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THE carp have well and truly been on the munch and all of our anglers have been getting amongst them; so much so that we won’t be able to give them all a mention in this blog!

Quite possibly the two most notable captures come from two anglers that have been part of the Dynamite Team for a few years now.

At the age of 23, Jake Lund has banked some fantastic specimens during is relatively short angling career. However, one fish that has eluded him for some time is a fish known as ‘Bronzy’ from a local park lake.

In fact, Jake has wanted this fish for nearly ten years, but during every season when he has had a go, someone he has taken along for the ride has bagged his target.

Two weeks ago I received the call I’ve been waiting for since I met him – he’d finally netted his prize and to top it off it tipped the scales at a new high weight of 42lb, pictured above! Not only was this a surprise to Jake, but it also brought his tally of UK 40s to four.

The fish have all been commons, so Jakes next target is that elusive 40lb mirror – we’re sure it wont be long! Throughout the years this mighty fish has had a taste for our Monster Tiger Nut boilies, so Jake saw little reason to change, presenting an 18mm offering over a large bed of freebies.

Another Dynamite angler who has been experiencing a fine run of form recently is Dan Cleary. This is yet another one of our anglers that we have been crossing our fingers for, as he has been targeting Horton’s Church Lake for its resident lumps. About two weeks ago he let us know that he had landed a fish known as ‘The Cossack’ whilst fishing over our Crave boilies. This brute weighed in at 38lb 10oz and was at the time Dan’s largest from the lake.

Dan Cleary 43lb

Dan Cleary with ‘Hercules’ at 43 lb from historic Horton

That soon changed this week, as we received a call letting us know that he had landed one of the biggest fish in the lake, a fish known as ‘Hercules’. With a weight of 43lb on the nose, this was not only Dan’s biggest fish from Horton, but his first ‘40’ from the historic venue. Dan changed tactics for this fish and presented a Washed Out Sweet Tiger Nut Pop-Up over a bed of chopped tigers, Monster Tiger Nut Stick Mix and Frenzied Particles.

Phil Kingsbury came extremely close to breaking the 40lb barrier as well, when he slid the net under a cracking 39lb 8oz mirror from a southern syndicate water. Phil tempted the mirror known as Black Spot on our Monster Tiger Nut Red-Amo boilies. Interestingly it was the first time Phil had used this bait in the UK, proving it’s instant effectiveness.

Phil Kingsbury's 39 lb 8 oz mirror, known as 'Black Spot'.

Phil Kingsbury’s 39 lb 8 oz mirror, known as ‘Black Spot’.

Two other Dynamite anglers that just can’t stop catching are the Hofgartner brothers. Both Simon and Terry have continued to catch with both anglers taking fish over 35lb from different waters in the last few weeks.

Some of their fish have fallen to a Red-Amo boilie approach, whilst Simon has also found our Halibut Pellets to be the perfect bait to trick some of the bigger, warier fish he’s targeting.

Simon Hofgertner with his 35 lb 8 oz mirror - another Red Amo victim!

Simon Hofgertner with his 35 lb 8 oz mirror – another Red Amo victim!

We’re sure come next month we’ll have some more impressive captures to share with you, with a few most likely taken off the surface if the weather continues to improve!

Tight lines,