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HAS spring begun yet? I really don’t think so, it is absolutely unbelievable the hand that the weather has dealt us anglers over the past month.

I recall one day where we were teased and tricked into a false sense of security when temperatures climbed well into the teens. That was very short lived as minus temperatures, bitter winds and snow have been the mainstay for the past month.

Throughout the past four weeks we have seen first-hand how gruelling the fishing has been and if you have not even bothered to get out on the bank we really don’t blame you. However, for those who have been venturing out, the odd truly incredible results have been enjoyed.

Two men have been hitting the headlines more than most over the past month and they are Tom Maker and Mark Bartlett. The Fox backed pair shared a hit of fish which will no doubt go down in history as one of the truly great hauls of carp in the UK.

Between them in three days on Oxlease at Linear Fisheries they landed no less than 90 carp, with Tom amassing a staggering 59 and Mark banking 31. With the lads catching that amount of carp you could be forgiven for thinking that the fish were really ‘having it’ but not a drop of bait was used throughout the session.

The majority of the catch fell to Zig Aligna hookbaits fished 3ft off the bottom. The remainder were caught using single Clockwork Orange pop-ups.

Tom was asked on his Facebook page “What other freebies did u use as well or did u just catch them on single zigs? Share your secrets lol.”

He replied “78 fish where caught on just single 3 foot zigs dipped in Betalin and 12 caught on Clockwork Orange pop ups also soaked in Betalin! We didn’t use a drop of bait and that’s being totally honest, I personally think if we would have spodded when we first got their we wouldn’t of even had 10 between us.”

Tom and Mark really did get the tactics spot on and reaped the rewards in incredible style!

Tom, Mark and Andy Maker with a trio of 20lbers caught in the snow at the end of the incredible 90fish haul

Mark continued his run of form with a session on Sandhurst Lake, after fishing there a month or so previous, landing six carp and with the weather not changing an awful lot Mark had a fairly good idea where the fish would be hanging out.

During the session Mark landed an impressive 15 carp with two falling to single white pop-ups and the remainder again falling to the Zig Alignas with a black and yellow combo proving the most effective hookbait.

Mark has had an excellent run of form in the last month and proved how devastating the Zig Alignas really are!


Prepare for spring

The Vairo Sunglasses come with three pairs of interchangeable lenses.

Not only should the zig alignas take pride of place in your armoury for the spring but a good set of polaroid sunglasses are a must.

When it warms up (it will happen one day) the carp will be venturing into the margins and moving into the upper layers of the water. This gives you the perfect opportunity to observe their behaviour and plot their downfall.

In the shops very soon will be a selection of new polaroids from Fox which any self-respecting angler will want to get hold of.

There will be two models in the range, the first of which is this new Vario model, which comes supplied with 3 interchangeable coloured lenses, a protective carry case, and lens cloth. There are two frame colours available – Green and Brown or Black and Orange.

The second model are the XT4’s, which don’t have interchangeable lenses but still come supplied with a hard case and lens cloth. There are four glasses available in the XT4 range – Black & Orange frame with Brown lens, Black & Orange Frame with Grey lens, Brown & Green frame with Brown lens and Brown & Green frame with Grey lens.

If you are braving it this month can we wish you the very best of luck and hope the weather takes a turn for the better, fingers and toes crossed!

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