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Nash Scope rods – changing the future of fishing?

EVERYONE seems to be thinking about winter bait choice at the moment and many of our top anglers are turning to a boilies only approach.

The superior food value offered by quality boilies is something that carp are instinctively drawn to.

A bait such as Monster Squid for example will increase the chances of catching the bigger fish this autumn that’s a proven fact, but rather than just choose one boilie I prefer to fish with several.

Using a mixture of sizes colours and flavours allows me to really angle for those fish, on tricky days, putting out a mixture and then experimenting with different hooks bait options will produce bites when a more one dimensional approach will fail.

I do a lot of short sessions in the winter so the new Nash Scope rods will really come into their own. The 9 and 10 ft Scopes are ‘proper’ carp rods capable of landing any carp that swims. But their unique collapsing handles allow made up rods and reels plus a matching landing net and other essential items to be packed into a purpose designed rod sleeve measuring less than 4ft in length. There’s also new luggage that really maximises storage capacity.

The forward thinking anglers who are already embracing the new concept, particularly those with limited time fishing short sessions will be fishing much more effectively this autumn and winter.

I think the new Scope concept from Nash could well change the way many of us fish forever! Click below to see Kevin Nash himself catching a whacker on a Scope rod…




Now, that’s it from me – your Nash blog host, Keith Jones. Let’s hear from some of our stable’s anglers, starting with a big name…


JULIAN CUNDIFF – what’ll keep me cosy… and catching!

Woke up this morning to the first ground frost of the year… crisp underfoot and to be honest it looked stunning to a casual observer… but to us carp anglers it’s VERY different !

The water is definitely clearing and both waters I have walked round today are gin clear in the margins and for a change I can pick out each and every undulation on the marginal slope.

So how will that affect my carp fishing?

Well first of all the liner has gone in the Sleep System so that I can still be comfortable without having to wear cumbersome jumpers and jackets to keep warm. I’d rather have those to put on when I am sat round in the day.

Additionally I take a small gas lamp with me that I got from Blacks camping store. With that on low it really does take the chill out of the air so you can sit and watch the water rather than wasting time sleeping in the bag. The Titan Brolly has replaced the Profile as it has a thicker skin, more rigid and the sides keep heat in.

Rig wise I want the end tackle as inconspicuous as possible so its Diffusion leaders and lead clips which quite literally are invisible on the lake bed. If possible I drop a hook size to a size 8 Twister/Fangs to match my drop in hookbait size.

Although some anglers think of Zigs as a summer method at this time of year with hi-pressure and blue sky the carp are more likely to be in the upper layers than on the deck. Rig Foam ( black and yellow ) on a Gaper 10 or Zig Bug and you are sorted.


Julian Cundiff adjusting his fishing habits as we head into winter.


That’s the easy stuff anyone can do but the hard work is sticking to it good times and bad times alike. We all like action but accept the carp will take time to get used to the change in water temperature/clarity.

They will feed for shorter periods and its important to spend as much time as possible identifying the feeding spells.

Don’t beat yourself up if it isn’t happening as much as it was…deep breath and tough it out. Look at the big picture and learn a bit of patience. It will happen… but not sat at home. Whatever it takes to get there and stay there – do it.

I sometimes take a book to read on long nights, a radio to listen to when I am packing up in the dark and so on. I will be there this week, next week and next month… will you be ??


SCOT ‘GEEZER’ GRANT – my bait tweaks

Food Dip – a little extra edge for this winter.

Early winter is the time when the fish start to sense that the really harsh weather is only round the corner, it’s a time when baiting heavily can really pay off as the fish feed up ready for the cold winter months.

I am currently testing a new Nash bait, as with all our projects a great pride effort and time goes into this process – early signs look very good!

If you are  Nash Bait user here’s a little edge I can recommend – take a bag of your freebies add a liberal amount of Food Dip, give the bag a good shake and make sure all the boilies are covered, then freeze. Let the bait thaw, then repeat the process another 2 times.

Once the process has been completed, the dip will be drawn into the bait creating a longer leak off of attraction.

I highly rate the Food Dips, I even dip my leads in the stuff… remember making the extra effort will bring rewards this winter!


ADAM GARLAND – aiming for consistency

Fishing time has been limited this year and I’ve been changing from one water to another in an effort to make the most of the time available. Although I’ve caught well, I’ve lost consistency and that’s something I’m really keen to re establish this autumn and winter.

