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Big catches for Dynamite Baits men


IT’S been a busy period in the Dynamite Baits office this month, with not only all of our new products being prepared for the general launch on 1st February, but also finalising the new catalogue.

As I type, all of the new products, both carp and coarse, have now been shipped to the tackle shops and should be on sale at the time of reading this blog. This includes the awesome Monster Tiger Nut ‘Red-Amo’ that has already got itself an extremely glowing reputation, mostly to do with the fact that it’s caught fish wherever it’s been used – with some of them beasts up to 55lb 8oz in the UK and 65lb overseas – need we say anymore!

Other interesting products that are bound to catch your eye include our Washed-Out range of Pop-Ups. These little beauties are available in 10mm and 15mm sizes, but have the added bonus of coming in tubs containing a mix of standard pop-ups and dumbells. Flavours include our Butyric-C, Secret Slammer, Sweet Tiger Nut and Black Buzzer.




The latter proved to be the downfall of a recent fish for Mike Hamer when he targeted a small Cambridgeshire pit that went down to 30-feet in the middle. Mike decided to fish an adjustable zig baited with a 10mm Dumbell Black Buzzer, and after mucking around with different depths, discovered that they were holding around mid-water as a cracking 20lb plus mirror took off with his bait.


Mike Hamer with a 20lb mirror

Mike Hamer with a 20lb mirror


For more interesting tips on how Mike targets waters with zigs in the winter, be sure to watch the video below;





Big carp catching machine Terry Hearn also decided to get the carp rods back out during January. Having spent a bit of time targeting other species, Terry made some time to get the rods out and had some great success in doing so. Rather than reaching for any of our new baits in the range, he opted to fish his own ‘The Crave’ Fluro Pop-Ups and caught all of his fish fishing these as singles. Terry landed a number of cracking winter specimens, with both mirrors and commons topping the 20lb mark.


22lb for Terry

22lb for Terry


Large carp for Terry Hearn, 24lb 13oz

Large carp for Terry Hearn, 24lb 13oz


Proving that he is indeed a fantastic all-rounder as well, Terry capped off his month with the capture of a fantastic River roach weighing in at a colossal 2lb 14oz!

Even though the weather has been a little wet too say the least, the warmer temperatures have also been spot on for keeping the carp feeding through what is generally a difficult time to pick up a bite. Even some of the guys in the office have managed to venture out into what can only be described as dire conditions, with Chris Angell being one such member of the team who managed to get on the score sheet with a couple of fish.


Chris in Italy

Chris Angell


During a short session visiting Walthamstow Reservoir, Chris unleashed the new Red-Amo upon it, resulting in a cracking brace of 20s with the biggest fish an upper 20 known as ‘The Italian’. Successful tactics that lead to the downfall of both fish were naked chods, comprising of ACE Riga-Mortis and size 6 ACE Razor Point SRC hooks.

As mentioned earlier, our new catalogue has taken up a lot of the time of our guys in the office, but with the finished product now available electronically, we’re sure you’ll all agree it was well worth the hard work – we certainly think so! Read it here.


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