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Step forward one of our blogging crews – the specimen anglers from top tackle brand Korum.

What a busy month here at Korum!

IT’S been a busy period here at Korum HQ and our angling team have also been busy, putting our gear through its paces catching some monster fish in the process.

July was a non-stop ride of action, starting with a fantastic day’s filming with Duncan Charman and Chris Ponsford, both Angler’s Mail regulars.

We joined the lads at a fabulous fishery in the Teme Valley called Clethill, fishing their Sutton Lake with the intention of bagging a few carp and silver fish for the cameras. Chris knows the venue well and had a wry grin when he set up with our new Dura-Method feeders. It’s like he knew it was going to be a winner! He proved it, in fact, catching his first carp within about 30 seconds of casting out – the fish absolutely ravenous for his Krill S-Pellet hookbait!

The whole crew have been out there. Here’s Nigel Botherway spearheading Korum’s I Heart Fishing campaign at the Great Northern Fishing Show.

I love going out fishing with Chris as his enthusiasm is infectious. He made what could have been an extremely stressful day’s filming far easier and we had a good laugh throughout. Some of Chris’s anecdotes and one-liners would floor even the sternest of characters – he really is a fantastic angler to spend time with. He caught an uncountable number of fish through the day, including a few on floating crust when the camera crew had finished their work. These simple stalking tactics have bagged Chris fish to over 30 lb recently, which shows you how easy and cheap it can be to bag a big ‘un!

Duncan, meanwhile, spent the day fishing his famous helicopter bolt rigs for the silver fish and succeeded in catching a few, too. Switching to scalded pellet around a K-Grip In-line lead saw some better fish come to the bank later on, including some belting fully-scaled carp, so if you want to see the day and all the tips and tactics, make sure you have a look at the Korum Fishing Made Easy DVD when it reaches shops in a few week’s time.

Duncan went straight from filming to do a spot of eel fishing and found that Spombing out a load of fish guts did the trick for him. Unconventional tactics, but a great effort for these wriggly fish. How many anglers do you know that prebait for eels? Duncan really does give maximum effort to his fishing.


Show time… and we’ve been getting people hooked!

Duncan also joined us at the Great Northern Fishing Show, where we teamed up with an angling charity called SAFE Angling & Outdoors to help them raise money for their good work with underprivileged families.

They use angling to help educate and improve social skills, changing the lives of over 1,500 people every year. Duncan was fishing with the likes of Tommy Pickering and Lee Kerry, helping visitors catch their first fish or their biggest fish as part of a dedicated Club Korum area. It really was a great weekend. We managed to get Club Korum’s good work onto Sky TV a couple of times with Nigel Botherway and for once, we had some good weather at Cudmore!

Gary Knowles with his monster bream


 Massive slab for Gaz

So what of the other members of the team? Well I can’t actually believe it’s taken me this long to mention Gary Knowles’ monster bream. Gary’s fishing a secret location and had already bagged a 15-pounder, when I got a text message about an even bigger one at 17lb 2oz! A real old warrior (the bream, not Gary) and a very special capture. Considering there are but a dozen known bream in the 100-acre venue, it’s a Biblical result.




Predator becomes prey

Another AM regular, Ade Kiddell, has been sticking to his usual river fishing exploits and bagging more barbel than you can imagine. He’s probably the most prolific barbel angler in the UK and another angler who puts in the effort, fishing all over Europe for this wonderful species. More recently Ade caught an ‘opportunist’ pike, after the big snapper was terrorising his swim on the river. A nice double came to his net – a great catch from an angler that’s always on his toes.

Ade Kiddell with his pike catch

Fellow East Anglian Phil Spinks has been chasing big rudd from Fenland Drains, which takes some walking! Stalking them on simple floating bread tactics, he’s had some belters to over 3lb – magic fishing!


Carping on…

As for us local boys, Dai Gribble has been bagging some big secret carp after an uneventful tench campaign down in Oxford, and I managed three fish from a 60-acre pit near to my home, after the lake didn’t do a bite for five-weeks!

This blog was brought to you by Mat Woods, Korum’s busy brand manager. He caught this common carp during a session close to home.

Our resident media man, Adam Firth, hasn’t done much fishing as he’s recently become a father, but still managed a few nice carp from White Acres, whilst down with the Preston Innovations boys during the ongoing National Fishing Month.

He’s planning a big tench trip later this week, so keep your eyes peeled on the Korum and Angler’s Mail blog pages for updates. See you next time!


STOP PRESS! Duncan Charman has just completed a successful Action Replay for Angler’s Mail – see it in the next issue of the big value weekly magazine!


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