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THE last month or so has been a little bit hit and miss on the fishing front for the majority of our anglers. This has mostly been down to the fact that a lot of waters have been totally frozen over and covered in snow!

Mike Hammer with his rig set up

Some of the guys have managed to get out however, and we’ve received some interesting reports.

The day before the big freeze up saw Mike Hamer get amongst the action on southern day ticket water. With the clarity of the venue like tap water, Mike played around the night before with a few rigs and decided to try an interesting combi-rig created from both ACE Riga-mortis and Camo Core.

Mike created an aggressive bend on the Riga-mortis section near the hook and chose to fish a pop-up. Underwater the rig appeared completely invisible, perfect for the extremely clear water.

Mikes first cast with the rig barely had time to settle, as an angry mid-20 mirror took off at high speed towards a large weedbed. Over the moon with the result, he recast the rod and sat back hopeful of another take. Over the next couple of hours, he managed to add two commons of 22lb and 25lb 8oz – full well proving the effectiveness of the rig.

By the afternoon the weather took a turn for the worst and the fish switched off as a result. A trio of 20’s during a hectic morning feeding spell can’t be sniffed at though!


Mike with one of his trio of catches

Another angler who has been getting amongst a few fish is Jake Lund. He spoke to us before Christmas about catching carp off the surface in winter. This sounded like it could be a little hit and miss, but as usual Jake didn’t fail to disappoint on a session out with him.

The day in question started with a hard frost and didn’t really lend itself to floater fishing. After a long walk along his chosen water – a cracking section of the Basingstoke Canal – he stopped and threw in a few Dynamite Baits 11mm floating expander pellets. To my absolute amazement, within five minutes a carp was up slurping down the pellets!

Jake Lund proves thinking outside the box works!

Some 30 minutes later there were carp everywhere you looked, they were really on the pellets in a big way, and this was in no more than 5 degrees air temps! Even though the fish weren’t huge, Jake managed five cracking fish into double figures. A fantastic result for a tactic that many people wouldn’t even consider at this time of year.

Gerrard Williams had a fantastic result whilst on a 6-day session over at Abbey Lakes, France. After a bad start with a lost fish, Gerrard’s swim really picked up and he managed to land 16 cracking carp to a best of 49lb 12oz. All of Gerrard’s fish fell to Dynamite ‘The Crave’ Boilies fished alongside a PVA bag of Swim Stim Red Krill Pellets. Gerrard put his faith in the new ACE Razor Point hooks in longshank pattern.

Gerrard Williams had a blinder 6-day session at Abbey lakes


Gerrard netted a heap of huge carp over a 6-day session

Now the weather looks like it is warming a little, we’ll hopefully start to see a few more catches come in – best of luck!


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