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Step forward one of our blogging crews – the specimen anglers from top tackle brand Korum.



WELL, who else thought The Big One Show was a cracker? I certainly did, and from Korum’s perspective it was probably our most successful ever public showcase.

The reaction to the brand from anglers of all abilities from all manner of different walks of life was fantastic. People were coming into the show looking for us, wanting to see specific products and in some cases, arriving with a list of questions and magazine cut-outs for reference. It seems we have a lot of fans!

Extensive coverage from the show, including one of the items the Mail editor was impressed with on our Korum stand, is in the latest issue of Angler’s Mail!

Our stand was pretty manic both days, but after the very busy Saturday, just as the show was coming to a close, the security guard behind our stand came up to me with a smile and said “Don’t take this the wrong way, mate, but is there anybody in this hall you haven’t spoken to today? You’ll talk to anyone!”

He’s right. I will and I did. I’m passionate about what we do and have done enough shows in my time to know that people remember those interactions; they remember you being helpful and giving them some advice. I hope either myself, Adam Firth or Chris Ponsford had time to talk to you on our stand this year – if not, come and see us next year where we’ll have even more great things on display.

Don’t get me wrong, the shows are pretty tough. You spend two or three days getting everything ready or loading it onto vans, two days setting up the stand, two days without sitting down, two or three nights in a strange hotel bed and four days away from your family – it’s no stroll in the park, but it is great fun. If you do it properly, it’s also extremely rewarding.

That night after day one of the show, my feet throbbing from being on my feet all day and my voice shot to bits from all the talking, I sat on the hotel bed and punched the air. I was over the moon, and made sure I let my fellow Korum team members know about it. I was proud of our efforts.

I was also pleased at how much trade the shops selling our gear at the show were doing. Not just from a selfish perspective, but for the angling trade generally. Lots of cash was being spent at the show and it appeared the buyers were more discerning. Those who bought a £20 chair last year had watched it fall to bits and wanted the ‘real deal’ this time around. Enthusiasm for the Korum chairs was sky high and the reaction to our tweaked luggage range was enviable. Well done to everyone involved in the process, and thank you!

Dai Gribble leads the way on the chub front amongst the Korum crew.

We’ve a marvellous team here at Korum HQ and our sponsored angler team really is the best in the business. No big egos, no bad attitudes, just a great bunch of specimen hunters and ‘proper’ anglers.

At the moment there’s a bit of banter between the lads over who’ll catch the biggest chub before the end of the season. Dai Gribble currently leads the way, but with Phil Spinks bagging up to 10 chub an afternoon, Gary Knowles always fishing the right areas on the Dove and Ribble and Shaun Hodges targeting known areas of the Upper Thames and Wye, it could be a close run thing.

Speaking of river fishing, as I type I’m just finalising a list of product required for a spot of filming we’re doing this week with Ade Kiddell. The barbel master is hitting the Severn with his usual big feeder tactics for the cameras, whilst Shaun Hodges is going to use a more modern, carp-influenced approach. Both have their merits and will make for fascinating watching when the DVD comes out later ready for the new season this summer.


Korum rig bits are going down well already, and will be found on one board in shops.


The Korum feeder rig guide is done and will soon be available.

We’re also out over the next few weeks putting the finishing touches to the next Korum Fishing Made Easy magazine, which will include a number of exciting new tackle items.

Speaking of which, our Feeder Fishing Products have now all been put onto one board, to make it easier to find your favourite items in Korum tackle shops.

The board includes the new Quickchange Leadclips, Anti-Tangle Quick-Change Beads and feeder favourites like Feedabeads, Running Rig Kits and Heli-Rigs.

On the boards you’ll also find a dedicated Feeder Fishing booklet (right), which gives a few simple rig ideas and setups from our consultancy team. Look out for it soon!

One thing that will also be happening soon is Mat Woods going fishing! I know, shock horror!

This week I sat down with a mountain of end tackle and got myself prepared for the season. I filled a Korum Maxi Rig Board with Zigs, another with Chods and my favourite pop-up rigs and another with braided rigs for PVA bag fishing. It was nice to only be using Korum and Avid Carp products to fill them up.

Our Xpert hooks and braid are superb and some of the new hooklink offerings from Avid are outrageously good. If you haven’t had a look at the new Captive Coated Hooklink, get on it! The colour is perfect, the coating is perfect, everything about it is what I’ve been looking for in a coated braid for years!

I’m on the Pin Down now!

Another Avid product that’s made its way into my armoury is the lead-less Pin Down leader material (above). It splices easily, doesn’t need glueing, and it’s the most supple of this type of material I’ve ever come across.

Suffice to say, I see absolutely no use for leadcore materials any more. In comparison, leadcore is too stiff, too thick and too rough. Pin Down feels wet when it isn’t, it’s slippery to the touch and ridiculously limp. I now have over 30 leaders tied with the stuff, and I have used the same leadcore for the best part of 10 years. If it is broke, then fix it!

Other preparations have been made with hookbaits. I tend to buy hookbaits I like, mix them all up, then treat them to a dosing of liquid attractors that I know works well. It’s worked a treat for me for years with plastic baits, zig foam, etc., so why not extend that to pop-ups?

It really does work, but the sweetener content really does seem crucial. Why use an off-the-shelf like everyone else? Get some off-the-shelf baits and taste them. Pretty tasteless, huh? Add 2ml of your favourite flavour and 1ml of a good sweetener like Hinders’ Betalin and let the baits soak it in. Or use a Sonubaits Booster Cloud – a teaspoon is enough. Keep rinsing them around until they’ve soaked in the lot. Now taste one!

Having baits of this quality in the spring is ideal when you’re just plopping single hookbaits and small scatterings of bait around. I’m not one to start baiting heavily until the water’s really warmed up, so having some ‘banker’ hookbaits is always a bonus. Last year it was the Sonubaits ‘Refresha’ baits that kept doing the business. I’d guess they’ll not do a bad job this time, either!

Until next time, enjoy your fishing folks!




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