond, Caramel Cloud and Halibut Haze. Along with three Bait Smokes, Strawberry Kick, Almond Supreme and Mystic Spice.

The use of the additional flavours with the existing range can produce some devastating fish catching concoctions.

Ali Hamidi is looked upon as a trendsetter amongst his fellow colleagues at Korda HQ, seemingly adapting and evolving flavour combinations on an almost hourly basis. He has something of a “biochemist” in him; we’re sure!

It is undoubtedly one of the hero’s of Underwater 8 (due for release in July) where flavour combination feature heavily catching a large number of carp.  We’ve planned a Goo product launch day for early March for industry publication and forms where we’re looking forward to impressing attendees with the true catching potential of the full Goo range.

News from across the channel, the books for 2014 at Gigantica are now open and ready for business. It’s certainly going to be a spectacular couple of years at Gigantica with the current stocking programme on the Road Lake in full affect.

The ever-increasing carp population of the Road Lake will ensure that anglers are meet by constant European fish action. We have high expectations for the main lake in 2013.  The fish are packing on yet more weight with several large fish now breaking through into true giants.

On site bailiffs Danny and Steve have been hard at work over the winter months constructing swims, erecting eating quarters and improving what is already a major player in European carp angling.

Details for bookings and enquires can be found on the Gigantica website www.gigantica-carp.com.

The Korda team have high expectations for Gigantica in 2013

Looking forward to March it’s more of the same, with busy weekends for Team Korda with shows the exciting launch of Carp, Tackle, Tactics and Tips Vol 6.  It’s yet another sure to please DVD with carp to 60lb+, European and UK captures and the full run down of new products from Korda, Trakker, Delkim, Mainline and Carp-Porter.

I hope you’re all looking forward to spring as much as we are. It’s an amazing time of year, not only for the fishing but for nature too.



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