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WHERE does the time go? I swear I was writing our first Anglers Mail blog just last week however, my diary tells me otherwise. It also tells me that we are entering September which hopefully means those fish are going to really start getting on the munch, so I hope you are all getting on the bank as much as you can!


Free DVD online!

Yes that is right, our fantastic free DVD “Find’em Feed’em Fox’em” is now live on our Youtube channel FoxFishingTV.

With no gimmicks just loads of hints, tips and information this feature length video will no doubt help you catch more carp. Shot at the prolific Drayton Reservoir there is never a dull moment with carp catching action present throughout as the Fox lads do battle in a consultant’s vs Management showdown.

Who will come out on top the consultants’ team made up of ‘The Traveller’ Mark Pitchers and carp match supremo Mark Bartlett or the Management Team with carp brand manager Scot Day and media manager Lewis Porter? Check it out for the most action packed carp DVD out there!





New carp fishing products

Exocet Tapered line, beat the ban and hit the horizon

We have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks with a number of fantastic new products being released to all you lucky anglers.

Firstly there is the superb Exocet Tapered Line. For those anglers who fish on lakes where there is a leader ban and you need to fish at range there really is nothing better.

Made using our superb Soft Steel mainline as a starting point – stuff used by virtually all of our consultants as their No.1 ‘casting line’ – we knew that this would be the very best line in its class. Coming in two sizes with 0.30 and 0.33 diameters and tapering out to 0.50 at each end the Exocet Tapered line is sure to be a huge edge too many anglers up and down the country; fishing at extreme range without a leader has never been easier!

New additions to the Black Label range will further enhance its popularity

We’ve also announced additions to our immensely popular Black Label range of bankware. We have added an XL Adjustable Buzz Bar which is perfect for all you guys who prefer your rods slightly further apart. Spacers which fit on your buzz bars below your alarms give them more clearance and XL Snag Ears provide more security for anglers who fish with their rod tips high in the air.

XL Snag Ears were first tested by Fox’s Shaun McSpadden and Scot Day during their epic haul of carp to over 80 lb at Rainbow Lake in France earlier in the year, that you probably read about in Angler’s Mail magazine.

All the new additions come with the same great looks and features as the original range adding further strength to this ‘must have’ collection of bankware!


Fox on the bank

August can be a funny old month on the fishing front and But true to form our anglers have been bucking the trend and putting some great fish on the bank.

Tom Maker is one of the lads who have been hauling, mind you, I can’t think of a time that Tom Maker has not been hauling. He has had fantastic results at Walthamstow, Thorpe Lea and Richworth Linear Fisheries where he took part in the ‘Fish With The Stars’ event raising money for  the MNDA.

He began fishing on Brasenose one where he landed 35 carp up to 28lb 4oz he then moved on to Oxlease where he banked a further 33 fish up to 32lb 2oz. This lad is a serious carp catching machine and really works hard for his fish. After landing 10 fish in a night from Oxlease, most anglers would be happy to stay in that swim, fully expecting the action to continue.

However, Tom knew a move would bring him even more action! He moved into a corner swim into which a big south westerly wind was hacking he flicked out his rigs, which were simple inline leads, with short Reflex braid hooklinks, Arma Point SSBP hooks and a Cell hookbait and proceeded to catch a further 23 carp! Effort equals reward folks!

At 32lb 2oz this was the biggest of 68 carp Tom caught at Linear Fisheries

An angler who prefers a slightly different style of fishing but has also been doing the do over in Oxfordshire is our very own west country bumpkin John Kneebone. Fishing on the 50 acre Stoneacre lake he enjoyed a fantastic session banking three stunning 30lbers the biggest being a gorgeous 34lb 6oz.

I know john is a big fan of the hinged stiff rig and I would bet on these fish falling to his version of the devastating rig. He uses Fox Illusion Leader/Hooklink material as a boom section, with a Rigidity curve section to an Arma Point SR Hook. This setup is so effective that john even hooked one of the 30’s last week without having time to clip the bobbin on. A very rare occurrence indeed on Stoneacres where many anglers blank for days and weeks on end!

This kicked off his next video diary in style, however earlier in the month he was putting the finishing touches to his most recent video diary which really was a bumper edition with a host of beautiful big carp, up to a simply mind blowing 42lb mirror. These fish have to be seen to be believed so take a look at his video diary, it makes for stunning viewing!





Another video blogger is Leon Bartropp who has continued his excellent run of form banking a lovely 40lb 6oz common which you can see on his Youtube channel. Leon, like John is a great fan of the Arma point SR hooks and this common was unable to rid itself of the super sharp hook despite trying its very best in the heavy weed.

What makes for equally great viewing on Leon’s blog as the big common is the tip he gives you on how to create as little disturbance as possible when locating a spot to present a bait.







How it feels to be £50,000 richer! Read about Les Thompson in Angler’s Mail magazine – the Inside Line in this week’s new issue is not to be missed.

More success of a slightly different type came from one of the stars of our free DVD Mark Bartlett. Although Bart (as we know him) has a proven pedigree on the carp match scene he is also pretty nifty on a seat box and most recently he qualified for the British Waterways Final! Fishing the “spodacopter” using an Exocet Spod he blew the rest of the field apart, they simply couldn’t keep up with adapted carp tactics!

Keeping on the theme of match fishing I would like to say a huge congratulations to friend of Fox Les Thompson (pictured right) for winning the ‘Match This’ final. For winning the match the Matrix backed angler scooped a cool £50,000! I really wish carp matches paid out like that! Read all about Les in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine, on sale from Tuesday, September 11.

Well that is about it from me for this month, keep an eye on our Facebook and twitter Twitter pages for up and coming competitions. Also why not subscribe to our Youtube channel for loads of new videos, including the first in a new series entitled ‘In session with…’ where each month we will be joining a different expert carper to see exactly how they approach a session.

Many thanks for reading. Until next time, tight lines!


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