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WHERE does the time go? I can’t believe it has been a month already since I last sat down to write the last Fox Angler’s Mail Blog. Needless to say life at Fox has been unbelievably hectic and I have been busying myself with yet more product launches and various filming projects that I recon are going to be epic.

A trip with Mark Pitchers was particularly enjoyable with the plan being to put a few very early prototypes through their paces and see if they did the job they were designed for. A day session was all we needed and the results were just what we wanted.

The whole day was caught on camera and I am holding the footage back for later release however, I will give you this cheeky screen shot from the editing to give you a glimpse at one of the stunners Mark put on the bank that day.

The man Mr Pitchers delivered for the Fox videocam.

Whilst August can be a slightly tricky month when it comes to catching chunks, there have been a few people with the odd trick up their sleeve that has helped them bag some absolute whackers.

One guy that has been bucking the trend is James Mann. Sponsored angler James, has sent us a few catch reports recently including some stunning 30lb+ mirrors, however pick of the catches was his 40lb 2oz PB common!

James tamed the stunning beast on a naked Chod Rig tied using a host of components from the Edges range including the Tapered Mainline Sinkers, Tungsten buffer beads and Heli/Chod Buffer Sleeves which allowed James to fish his leads “drop-off” style. Well done James what a top result!

James’ big common.

I have actually just returned from a fantastic trip with friend and Fox consultant Rob Hughes to Romania. We were taking part in the Meet Carp Awards Best 5 competition.

It featured a host of Romania’s top anglers including members of the national team and anglers from 12 different countries all particularly adept at competition carping, so not only were we in great company but we knew the competition would be tough. The name of the game was to catch five carp whose total weight was higher than anyone else’s biggest five. So in essence only your five biggest carp count to your overall weight.

At the draw we knew where we wanted to be, around a reedy island that did not boast huge numbers of fish but the locals were adamant that the bigger fish resided there. However, luck did not bless us and we pulled out an open water swim that was in a very unfancied area. We didn’t let that get to us however, and when we got to our swim we hatched a plan.

We fished a large area of boilies on a shallow, firm area at range and on that spot we presented bottom baits and snowmen hook baits fished on Camotex Stiff hooklinks tied to SSBP hooks. These were rigged up helicopter style on 30lb Submerge leaders.

To cut a 5-day long story short we surprised ourselves and the locals by how well we did. We caught consistently and the swim built very nicely, in fact by day 2 we were amazingly we had caught more than anyone else and were in 2nd place before dropping back to 3rd for the remainder of the match. We were over the moon with this outcome, however there was one last twist that came on the very last weigh in.

Another team put a good fish on their score board and equaled our total weight exactly. With a biggest fish count back rule being enforced we were nudged into 4th place and had to settle for a section win. Whilst at first it was a bit of a blow, we were still over the moon with the section win and really enjoyed the post match celebrations.

I have fished many matches in the UK but I have to say that this ranks up there with the most enjoyable of them all. Thanks to the guys from Meet Carp for setting up such a great competition and helping us out so much during our trip.

We had a great time in Romania – this is me (right) with Rob Hughes at match HQ.


Well it was back to the UK with a bank and full steam ahead with yet more product launches! The latest of which is the superb new FX11 Reel, which I am sure you will be seeing, loads more of in the months and weeks to come. Keep an eye out for the the lowdown and reaction to them in Angler’s Mail magazine!


So that’s about it from me for another month, let’s hope those carp get their heads down and we can all bag some proper units in the time being. Be sure to report them to the Mail’s Fox Carp Cup!

Take care and tight lines.


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