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The team is a superb mix of incredible anglers all top of the class in their specific disciplines. With England Internationals, British record breakers, consistent big carp catchers and those that target individual ‘special fish’ Fox are sure to bring you plenty of highlights from the team each month. The round-up is brought to you by Fox media assistant Harry Charrington.

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Excitement all round at Fox!

WHAT a month it has been at the Fox HQ with a number of exciting new products coming into the office in their various stages.

The development process of our products can be a very long one taking a number of years in many cases. Samples for over 20 different new products arrived on the doorstep this month and we are sure we have the makings of some great new innovative items which, will prove to be a huge hit when they eventually hit the shelves.

It is very exciting when any prototype arrives, weather it is the very first one or the production sample and a number of the guys in the office will gather round as it is unwrapped and set up. Often when reveled it sparks up a real buzz, ideas are great but when they are physicalized they become real and you can visualize anglers all over the world wanting to have it.Everyone will have a good look and offer their thoughts on what is good about it and what can be improved or added, sometimes the changes are minor and sometimes they are major.

A classic example was when the very first sample of the SupaBrolly was revealed during a consultants meeting last year, the room was electric and we all knew that this had the potential to be something very special. Yes, there were plenty of points that needed addressing but once dealt with this was a product that would no doubt go far.

I wish I could tell you about all of the samples that have arrived in the last month however, I am sure you will understand that we wish to keep most of these close to our chest, for the time being. One item that I am proud to say we can shout about now is our new Rigid Rig Case.

This, like all of our products was designed and developed in-house and has gone through a fair transformation to reach its final state. On the outside it looks like any other rig box, but due to a unique hinged inner section, the rig capacity is almost doubled from conventional rig boxes. This inner section is also removable which allows you to easily wrap long hooklinks and zig rigs around it. It is perfect for all you anglers who want to maximize your fishing time and like to have a number of different rig options to quickly turn to in your session should you feel the need. With loads more products coming through such as this the future is certainly looking bright!





 The Front Line

Away from the office and out on the front line the Fox guys have been doing what they do best, bagging plenty of carp. In fact there have been so many notable captures that I will have to gloss over them slightly to stick to the word count!

Our very own Dominic Littlewood lookalike Leon Bartropp has returned to one of his favorite venues, Wellington Country Park. Despite a lengthy time apart from the lake, Leon got amongst the fish very quickly and has had some great results. The pick of the bunch has to be a 38 lb mirror which he braced with a 39 lb common! Check out Leon’s video below for footage of the superb capture!






There have also been a number of PB’s caught by our anglers over the past few weeks. Firstly Tom ‘The Machine’ Maker had what he described as “A dream session” on the 2 and 3 rezzies at Walthamstow, he banked three of the lakes ‘A team’ including a stunning 35 lb mirror and a 30 lb fully scaled. But the pick of the bunch was his new PB common of 35 lb 8 oz which he nailed on a 360 Rig, tied using a 25 lb Rigidity hooklink to a size 11 Ring Swivel, onto which he slid a size 6 Arma Point hook, an absolutely devastating big fish rig.


Tom’s new PB Common of 35lb 8oz.


‘Get in there!’ Mark Pitchers celebrates after slipping the net under a new surface PB.

I managed to round up Rob Hughes and Mark Pitchers who both traveled over to Essex for filming of content for our popular Youtube Channel Fox Fishing TV. During the filming Mark managed to land a surface PB of 35lb 9oz which came right at the end of the session. All the gear was packed up and in the car except for his 9ft Stalker rod, which he took with him on one final walk round. After finding a few carp cruising about in an overgrown corner he got them taking floating trout pellets confidently. He flicked his Bolt Bubble Controller over the feeding fish and gently drew it back. With a good mirror taking the hookbait almost instantly, it was obviously a big fish and once in the net Mark knew that it was a new surface PB!


The biggest result throughout the filming however, was achieved on the first morning by Rob. The lads had already fished the night and Mark had banked two carp, Rob had not had anything by the time I arrived with the video camera at 9 o’clock. Rob fired up the stove and we set about enjoying a cup of tea before we got started. The line pulling out of the clip on Rob’s middle rod interrupted this and he bent into a heavy fish.The carp did very little and was soon in the net. We recognized it as one of the lakes most sought after residents ‘Shy’ at 37 lb 7 oz. A gorgeous carp, which helped him, demonstrate the STR Flotation Weigh Sling for our video perfectly!


Fox man nets Korda Carp Team England call up!

A huge congratulations to Fox consultant Mark Bartlett who has been called up to represent his country at the World Carp Championships in Romania.

The trials were very testing (trust me, I was in them). But from the very first trial, where Mark and partner Kev absolutely smashed the record for the biggest total weight of carp in a 48 hour match, everyone knew that the pair was destined for the team.

Fox are 100% behind the Team and have helped out many of the team members with tackle requirements, as none of them want to compromise their chances at such a high profile event, with under performing gear. Good luck Mark and Team England,take some inspiration from the Olympics and get that gold!

Mark also qualified for the final of the UK Carp Cup final coming second in his Brasenose one Qualifier with an impressive 360 lb. Mark caught most of his fish spodding over zigs and to be honest it was a masterclass in this method; this guy is the real deal!

I also enjoyed some success in the UK Carp Cup, fishing the second semi final on Brasenose 2. My name was very luckily drawn out of the hat first, so with moans and groans coming from friends who were also competing, the pressure was on! To be honest I made hard work of it at first, but I eventually began catching steadily, using Rapide PVA Bags over particles at 120 yards and managed to narrowly win the match with 234 lb of carp.


This blog was brought to you by Harry Charrington. He qualified in first place for the UK Carp Cup final.

European success

A lake record for Ed Skillz, ‘Humpy’ at 63lb 5oz.

Two of our latest signings over in Europe have been proving just why they have very bright futures in the sport by bagging some incredible fish!

Firstly it was Ed Skillz who’s capture received a ***CHUNK ALERT*** on our facebook page. The Dutchman fished for the very first time at Abbey Lakes in France where he bagged the incredible ‘Humpy’ at a new lake record of 63 lb 5 oz! Ed used a 25lb Coretex hooklink to a size 6 Kuro S4 hook with a Line Aligna Adaptor slid over the eye of the hook, giving Ed a superb hookhold.


Another PB for a Fox team member, a lovely 40lb common for Jasja.

Receiving a ***STUNNER ALERT*** on Facebook was the lovely Jasja Bijsterbosch, or more to the point it was her new PB 40 lb common caught in France that received the shout-out.

With weedy conditions Jasja opted for a braided mainline and a Safety Lead Clip which ensured the lead was lost and she could land the lovely common, with no dramas.

Well done Jasja





NEW! Our Catch of the Month…

At Fox we have loads of customer interaction especially through our Facebook and Twitter pages and we get loads of captures reported on both sites. We have decided that we will pick one capture each month that we think is particularly noteworthy and place it in this blog here on the Angler’s Mail website.

The pick of the bunch this month has got to be this incredible zip linear caught by Facebook friend Wes Savage. Wes used an Arma Point SSBP to nail the incredible looking fish, he never told us the weight, but to be honest it does not matter when they are like this!!


The best looking carp we saw last month was this zip linear caught by Facebook friend Wes Savage


Well, I think that is a fitting way to end the blog this month, If you have captures you would like to share with us please post them up on either Facebook or Twitter.

I will be back here on Angler’s Mail’s new-look website next month giving you the low down on all the happenings throughout the Fox family.


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