IT’S MONDAY and that means it’s carp blog time. This week we are pleased to welcome Nash consultant Julian Cundiff

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AT THIS time of year I get plenty of questions on social media and letters to my home on what is the right ‘baiting approach’ especially on the short day or night sessions many of you do…

Well, being totally honest, all waters are different BUT what I can say with a degree of certainty from watching others is that it seems that too much bait is put in on arrival and not enough when actually fishing.

Having spent my formative years as a coarse and match angler I know that little and often and fishing for a bite at a time is far more consistent than an ‘all or nothing’ approach. So let me give you some pointers on my approach which may help you on your next trip…

1. Research is everything ! Although I do trust my own judgement I do keep my ear to the ground when it comes to how a water is fishing and most importantly what is and isn’t working.

No point turning up and finding that maggots, particles, zigs etc are working and not having them with you.

So keep tuned in on the water so you are prepared even if you decide to do something different on the day…


2. One bite at a time! Whatever swim you decide to set up in the golden rule is to fish for one bite at a time, one fish at a time.

The temptation can be to put in bait. But to what effect? Is that going to make them feed? Or will it mean your chances of them locating the hookbait are even less?

If I find fish I tend to fish a single bait be it on the bottom, a pop up or maybe a Zig Bug. The most I would use is maybe some Chain Reaction on the hooklength.

If I don’t get a pickup fairly quickly I sometimes add a few Soluballs to the area maybe with a light coating of Food Dip. The Monster Squid is spot on for this….

3. Topping up. If I have had a fish AND believe it’s an area the carp will return to I will top up the swim with some Soluballs and a handful at most of chopped boilies. However I keep it light rather than heavy…Occasionally I will wind in and go looking for signs of fish (clouded water etc) and repeat step 2….

4. Larger feed beds. If I am doing the night or a similar time period and I am satisfied that I am not baiting up on top of fish and that they will come across the area when I am fishing I will put a larger amount of feed out. At this time of year I tend to use 50% boilie crumb and chops – 30% Hemp, 10% pellets to match my feed bait and 10% boilies ( usually 10mm or boilie pellet ) and either Spomb or spod it out. Different breakdown rates and lots of attraction during the whole of the session. If I get a fish I top up with Soluballs NOT boilies…

So there you have my guide. For me it’s Nash Bait’s Monster Squid Red boilies, pellets and Soluballs….

Good Luck


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