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SEPTEMBER has always been a month where you can expect a few extra lumps to get tripped up. There is a noticeable bite in the air on most mornings, the weed on many of the lakes up and down the country starts to loosen its strangle hold and the carp begin to really get on the munch in preparation for winter. It is a fantastic time to be on the bank and gives you the opportunity of snaring some your lake’s biggest residents.

‘The Turtle’ weighing in at 54lb 4oz

This is exactly what the Fox RAF team Capitan managed to do on the well-documented Wellington Country Park. Sgt. Glenn Beardsall has been fishing the venue for a few seasons now and has always had his sights set on slipping his net under the lakes biggest carp ‘The Turtle’.

It was only a few days previous that Glenn had emailed me to order a few items of tackle and he mentioned that he was finally getting back on the bank after a lengthy time away from the lake, due to an injury that, much to his frustration, left him unable to fish. He joked that the lake would pay him back and ‘The Turtle’ would be his by the next time we spoke. Well he was not wrong and that session Glenn snared the 54lb 4oz beast using a New Grange bottom bait, on a simple rig tied using the CoretexHooklink material and a size 6 Arma Point SR hook.

It’s funny how things turn out like that, but it seems to happen quite often amongst carp anglers. Perhaps we talk so much about the fish that we want to catch that it’s bound to happen rather more frequently than you would initially expect.


It has also been a fantastic month for Marian Sura who is one of our German Sponsored anglers. I have been hugely impressed with this lad since he has joined Fox, he seems to put big carp (and I mean BIG) on the bank on a weekly basis from some very tough German venues. None of his captures however have been more impressive than his latest capture of an incredible 55lb mirror, with a remarkable similarity to the famous ‘Choco’ from Stoneacres in Oxford.

Marian told me that this was a fish that he has wanted to catch since childhood and now he has gone and done it. It really is the stuff of dreams and shows you that if you want something enough, you can make it happen! Marian fished his bottom bait with 25lb rigidity down to a size 4 Kuro S4XS creating a stiff rig however, the bait was allowed to move naturally by the addition of a soft braided hair. A rig that he has 100% confidence in and employs whenever he can.


Marian Sura, with his dream 55lb mirror


Getting back in the swing of things has been Fox media manager Lewis Porter. After fishing very little throughout the summer months, Lew had been toying with the idea of going back to his syndicate lake; the notoriously deep Bundys Pit, a tricky water at the best of times. He had enjoyed a blockbuster of a spring campaign on the venue, but knew it would be hard to begin where he left off.

Bundy’s is a lake like no other, being a mere seven acres yet reaching depths in excess of 60ft and knowing what depth the fish will be feeding at can be one hell of a conundrum. After arriving at the lake, for a quick overnight session, with very little knowledge of what had been occurring in the weeks and months previous Lew went on a hunch and set up on the back of a big South Westerly. Well he said it was a hunch however, I have my suspicions that the thought of doing a night with gale force winds hacking into his bivvy was enough to send him scuttling off round to the comfort of other side. Either way it was a good decision, as no sooner than he had got his third rod chucked out he was away.

He went on to have another three carp that night which is a fantastic result for a quick night on the venue. One of the carp he caught also happened to be the very first carp he saw after joining the venue. It was a common with a very distinctive deformity in its tail and whilst not a big fish by Bundy’s standards it made the already successful trip all the more worthwhile for Lewis.


Fox Media Manager, Lewis Porter, with a unique ooking carp from Bundys Pit



Fox’s new Royale Tackle boxes

Arriving in October we have two new Royale Tackle Boxes, which offer superb value for money! These boxes feature a very carpy semi-translucent green lid and also come fully loaded with tackle storage devices.

Pictured below is the new Medium Royale Tackle Box which comes loaded with 1 x 2 compartment box, 1 x 4 compartment box, 4 x 4 compartment flip top boxes, 1 x rig board and 1 x dispenser. With all these extras and at an RRP of just £24.99, it really is a no brainer when it comes to getting a new tackle box.

If you prefer a larger box we will also be releasing a Large version which will come loaded with even more tackle storage devices and RRPs at just £39.99.



Looking Forward

Coming up very soon is the Tackle and Guns trade show which is one of the most important dates in the calendar for any tackle company hoping to make a big impression on their retailers. I know Angler’s Mail magazine will have strong coverage on the events again, with their own highlights.

At T&G thousands of angling retailers travel across the country to see all the latest products from the biggest companies to gain an idea of what products are going to make a big impact on the market over the next year. This has meant that at Fox we have been working tirelessly to ensure that everything is ready to rock so that the retailers will be blown away by our new products.

Our Supabrolly has been one of the hottest items on the market in 2012 and the additions to the range, which will be revealed to the retailers, are sure to cause quite a stir at the show. Many of you have been calling out for a wrap or a system version of the brolly and we have made no secret of the fact that they are coming and once you see it you will not be disappointed. The latest sample that arrived in the office only a few days ago is very close to the finished article and will be the one we are taking to T&G. To say there is a buzz around the Fox HQ at the moment is an understatement and these new additions look set to become very hot property when they are released to the public. Watch this space…


I have been working tirelessly towards T&G also, and a couple of weeks ago I was filming for a Free Fox Rage DVD. For those who don’t know Fox Rage is our lure brand headed by World Lure Angling Champion Dietmar Isaiasch.

Dietmar flew over from Holland to take part in the filming and Julian Chidgey our specialist consultant who happens to be a dab hand at lure fishing was on hand to help show how it is done. It was an eye opening experience filming this exciting and varied section of our sport. Being predominantly a carp angler it was a refreshing change to see how these guys go about their fishing. I

t inspired me to raid their boxes of lures and traces and give it a go my self and I have to say it was a breath of fresh air.The gear is minimal and I have been stopping off at any piece of water I pass on my travels and having a cast. I have even put some predators on the bank myself.

If you have found your carping getting a tad stale, or you fancy a different challenge then I strongly recommend you get yourself a light lure outfit and give it a go.

Since then I have been editing the footage solidly and it will be ready to show at T&G, with free copies being sent out to shops shortly after.


On set of the Fox Rage filming Julian Chidgey.


Soon I will be Oxford bound to take part in the UK Carp Cup final and until then all of my spare time will be taken up by filling my Rigid Rig Case with copious amounts of rigs, spooling reels, preparing bait etc all the things that one must do to ensure they are 100% ready for whatever the carp decide to do. Also featuring in the final will be Fox Consultant and England International Mark Bartlett so with any luck one of us will manage a good draw and be in with a real chance of lifting that trophy at the end of it.

Wish us luck in the competition as I wish you all luck in your various exploits throughout my favorite month of the year; October. Tight lines!


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