OUR weekly Carp Blog on the brilliant new-look Angler’s Mail website comes from  Korda Developments – one of the most popular carp fishing companies in the world, that strives to give something back to the sport.  James Armstrong provides this short update.

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KORDA at the pictures? Never before has a fishing company screened their very own premiere…but once again it’s a Korda first.

Anglers were oozing with excitement at the Underwater 7 screening

The magnificent Big Plated snaffled the hook bait right in front of the camera

The Empire cinema was rammed with some lucky carp anglers who had won a golden ticket and members from all around the trade. They were all brimming with excitement to see the first showing of the spectacular Underwater 7 DVD. With all members of Team Korda there to present this masterpiece, it went down an absolute storm!

There were “awws and arrrsss” as keen carpers all drooled over the capture of the Big Plated…live on camera! Yes, probably the most sought after carp in St John’s snaffling the rig right in front of the lens. This unbelievable DVD is un-missable so make sure you pop it on your Christmas list!


The team has also been out on the bank catching whackers. Darrell Peck has been utilising his long-range skills to the max, catching no less than three forties from the tricky Rockford Lake. Mr Peck has been punching Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups to extreme distances, presenting them on Hinged-Stiff rigs. To allow him maximum range, he incorporates Whiplash braided main line, to 4.5oz tournament leads.

The DF Rigs are available in several different sizes and both barbed and barbless

James Armstrong has also been putting a few carp on the bank and landed a very old common from a private Cambridgeshire Lake. It weighed 33lb and snaffled a Baitworks Crabington hook bait presented on a long, running chod rig. Winter is a tricky time, but the banks tend to be less busy so fishing can be very enjoyable. If you put in the effort you can definitely reap the rewards.

On the product front, the DF Readymade Rigs are out – Danny Fairbrass has been incorporating this blowback variation for years and rates it as one of his most successful presentations. Now you can use the exact replica straight off the shelf. Consequently, if you’re an angler on limited time and don’t have the time to be tying up loads of rigs, these must be added to your bag!



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