In an effort to regain that consistency I made the decision to see the rest of 2012 out on my main syndicate water. The fish in this water are very old, and like most old fish they are creatures of habit, and regularly get caught from their favoured spots time and time again. So making sure I’m in the swim and on that spot is the main approach I plan to employ in the coming months.

I had a fantastic end to last years campaign on the same water banking no less than five of the big girls over 35lb. There were times when I knew a fish was due out from a certain swim, but opted to follow the larger pack of fish instead, and on more than one occasion the fish showed up true to form.

This is the first year since joining Nash that I’ve played around with alternative baits to my all time favourite bait Scopex Squid, but as ‘big fish time’ has now arrived I’m going back to what is in my opinion the best carp bait of all time.

My rigs for the spring and summer have been my ever faithful fluorocarbon – Armourbraid combi fished at 12 inches, to keep it on top of any bottom debris and light weed. But with the weed dying back and most of the spots becoming crystal clear, I’ve switched over to 10 inches of the excellent Missing Link.

Fished blow back style with a Twister and a snowman, first time out the rig produced a stunning old mirror known as ‘Orange’ at 28 pound something. But to be honest when a fish like that which is probably over 40 years old the size becomes irrelevant.  Anyway, do your research, get in tune with your water, stick with tried and tested baits and tactics and I’m sure you’ll catch well – good luck.


MICK HENDERSON – wafters are simple and effective

The next couple of months will see me concentrating on my syndicate and trying to tempt one or two of my big target fish to the bank before the cold winter really sets in.

Due to work and family my fishing has had to take a back seat for the last couple of months and word on the deep pit is that the fish have had at least a couple of spawns in my absence. Hopefully when I return the carp will be well up for a munch.

Tactics will be fluoro wafters over large amounts of Monster Squid free offerings in a mix of sizes. Hook baits will be mounted on size 6 Fang X hooks fished blow back style with long Armourbraid hook links. Matching Chain Reactions threaded onto the hook link will prevent tangles on the cast – all simple and very effective!

Maggots flavoured with Scopex and Intense Sweetener will be added to the mix at some point, this is a little edge passed on by Nash Bait’s Gary Bayes. The flavoured maggots can out-fish everything when the going gets tough in winter and are well worth a try.


PAUL MARTIN – mini-campaigns

Due to work and family commitments it can be extremely difficult to string regular sessions together, I try to get round this by strategically using holiday and flex-time so that I can plan a mini-campaign that will mean say 6 overnighters over 2 weeks.I find this more productive than one night a week over 6 weeks.

These last couple of weeks have seen me undergoing such a campaign and thankfully it all paid off with a cracking 35lb mirror from a very difficult lake. I’m in no doubt that using an extremely instant bait like the Monster Squid helped as I’ve not been able to get to the venue enough to establish spots or keep the bait going in.

Due to the expansion of my family in recent years, I’ve tended to focus on mini-campaigns targeted on specific periods of the year where I can be assured the fish will be feeding and using certain areas of the lake more. Experience and observation will help me narrow this down.

Due to my family/work life being so busy I am only able to stay focused for (at most) 4 weeks before things begin to suffer but instead of losing heart I try to make the most of this by making extra efforts to bait the lake during the run up to my window, getting some local intell and watching to see where they’ve been visiting.

A few weeks back I did some roach fishing with my daughter and dad in one area of the lake I intended to target (and had been baiting) – this allowed me to spend a good few hours watching the water as well as having fun with family. The information I gained that day (and the fun I had!) was essential in helping me plot the downfall of a couple of fish, including the bigger one just 2 weeks later.

When you’re on extremely limited time being organised is also essential and for this I’ve been using the Trax Metro barrow and utilising it like a work station. With the front bar bag everything is easily accessed and I can be fishing in minutes.

Other bits and bobs like my lovingly hand rolled pop ups are done well in advance and fiddly things like Twister reverse chod rigs and Core Plus leadcore leaders are prep’d weeks ahead to ensure that when I’m fighting against the failing light I’ll have what I need in one of the wallets of the Soft Box.

The new Scope rods and luggage have been designed with my type of fishing in mind, I’ve never been so organised and ‘ready to go’ when time allows, if you are fishing short sessions this winter, take my advice and have a look at what’s available – I’m sure you’ll be impressed!

Before I go, I’ll just give you one piece of advice for the coming weeks – on lower stocked venues start baiting a spot for the early winter feed ups. Look for a hard bottom area in 12ft-ish that will be near to the end of the warmer winds like Southerlies. You don’t need much bait – half a kilo twice a week of 20mm’ers will do the job.



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