This week's blog brought to you by Matt Rand

This week’s blog brought to you by Matt Rand

WELCOME to another of our exclusive daily blogs here on the Angler’s Mail website,  by Matt Rand on behalf of the guys at tackle brand ACE

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IT’S always nice starting a monthly blog straight after an excited phone call from one of our anglers.

Slipping the net under two 30’s in a day is always a nice feeling, especially when they’ve been stalked off the surface, and that’s exactly what Jake Lund’s just done! We’ll have the pictures for next month’s blog.

Jake’s been on some serious form recently, landing a string of big fish including a cracking 36lb 14oz mirror from a large wind swept gravel pit.As well as this, he’s had plenty of back up fish up to 29lb 12oz on both surface fished baits and bottom baits.

Jake Lund catching big this summer

Jake has been doing a lot of fishing with his good mate Tom Weymouth, who has also been getting in on the action with fish to low 30’s including a stunning 33lb Grass Carp.

Tom's 33lb grass carp

Tom’s 33lb grass carp

Another angler getting amongst a few fish at the moment is John Waller. The southern specialist is no stranger to big carp and has been putting plenty on the mat in recent weeks, including a cracking brace of fish weighing 36lb 8oz and 39lb 2oz – we’ve also heard today that a 44lb mirror has just graced his net! The ACE Razor Points have once again been playing a big part.

John Waller nets 36lb 8oz beast

John Waller nets 36lb 8oz beast


Dan Cleary has also been troubling the score sheet, with a couple of crackers from Horton’s Church Lake. The pick of the bunch was a stunning leather carp weighing in at over 30lb. The fish had a liking for his 15mm Dynamite Baits ‘The Crave’ hook bait over a large bed of freebies.

A leather carp for Dan weighing in at 30lb

A leather carp for Dan weighing in at 30lb


Overseas, Max Cottis has just come back from an amazing session on the mighty Rainbow Lake, France. Max managed to bank 24 fish from this notoriously tricky venue, with the biggest two going 60lb mirror and 58lb 2oz common!

All of Max’s fish were nailed on our size 2 ACE Razor Points in CXS pattern. With the demanding conditions and extra strain on tackle Rainbow creates, the hooks needed to be strong and the Razors certainly didn’t let him down!

Big fish were the order of the day for Max in France

Big fish were the order of the day for Max at Rainbow Lake in France


Moving away from carp, many anglers have been reporting some great catches of barbel using the new Razor Point hooks.

In fact, whilst shooting a Tidal Trent video with Mick Brown and Jan Porter, all three of us managed to put the new hooks to the test and we landed plenty of fish just in double figures using Dynamite baits Robin Red Pellets.

Mick and Jan with a nice barbel

Mick and Jan with a nice barbel


New ready made chod rigs

New ready made chod rigs

Perhaps one of the biggest developments in the office this month has been the launch of the new ACE website. This can be found at – www.acecarp.com – so be sure to take a look.

We have also launched our new ready-made chod rigs and these are proving to be a great success, even with anglers who generally shy away from ready tied rigs! They incorporate our Riga-Mortis stiff link, Pop-Up Pegs and the ultra-sharp ACE Razor Points in SRC pattern – be sure to take a look!









Floater Fishing Tips with Jake Lund

1 – Freeline floating baits for carp when you can, as this will cut down on the surface disturbance and prevent spooking feeding fish.

2 – Stay mobile! As soon as you catch one fish the others will generally move on, but by walking around the lake you can often find different pockets and continue to catch.

3 – Fish an appropriate hook pattern. The ACE Razor Point ZIG is the perfect shape for presenting floating pellets and lends itself to super gluing baits to the shank.

4 – Make sure you feed plenty of different sized floating pellets, as this will help to catch the carp out. I like to feed 6mm and 11mm Dynamite Expander Pellets on a little and often basis to keep the fish actively feeding in front of me.

5 – Pay attention to wind direction and work out where any un-eaten bait will collect. Quite often this could be well away from where you’re fishing and may well have a got the attention of a lot of fish.


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