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YET another incredibly busy month has flown by without a chance for our feet to touch the ground.

Here is it – the Zig Aligna

It is amazing how busy a month can be for a fishing tackle company when the weather for fishing has been diabolical. But with a number of shows across Europe plus the launch of yet another innovative product the work hours certainly add up.

It was a few weeks back that we announced the release of the ‘Zig Aligna’ and the response to it has been nothing short of biblical (as Chilly would say).

This new item will undoubtedly change the way a huge number of anglers use zig rigs forever and will help land far more than ever before. Firstly for those who have not seen it yet ill briefly explain its use and benefits.

The Zig Aligna is made using a soft rubber and is in essence a scaled down version of our existing Line Aligna sleeve with the addition of a loop on the back of a Line Aligna which is designed to hold a small piece of foam. Using this over the traditional hair rigged foam style of zig had a number of fish catching benefits:

• Create a wider gape than traditional knotless knot Zig Rigs for better hookholds
• Great anti-eject properties – same great benefits of traditional Line Aligner but on a Zig Rig
• Eliminates need for a knotless knot, which is not as strong as Grinner or Palomar knots. When using in-turned eye hook with a knotless knot on thin pre-stretched mono it can damage your hooklink when playing a hooked fish, the Zig Aligner takes away that risk!
• No hair rig so hookbait always sits central for greater hooking potential
• Greater value for money than the bug style hooks that have fluff whipped to them
• Line Aligner shape imitates the body shape of emerging larvae, all black version looks like a tadpole
• Very quick and easy to change colour combinations etc thanks to unique Loading Tool

A solid hook hold with a Zig Aligna

We have had a fantastic response from anglers of all abilities who are getting very excited about these and pleading for us to get them in shops sooner. Facebook blew up and Twitter went mental with comments and questions on the clever little idea, with a number of big named anglers who have no association with Fox whatsoever begging us to let them have samples to use in their own fishing.

Just last week I was on the bank filming for our up and coming DVD with Mark Pitchers and despite the horribly cold north easterly wind Mark bagged three carp for the camera all on these little gems!

Mark Pitchers has success with the new Zig Alignas

Well we are pleased to announce that this week the Zig Alignas will be arriving in shops so you can get them for you to try out yourself!






Show success for Fox

The month started with a Trip to the huge carp show at Zwolle in Holland. Now this really is one incredible show, it is absolutely huge, spanning three exhibition halls, each one larger on their own than any show in the UK. These guys are absolutely carp fishing mad and it was hugely refreshing to hear the enthusiasm and passion these anglers had for the sport.

Post Zwolle we had one weekend off and then it was over to the Big One Show in Farnborough which despite the Baltic conditions was superbly attended and yet again, thousands of dead keen anglers were buzzing around the stand all weekend checking out the main attractions namely the Supa Brolly System, Overwrap and the ingenious little Zig Alignas.

Carpin’ On which was held this weekend was no different with anglers pleading to take home the single pack of Zig Alignas that we had on our stand. Not only was our inside area a big hit, but the ‘Casting Zone’ was constantly busy, with anglers giving the new Horizon XTK rods a good thrashing with help from mammoth casters Mark Bartlett and Tom Maker.

All in all it has been an incredible 28 days for Fox and with the products we have coming out in coming months it looks like the ball will keep rolling! Bring it on!



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