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Nick Marlow

Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Marukyu, the bait innovators who are proud to have one of their ace British anglers on our magazine’s front cover this week, with a specimen barbel.

The words below come to us from their man Nick Marlow (pictured right), the well-travelled former editor of Tackle Trade World.

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Marukyu’s Nick Marlow is in our team of bloggers. With his vast experience of the tackle trade, and products designed to catch quality fish, he is sure to be a good read.



MANY of you will have now seen one of the magnificent fish that Marukyu’s dynamic big fish field testers Tim Hodges and Adam Cooper caught on the River Trent last week. In fact one of the photos was even deemed good enough to make the front cover of this week’s Angler’s Mail!

Adam Cooper is on the Angler’s Mail front cover here. See below for another picture of the same fish. Why did they go for the one they used? Read the caption below!

Catching big fish is nothing new for Tim and Adam. But what was new, was the fact that neither of them knew the stretch of water they were fishing – a day ticket stretch of the Trent in Nottinghamshire…

And stranger still, Adam had never caught a barbel in his life before!

Between the two of them they managed five 12lb-plus fish in one session. It just sounds too good to be true! So what was the secret of their success?

As the marketing manager of the world’s largest bait company – you are probably going to expect me to tell you it’s all down to bait. That would be a realistic expectation I guess? Yes bait is important, but so often, specially in cases like this, finding the fish is the priority.

I spoke at length to Tim about it…

“You can have the best bait in the world,” he said, “But if there are no fish in front of you – you are obviously going to struggle.”

In fact on their recent trip to the Trent, Tim and Adam spent three hours walking the banks before they finally decided to fish.

“For me, the number one rule is to find the

“Too much shadow over the face, and he’s squinting into the bright sun.” That’s what AM editor Tim Knight told me why this shot of Adam didn’t make the cover. He has a point – bright sun, lovely though it is after a dull summer, poses problems for catch piccies!

fish. And the number two rule – give them something that they actually want to eat! There is no point making it difficult is there?”

Of course, Tim is right – you do have to give them something they want to eat! How many times have you seen anglers sat around carp lakes blanking? You ask them what they are fishing – it’s the same bait as last week, last month, last year in fact!

“Anglers often surprise me,” says Tim. “They behave like sheep – following what one person does – when really – if you were what I call a ‘proper’ angler – you’d have a completely open mind – and actually try new things!”

Tim and Adam both put their recent success down to the additives that they used in their baits, and I understand there will be details about this in Angler’s Mail magazine. So watch that print space (not this website!)

What they have been using, I can disclose (sshhh!), has a unique but strangely pleasant smell, and is available in two powders and a liquid form. All fish seem to love it!

Location was very well explained by Tim Hodges, who fished with Adam Cooper. They both caught well – Adam being the lucky man to end up on the AM cover!

But Tim goes to great lengths to stress the importance of fish location: “We spent three hours looking at where to fish before we even got our kit out of the car. There is no such thing as a wonder bait – a catch-all type bait that just can’t fail. You need to find the fish. Once you have found them – good bait will always catch you more fish… but I cannot stress this enough – find the fish first!

“A casing point has been this trip.  We’d never fished this part of the Trent before – in fact this is the first time Adam had even seen the Trent.

“We spoke to other anglers after the session and none of them had caught – and all of them had fished halibut pellet. Was it the bait’s reason that they didn’t catch? Doubtful… I think the fish had moved downstream to the faster water, as the river was low and clear.

‘Was it because of out bait that we caught fish? Again doubtful… the fish were in front of us – they would have eaten anything we put in front of them… but did we catch quicker on our bait, and it did nail all of our barbel?

“To say anything else would be assumption – and we all know you should never assume anything… just always have an open mind!”


Find out more about Marukyu’s big fish additives by watching this video:






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