Harry Charrington of Fox reveals what’s going on at the famous carp fishing brand.




THE fishing over the last few weeks has really kicked off, Facebook and Twitter seem to be overrun with carp pictures and my inbox has been overflowing with catch reports.

Blog FOXUnfortunately throughout this period I have not been able to get the rods out, due to various commitments and watching social media explode with big fish has been absolutely killing me!

Life at Fox has been busy as ever, with loads of filming going on for various new products and DVD projects.

I have been out shooting videos of our superb new EOS 10,000 reels, which am sure are going to be a massive hit. With its fantastic line lay, super smooth clutch, free spool mechanism, plus heaps of other features for a retail price of just £59.99 anglers would be silly not to check them out!

Other videos included our new Easy Mat, Trans Khaki Rigidity and Trans Khaki Illusion Fluorocarbon range. The latter, in particular has got loads of people talking.

Developed alongside top underwater diver Rob Hughes, we have come up with what we believe to be the ultimate in underwater invisibility and put it into a hooklink, leader and mainline. Honestly this stuff is unbelievable and far far better than any fluorocarbon currently out there on the market.


New to the Edges range the Trans Khaki materials are causing quite a stir on social media

Many of the carp lakes across the country held host to spawning carp during the BBQ weather last week.

Watching as the carp go about their annual ritual is something I try to do every year as it can get you really fired up for the rest of the season as you are able get unbelievably close to the lakes joules, whilst they are total immersed with their bedroom antics.


While away in Holland, the writer of this blog – Harry Charrington of Fox – starred on the cover of the big value Angler’s Mail magazine. This is him!

However, this year I missed the first round on my syndicate lake as I was away filming at a brand new holiday venue in Holland known as ‘Carplantis’.

I was over with Lewis Porter filming our Dutch and Belgian consultants for an up and coming FREE DVD for the Benelux market. The beautiful, reed fringed, gin clear lake is to be Holland’s very first carp fishing holiday venue and will be taking bookings later this year for the 2015 season.

The owner Koos Walters has worked in the fishing and fisheries industry for over 20 years and has put an immense amount of hard work and effort into creating this venue which plays host to a superb stock 30 and 40lb carp with a number of fish now topping 50lb, it is not a runs water by any means and Koos is trying to create the ultimate big fish water.

The fish are young, growing well, have plenty of room in their 20’ish acre home and absolutely love bait! It will only be a matter of time before it is producing 60lb-pounders regularly.

For me French holiday fishing is incredibly predictable, this is new, exciting and different I for one will be booking up a trip to go out there to catch some of the biggest and best fish in Holland!


The venue was gorgeous and so was the weather for the filming in Holland.

The venue was gorgeous and so was the weather for the filming in Holland.


Lewis and I traveled straight from filming product videos in the UK, to catch the overnight ferry from Harwich. This would give us a chance to get some much needed sleep ready for the long day ahead.

We boarded at 10.30pm had a cup of tea in the café and then headed to our rooms for some shuteye. Our wakeup call was 5.30am we took advantage of the breakfast buffet and then headed off after docking a short while later.

We had been to Carplantis once before, last October, where we endured one of the worst storms in Dutch history, so to return with bright blue skies and hardly a breath of wind was quite a stark contrast and very welcome. Although this did not make the fishing easy, and when two of our Dutch consultants turned up, Hans and Mario, they were not too optimistic about their chances.

We got our heads down not too long after 10pm and our ultra keen Belgian consultant Chris de Clercq who had been stuck in traffic all evening eventually turned up at some ungodly hour and got his rods out in the dark.

I was up before first light, trying to film the sunrise, which never materialized as the lake had been consumed by dense fog. When I walked into Chris’s swim to see what was occurring I was greeted by the sight of him doing battle with one of Carplantis’s residents! Result!

The lad must have only finished getting his rods sorted a few hours previously, in the pitch black and now he was playing one. He slipped the net under what looked like a good upper 30 and turned round to me pointed at an STR Retainer floating a little way down the margins and told me that there was a bigger one in there, at least a 40lber!

What a start! Both fish were belters, particularly the bigger one which had lots of small, random scales covering its flank, it looked awesome in the early morning sun and kicked off the session superbly.


A 40lber on the first morning for Chris, it couldn’t have started any better!

The fishing proved a little tougher over the remaining few days, the pressure remained sky high and the fish enjoyed sunning themselves in the reeds for the majority of the time. However, all of the guys caught fish and every one of them was over 30lbs with Mark and Hans both banking fish over 45lbs!

It was a fantastic trip, with a great bunch of lads and we got some wicked footage, I really can’t wait to go back!


Hans with the biggest of the trip at over 45lb

Whilst we were in Holland, Fox’s Specialist consultants Julian Chidgey and Adrian Eves were busying their selves filming for another soon to be released FREE DVD called ‘Specialist Knowledge’.

The pair were on the hunt for tench at the famous Linear Fisheries and using various tactics managed to bag a number of specimens for the cameras. Jules tells me that there are a few heart stopping moments with big tench at close quarters so I really can’t wait to see the footage.


ules with a good tench from Linear whilst filming FREE DVD ‘Specialist Knowledge’

ules with a good tench from Linear whilst filming FREE DVD ‘Specialist Knowledge’


Well that’s about it for this month, enjoy your fishing wherever it may take you, and keep an eye out for those new items arriving in shops over the next few weeks.



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