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We take predator fishing seriously at the Mail, so are delighted our pals at the PAC are on board. This instalment comes from PAC’s Angling Development Officer, Eric Edwards.

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Angling coaching and the Pike Angler’s Club

OF all the coarse fishing disciplines where coaching adds real value, pike fishing is surely the most worthy.

Pike have an almost mythological place in angling folklore with stories of size and savagery that are unmatched in other fish.

There are those who would have us believe that pike live for hundreds of years, that they eat their own weight in a day and that they have the hide of a rhino and the constitution of a wild boar.

It’s all nonsense of course; pike are actually one of our most delicate fish, easily damaged by bad handling, bad angling and lack of experience on behalf of the captors.

Newton coaching day, one of the many events the PAC organise across the UK

What’s more, the likelihood of injury to the angler is far higher in pike fishing than in any other form of freshwater fishing in the UK.

The pike themselves are armed with an array of some seven hundred razor sharp teeth and a mouth as big as a coal scuttle and while a pike will never attempt to bite you deliberately, any carelessness resulting in a hand making contact with those teeth will result in a deep wound which bleeds profusely.

Then there’s the tackle used to catch these creatures. Big hooks, often trebles, wire, sturdy braid or heavy mono coupled with big leads and stiff rods, yes the potential for injury is real enough.

The Pike Anglers Club has a growing team of qualified angling coaches who organise coaching events across the UK and provide expert instruction to those wanting to take up this fascinating sport.

Working in partnership with the Angling Trust the PAC has coached nearly three hundred new pikers in the last year alone from youngsters still in junior school to pensioners who’ve been fishing for fifty years or more.

Without exception the feedback from these events has been quite outstanding and many of the participants have gone on to become committed pike anglers and in many cases fully signed up members of the Pike Anglers Club.

We teach all aspects of bait fishing and lure fishing in a safe and secure environment and the tuition is of a quality that is unmatched anywhere with some of the country’s very best pike anglers passing on their skills to others.

Want to learn how to fish a drifter? How to set up a float-paternoster rig? How to get a jerkbait to “walk the dog”? Well here’s the place to come, no-one else can give you the kind of in-depth instruction on pike fishing that the PAC can.

What’s more we hold a free coaching event for juniors at the club’s national convention in September which features some of the biggest names in pike fishing as presenters.

The PAC’s junior convention – teaching youngsters about our sport


Keep an eye on the PAC website www.pacgb.co.uk  or our Facebook page for information on upcoming events in Essex, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire. And if you think YOUR club would benefit from a day’s coaching by the recognised world experts in the field then get your club secretary to contact the PAC through the club’s website or email me directly at Eric_Edwards@msn.com.

There is also a series of events taking place throughout January in the East Midlands. These have been publicised separately, but if anybody is interested in attending these sessions then please contact either James Roche of the Angling Trust, james.roche@anglingtrust.net, or Dave Mutton of the PAC on webmaster@pacgb.co.uk.



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